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Have you ever had those kinds of days where you wake up feeling funky and off? No matter what you do, nothing seems to shake the funk off. Today I want to share with you a simple practice, so you can start to feel and understand whats happening in your body. I share a simple step by step process for feeling your emotions.

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Podcast Highlights:

1.26 – Nothing seemed to shake that funky feeling off.

1.57 – This yoga pose helps to strengthen your pituitary gland which is linked to your intuition.

2.05 – We have all the answers inside, always.

2.40 – Depression, Anxiety, Worry, Suffering, Fears, Helplessness are all consequences of separation.

3.07 – I repeat this affirmation ‘God goes with me wherever I go’.

3.24 – This always wasn’t the case for me. For years I suppressed emotions.

3.43 – The first thing to do when an uncomfortable emotion arises is ___.

4.32 – Simply observe whatever is arising in that moment.

5.13 – If you think there is something wrong with your emotion, you will try your best to bypass it.

5.38 – Sit with the sensation, the emotion.

5.50 – Start by watching all your beliefs, acts and values and find out if they are based on reality.

6.10 – Does this emotion have a shape, color or texture.

6.31 – Ask yourself ‘Does my emotion have a message for me today?’.

6.54 – Go out there and take action and the next time you feel an uncomfortable emotion coming up try these steps.


[00:00:02] Welcome to the Energy for Life podcast helping busy women reclaim their Energy, Innate Power, and Self-Worth. Here is your host Corona Brady.


[00:00:14] Welcome back. Welcome to Episode 7. So today I’m going to be sharing a step by step process with you for feeling your emotions. Have you ever had those kinds of days where you just wake up and you’re just feeling off, you’re feeling really funky? And no matter what you do nothing seems to shake that off feeling. I had one of those days a couple of weeks ago. In fact, those kind of days used to show up quite frequently for me in my life. However the more that I commit to really working on myself as in doing the inner work I’ve noticed that those days are now really few and far between. So when they now show up initially I’m a little shell-shocked. Well, my ego is and I can really feel the discomfort. And on this particular morning I did my morning Sadhana (my spiritual practice) as normal and had a cold shower but nothing seemed to just shake off the funky feeling. So I gave myself a break. As in I took myself away from my work. I took some time out, I took myself to my sacred space. I lit a candle. I surrendered to the floor in Guru Pranam. This is a really beautiful surrendering forward Kundalini pose which I love to do when I’m at a loss at what to do because the pose helps you really strengthen your pituitary gland which is linked to your intuition (your inner wisdom). After a couple of minutes, I grabbed my journal and I started free writing.


[00:02:03] See we have all the answers inside always and just by giving myself permission to take some time. I was really able to connect with my highest self and I find some answers staring right back at me in my journal. I was feeling disconnected and when I feel disconnected – lost and empty inside, the only person I’m disconnected from is God, the universe, spirit whatever God is known for you. Your Higher Self. Angels. Depression, anxiety, worry, suffering, fears, and helplessness. They’re all consequences of separation. And what I know to be true is I had separated myself from the universe, from God in that moment. So now when that deep inner loneliness or separation or disconnection or emptiness arises for me I repeat this affirmation “God goes with me wherever I go” and it brings me this great deal of peace. I also give myself full permission to really feel whatever is there. This wasn’t always the case for me because for years I suppressed my emotions especially those not so nice ones. So today what I want to do is really just share a very simple practical practice where you can start to feel those emotions too when they arise. So the first thing to do when an uncomfortable emotion arises is to just simply stop, pause and to look into it. Close your eyes, maybe place a hand on your heart or a hand on your belly and really breathe long and slow deep breaths into the emotion. Look right into it without any judgment whatsoever because it’s only through the eyes of your love and your compassion can you then start to really understand what’s going on for you.


[00:04:15] If you find yourself saying “I shouldn’t be feeling this sadness, it’s wrong for me to to be depressed, it’s wrong for me to be anxious”. Then it’s not going to be possible for you to really look into it. So simply observe whatever’s arising in that moment for you. Instead, say “It’s okay for me to feel this sadness or it’s safe for me to feel this anxiety right now or it’s safe for me to feel this fear right now or this depression right now”. If you’ve already decided that sadness or whatever emotion that you’re feeling is the enemy then it’s going to be very very difficult for you to be able to go deeper and to really look into the eyes of us. Now if you think there’s something wrong with having this feeling then what’s going to happen is you’re going to try your best to bypass it, to neglect it, or to suppress it. And believe me, I know all about this one. And what happens is it will only remain and it won’t be helpful for your growth. Then you just want to drop all judgment, all blame, all evaluation, all disapproval and just simply be with it. Just sit with the sensation, with the emotion and ask yourself “Where is this emotion coming from?”. Stop by watching all your acts, your beliefs, and your values and find out whether they’re based in reality. Or is it an experience based in fear and then it’s really asking yourself what part of your body are you feeling this emotion in and does it have a color. Does it have a shape?


[00:06:08] Does it have a texture? Can you remain really present like breathing long slow and deep? Go right into it, breathe into the emotion. Stay present with it. Witness as that emotion starts to change its form because it will. And then ask yourself “Does my emotion have a message for me today?, Does this emotion have a message for me today?”. Personally, I find this process invaluable on my inner quest to truth and I hope that you find this step by step process helpful today. Go out there take action the next time you feel an uncomfortable emotion coming up, try these steps. I hope you enjoyed this podcast today. If you think it might help someone else please share this podcast and if you feel compelled to perhaps head on over to iTunes and leave a little review and let other people who are browsing the Apple store know that this is a good podcast to listen to. I’m Corona Brady and I hope to see you inside our Energy For Life Academy where I’ll personally coach you for the next eight weeks.


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