6 Characteristics of the Voice of the EGO


Voice Of Ego

Recognising the voice of our ego is a process I take each and every one of my 1:1 clients on. It’s a journey we take together understanding its influence and learning how to work with it rather than against it.

Marianne Williamson beautifully explains the role of our ego here (in A Return To Love):

“The ego is like a gravitational force field, built up over eons of fearful thinking, which draws us away from the love in our hearts. The ego is our mental power turned against ourselves. It is clever, like we are and smooth-talking, like we are, and manipulative, like we are.”


It takes lots of practice to recognize the difference between genuine intuitive guidance and ego-based messages. Today I’m sharing with you 6 characteristics of the voice of the ego.


1. The ego is all about logic, whereas the Intuition loves creativity


The voice of the Ego remains stuck in the head. The Ego will need to justify through logic, and you will end up having a debate in your head. The advice from the Ego is based on a past that no longer exists and a future that’s not even here yet.


It may sound like, “You need do this because it worked for you in the past”, or “this method worked for other people, so you need to do it”.


Our intuition hardly ever sounds logical or rational. Remember, it is the creative voice – it’s the answer that comes unexpectedly. Our intuition is heart-centred. Guidance from the heart makes you feel joyful and uplifted.


It doesn’t worry with reasoning, as it expects you to identify and know the truth. When you attempt to debate with your intuition, it simply gives you the same answer again.



 2. The Ego is based on Fear – whereas genuine Intuition is based on Love and Fearlessness


Messages from the Ego will often be masked in fear: “Stay in that job you hate, because it provides you with a regular pay check – you’ll be homeless otherwise, and will have nowhere to live”. “The world is unsafe and you are not secure”. The Ego’s guidance is always intended to increase your degree of control.


Our intuition only knows love. It’s rooted in love. It reminds you that you are being supported fully all the time. A lot of the time we don’t receive the whole picture all at once, but one step at a time.


The intuition assumes that you are perfectly safe and secure as you are, so instead of trying to gain and achieve control, the focus, rather, is on expressing your true self. Love is where we all begin.



We’re born and all we know is love. Our loving mind sees everyone as equal and as one, and that we are all part of something larger than ourselves.



3. The Ego is based off outside happiness – whereas the Intuition is based off inside happiness


The Ego will lead you to believe that happiness can only be found through outside and external objects. It needs external results to feel good. It pushes you to achieve more in the hope that it makes you feel happier.


The Ego wants more money, success, status, attention, and materialistic objects to feel good.


Our Intuition does not push us to seek happiness outside ourselves. It encourages you to work on your inner landscape and then to express those qualities outward.



4. The Ego is based off scarcity – whereas the Intuition is based off abundance


The Ego believes we live in a world of scarcity, and in order for you to gain, someone else must lose. The Ego’s message assumes duality – it pushes us to compete and divides us into winners and losers, rich and poor, and successful and unsuccessful.


Our intuition knows only abundance. It assumes there is plenty to go round for all of us, and that if/when you gain, somebody else will, too.


There is no separation. We are all equal and one.



5. The Ego has a judgemental energy – whereas the Intuition has a neutral energy


The Ego will go out of its way to make you feel like a bad person. The Ego’s voice is very judgemental. It will make you feel like a bad person and that you can’t be trusted.


This then leads to you treating yourself with disrespect and in very unloving and uncaring ways.


Our intuition has a very neutral energy. It treats you in a very loving and respectful way. Remember, all it knows is love…our intuition always comes from a place of love.


6. The Ego can’t sit still – whereas the Intuition is unwavering

The Ego cannot sit still. It’s constantly jumping from one message to the next – occasionally even contradicting itself.

Our intuition only provides messages that are unwavering, that are steady and consistent.

You will often hear the same words/messages/phrases been repeated time and time again.


Did any of these characteristics surprise you? Share with me below in the comments field.


Sat Nam,

Corona x


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