I don’t normally blog on a Saturday but I felt called to share this post with you all today. Actually, I’ve been meaning to share my Full Moon ritual with you for a while.


I have a deep fascination with the moon and I passionately follow its different phases throughout the month.


Getting in sync with the moon cycles can assist with keeping our health as well as our emotions enhanced.


When you start to become more aware of its phases you’ll begin to notice that certain phases of the moon cycle have a great deal of emotional energy present. The advantage of this is that during these certain phases healing and deep emotional work can be more easily accessed.


The time of the full moon is the time of the divine feminine, so it’s especially powerful time to come together and perform a full moon ritual to truly connect to our inner goddess. That’s exactly what we were doing at my Full Moon Women’s Circle yesterday evening.


We are so lucky to have an opportunity each and every month to use the energy of the full moon to release and let go of all that no longer serves us.


For a long time now, many cultures and people have been following the cycles of the moon to decide when to plant and harvest crops to when to cut their hair. Our ancestors measured time by the regular cycle of the moon.


The moon represents….

The sun is symbolic of the male (yang) influence; and so logically the moon represents the maternal female (yin) influence.


The Moon embodies the unconscious process which rules your emotions, your daily moods, and the way you respond to your external environment.  She is intuitive, changing, and emotional.


The moon shines her energy in the most remarkable cycles of waxing (new moon to full moon) and waning (full moon to new moon), bringing in and letting go, similar to the tides of our oceans,  continuous, smooth and calming.


The changing moon is especially connected with women because its regular twenty-eight day cycle so closely matches our cycle of menstruation.


Today on the blog I wanted to share with you a ritual I perform myself at home at every full moon that you too can also do.


My Full Moon Letting Go Ritual:

(personally I find this ritual more powerful to do in the evening)

  • Run yourself a bath adding in a few drops of your favourite feminine essential oil (I especially love Goddess by Sacred Self). I like to place a few crystals on me in the bath (whatever ones I’m guided to take). You can have your bath before or after your perform your ritual. You chose!
  • Prepare a sacred space (I’m going to share a post with you soon on how you can set this space up) to perform the ritual. This may be a corner in your bedroom, spare room – you might add a candle, some crystals, a journal, sage etc. I suggest you do this close to a window so you have full view of the moon – allowing its light to shine brightly in to your room.
  • Cleanse your space and energy by burning some sage, oil or incense. You can even close your eyes and imagine healing white light washing all over you cleansing away darkness, heaviness and negativity.
  • Make an offering of a sacred item (something that holds meaning for you – ring, crystal etc) to your space and as you do so set your intention. A good question to ask is; “What would I like to get out of this letting go ritual?”….so perhaps it’s “My intention is to create a letting go ritual to cleanse away of that no longer serves me”.
  • Close your eyes and go within and access your heart space. You can places your hands over your heart if this helps. Ask your higher self “What do I need to let go”, “What’s no longer serving me”.
  • Open your eyes, grab your journal and at the top of the page write: ‘’I now let this go….start writing, get everything on to paper (remembering you may be releasing from all or one of your bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Keeping asking yourself, what do I need to be free from?
  • When you’re finished, sign it with the day’s date as well as your signature.
  • Close your eyes again and connect to your heart space. Repeat ‘’I now let all of this go, that no longer serves me AND IT IS SO”.
  • Open your eyes. Grab a match or lighter and set your list a flame. See it burn up in front of your eyes. Watch the smoke rise to the universe taking your intentions away with it.
  • I also do a beautiful Kundalini Meditation (which I promise I’ll share with you next month over video).


Tell me do you have your own ritual you perform at the full moon? Please share it with us in the comments below.


P.S As I’ve mentioned above, there’s something very special about coming together in a supportive and loving environment to perform a ritual together as a group. Its pretty POWERFUL stuff! My next Full Moon Circle in Sydney is Sunday 10th Aug. I’d be honoured to have you join our lovely circle for a nourishing soulful evening with like-minded souls. You can pre-book your ticket here.


Happy Full Moon Blessings. I’m not sure about you but I’m most certainly going to take a beautiful moonlight ocean walk this evening with my love.


Love and Light

Corona x


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