Have you been feeling as rushed as me of lately? Do you feel like life has gotten busier and busier? Are you having problems trying to slow down? Are you having a difficult time appreciating and enjoying the present moment?

I answered a big fat YES to all of these questions not too long ago too, well in fact I was forced to. You see my physical body eventually gave in. Getting sick forced me to eventually slow down. In the past couple of weeks, my poor immune system has been screaming HELP but I wasn’t listening! There was too much to do, I obviously thought! I managed to pick up a head cold which then manifested into a chest and throat infection and just when I managed to get rid of that, I got struck down yet again this time with a nasty tummy bug. I was forced to slow down, I had to take the day off from teaching yoga and coaching and I pretty much spent it in bed feeling sorry for myself. I’ve got a pretty solid as a rock immune system so I knew something was up when I started to receive one sickness after the other!

It was time to slow down, look within and see what I could do better as something in my life sure as hell was not working.

I’ve always been a person who likes to be ahead, I’ve got that internal drive that just pushes me to achieve. I’ve always wanted to experience lots of things and I’ve wanted to experience and mark them off quickly. I know my mum would pretty much agree with me here, actually I can hear her very loving words as I write ”Corona, what’s the rush – slow down”.

In school and college I pushed the limits but at the time it seemed ok as everyone else I pretty much knew was doing the same.

Then came my banking job days and again I pushed myself enrolling into courses, pushing myself to eventually reach that management position I so thought I wanted. I never stayed very long in one job, I was constantly jumping and moving around like a yo-yo. I wanted more and I always wanted change, I got bored easily. What was I searching for?

Finally I realised after doing my yoga teacher training that it was a life in healing, teaching and coaching I was seeking. Fast forward to my life now and I couldn’t be happier working in my dream job after taking that leap of faith and setting up my own business NurturePod where I now work for myself.

But then with having your own business, there comes so much drive, I’ll be honest and admit that I’m constantly seeking the next thing. ”When will I create e-books”, ”When will I create e-courses”, ”When will I create videos”, ”When will I do that course”, ”When will I create workshops” and ‘‘When will I run retreats” etc.

A BIG question I’ve been pondering of lately is ”Why can’t I just live in the present moment and appreciate my life for what I have right now?”, ”Why do I keep pushing for more?”

Here’s what I’ve been working on of lately to assist me…..

1. Trust – I’m focusing on trusting the universe; that the universe has my back and that things will work out as they should.

2. Going with the flow – I’m a planner and organizer by nature, that’s just how I am and how I’ve always been. I like to know the when’s and where’s for pretty much everything in my life. Something I’ve been trying to bring to my fore-mind of lately is that plans change, life changes and to be ok with that. Life just happens and I can’t be in control of everything. So I’ve decided to ease off (just a little) on all the planning, I’m trying to go with the flow more and let life happen as it should.

3. Letting go of comparison – I’ll admit this one has been a big massive one for me of lately. I guess that’s why I can’t really slow down, as I’m constantly looking out at what all those other amazing women in the wellness industry are doing and offering and I feel that I have to match or do better. Things are not always what they seem, we are all on our own unique journey. I’ve made the decision to not compare myself any longer to another.

I’m learning to just trust where I am right now is enough and that everything will happen as it’s intended to.

4. Increase and up the gratitude lists – this has become part of my daily life, I guess you could say similar to that of brushing my teeth. But, I’m feeling the need to increase this at the moment or perhaps whenever I fall back into that place of being too busy and rushing that I need to come back to my gratitude lists then too.

I am confident that I have everything (and a hell of a lot more) I need to live!

5. Finding happiness in the simple things – sometimes we get so bogged down we miss out on all the joy and happiness that can be found in the simple things of everyday life. For e.g. That beautiful flower that catches your eye while out for your walk, soothing and calming elements of nature, the smile and chat from a neighbour, the cuddles from your puppy, a home-cooked meal with love, supporting and encouraging words from a loved one (do you see where I’m going, the list is pretty endless right!).

6. Change what you can and don’t stress about the rest – how often do we get stressed about the little things for e.g. being stuck in traffic or what about a friend being late for dinner. These are two examples where we can’t change traffic or others but we can however change our reaction. We can turn it into a positive, perhaps we can see it as extra ”me time” which is always nice!

An Exciting Announcement…

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Kirri White (Coaching and Consultancy) and I have been working hard (a labour of love!) for the past couple of months creating a unique holistic coaching programme for women who are looking for a clear and easy to implement plan for improving their health and well-being. This is a 5 week holistic coaching e-programme for women who are looking for a clear and easy to implement plan for improving their health and well-being.

Improved well-being isn’t one-dimensional. Optimum health involves eating well, thinking better thoughts and making time for restorative activities and play. We’ve a special offer for those who are interested in our new unique programme ‘Nourished’, that begins on October 1st.

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Be kind, be courageous, be yourself.

Thank you for visiting NurturePod Tales From The Heart!
In love and gratitude, always,


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