A Step By Step Process For Moving Through Disappointments On The Spiritual Path




I truly believe that our obstacles, hurdles and disappointments can become the starting point of a regular spiritual practice.


We can change the way that we live and the choices we make through our own courage, strength, grace, devotion and creativity. We might not be able to change another, but we can inspire others to create positive change. We lead by example. By walking our talk, we become the person others want to follow.



I like to visualise obstacles on my path like little potholes and bumps on the road. They are critical to the hero’s journey and part of life.



I wanted to share what I’ve been doing of late, (which has been super helpful) as and when obstacles have appeared and let me tell you there have been many!



Ask your higher self the question “What am I disappointed about?” “What’s my current challenge?” Don’t keep replaying them over and over in your mind, as this gets you nowhere! Use your journal to name out all your disappointments, hurdles, obstacles and challenges. Then release them and let them go, so they no longer hold any power over you. If needed, forgive whoever has hurt or disappointed you (that includes YOU too).



What emotions are arising for you as you journal these thoughts and words onto paper? Give yourself permission to feel right into the discomfort. This is where the magic happens. Really lean and feel into them. True transformation occurs when we step out of our comfort zone! You’re being asked to step up lovely and play bigger in your life, so don’t push away and suppress what’s there. Go right in and feel it all.



I adore using rituals in my life. This could be a perfect opportunity for a mini-ritual to release your disappointments. Something as simple as finding a rock/stone that signifies your disappointment and tossing it into the ocean letting it go and releasing it (bring to your mind those disappointments you wish to release). Or another simple yet beautiful ritual could be writing all your disappointments onto paper then burn the paper in a bowl; as you watch the smoke rising, ask God (the Universe, Spirit, your Angels, Higher Self, etc.) to help you release these troubling disappointments.



Remain Open

Sometimes we have a plan in our heads of how we would like things to work out. We get so fixated on that plan that we miss out on the (bigger) opportunities the Universe is bringing our way! This is where we need to let go, surrender and trust. Remember, the future is God’s area. Trust, believe, and stay in the present. You are always divinely supported.



Seek a Mentor

Yes it’s great to walk your own path but it’s impossible to solve most major obstacles all by yourself. Sometimes we need someone else to hold the space for us because we’re not seeing clearly. Something is out of our sight and awareness. Even as teacher and mentor I need to call on my own mentors and teachers from time to time. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help; in fact it’s quite the opposite!



See the obstacles as a gift from the universe. They can be our greatest opportunities for transformation.



Just remember there’s a way through every single obstacle!



Have you too been experiencing some obstacles on your path of late? Which of the above steps will help you the most? Share with me below in the comments section.


Love and Light,

Corona xx


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