10 Ways To Connect To Your Authentic Self….


For a long time I lived so far from my truth. In all honesty I was petrified to be myself. I was a people pleaser. I seeked outside of myself, constantly looking and searching for external things and people to fill me up!


I lived at a distance from my soul, my spirit, my passion, my purpose and my truth.


When I look back on those years it was not a fun place to be, although from the outside looking in, it might have seemed fun: I had a high-paying corporate job, I was always going to the trendiest bars and clubs, I had a wardrobe packed with fancy clothes, I had a bustling social life, and I spent every weekend partying as hard as I could.



Inside though I was a total mess, I was falling apart.


My health was an absolute mess (think hormone issues, adrenal exhaustion, constant fatigue, liver damage, the works). But funnily enough, that wasn’t the main reason why I felt so awful / crap.


The real reason was that I was completely neglecting those innate parts of myself that were crying out for love and light – my spirit, my soul, my true authentic self.


On some level, I sensed the disconnect; I knew something was wrong. But in true ostrich-in-the-sand style, I just worked harder to distract myself – I continued to climb a corporate ladder I didn’t care about, to chase goals that didn’t really mean anything to me, to overcommit myself because I couldn’t say no, to hang around with toxic people because I didn’t think I deserved better, and to generally just live life at cross-purposes with my truth.


My health crisis was the catalyst that started my path to recovery.


But it was only when I addressed my soul crisis that things really started to turn around.


It was only when I started to connect inwards and do the inner work that everything started to change for me. Change doesn’t happen instantly. It requires dedication, committment and honesty with self.


So today I wanted to share with you 10 practices you can incorporate into your life today to connect with your authentic true self.


1) What did you do and love as a child?

This is such a potent question to ask and a question I ask many of my clients. As children, we are in touch with our authentic selves, our needs and feelings. Our childhood reveals so much about ourselves and who we were as little souls. We naturally gravitate towards things that are fun. So what did you love as a child: singing, dancing, painting, knitting, creating, playing a musical instrument?


2) Ask the questions and pull out some photos?

Ask your mother, father, aunts etc the questions ‘What was I like as a child?’, ‘Was I outgoing?’, ‘Was I quiet?’. Then see if you can get your hands on photographs and explore yourself as a child. Did you smile a lot?  I was a little surprised at what my mum shared with me when I asked the questions. She mentioned how I was extremely outgoing, playful, very happy, and loved being the centre of attention. Whereas I’m quite the opposite now (if anything I will always pull away from being the centre of attention). See as young children we are constantly looking to the role figures in our life for feedback and validation. We all know that our parents did the best that they could for us. But sometimes that feedback or validation we received was unfavourable (perhaps love was even withdrawn from us) when we are full expressions of our authentic selves. So we learn quite quickly to dim our lights.


3) Imagine yourself at 90, what would you regret not having done in your life?

I want you to close your eyes for a couple of moments and take a couple of deep full breaths. Now I want you to imagine yourself as a 90-year-old woman. What would you regret not having done in your life? Really taking the time to answer this question will help you learn more about your true authentic self. It also might give you a clue as to what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime.


4) Get clear on your personal core values.

If you’ve no clue what they are or where to start, I have a module dedicated to ‘Redefining Your Values’ in my Energy For Life Academy Program.


5) Start to look at yourself in new ways.

It’s so easy to just do things habitually. This is where I challenge you, rather than just doing things habitually stop and ask yourself why you’re doing it. Is what you’re currently doing something that use to serve you but no longer does? Is this something you’re doing only because others want you to do it? What else could you do that would be more enjoyable? Remember that it’s normal for our needs and desires to change over time.


6) Become aware of the sensations and messages your body is giving you.

How is your body communicating with you? Do you check in often to hear the messages? What messages is it giving you? What are the hobbies and activities that allow your body to feel happy, open and relaxed? What are the activities (and maybe even current hobbies) that make your body feel stressed, tense and uncomfortable?


7) Strengthen your intuition.

Your intuition is knowing without words. It’s sensing the truth without explanations. It’s a link to your true self. When you listen to your inner guidance, you have more energy moving through you. You feel alive and you’re in the flow. Sit in stillness often and still the mind. The voice of your intuition is the quiet voice of love, reassurance and it’s supportive. You learn in your first few minutes of any Kundalini Yoga class how to tap into this soul space.  You sit straight, you breathe long and deep, and you focus through your third eye.


8) Find time to get creative and play.

Activate your right brain and give yourself permission to get creative. This will give you clues about finding your way back to your authentic self. Grab some paper and paints and give yourself permission to create.


9) Practice self-compassion.

Love is our very nature. We’re born to love and learn fear. When you love yourself, you care about the health of your body, mind and spirit. You love yourself for all you are, rather than what you do or do not do.

And that’s what you’re here for, to be you and to express your love in a way that no one else can do.


10) Be courageous to let go of the familiar.

From a space of courage, you know deep within that you don’t need anything outside of yourself to tell you that you are worthy and ok. You don’t require any external validation, they are only ever temporary and addictive fixes. You give yourself permission to find the courage to feel your fears, yet not get triggered by them. When you chose to live in this way, you’ll catch glimpses of your authentic self in those moments where you realise the power of your ability for breaking free of fear to connect with your imagination and creative choices.


What I’ve shared with you today is just the beginning of discovering your true authentic self. If you’d like to dive even deeper, I’d love for you to join our Energy For Life Academy community.


Over these 8 weeks, we’ll be peeling back the layers to your authentic self.

The program is delivered via a range of multimedia resources – written guides, workbooks, videos, audios, guided meditations, custom-designed Kundalini sessions – PLUS twice weekly live group coaching calls with me, where you’ll be able to ask all your burning questions and learn in a supportive environment.


On top of all that, there’s also a private, members-only Facebook community, where you can share your experiences and connect with other like-minded souls (because let’s face it – when you’re embarking on a spiritual path like this one, having others along for the ride is invaluable).


Everything is designed to facilitate your journey from disconnection to alignment and to set you up for a lifetime of sustainable, soul-deep authenticity.


It’s time to STOP postponing your happiness and start finally living a life that reflects your wholehearted, authentic truth.


Are you ready to step up?



Corona Xx


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