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Embody your divine feminine.

Meet Corona…


Are you tired of the endless cycle of burnout?


Does everyday feel like Ground Hog Day? Are you suffering from brain fog or feeling overwhelmed? Are you in a state of fight flight or anxiety? Maybe you can’t stop the weight gain or have gut issues, exhaustion, sleep problems or loss of libido? Perhaps, you just can’t switch off, or you lack confidence, or have low self-worth and no joy. Do you struggle to find work life balance? Or, maybe you just feel disconnected from the people around you.


Have you tried to get on top of things, but every time you do, you just end up quitting and falling back into your old ways? Then the outside fixes start to creep back in – emotional eating, daily wine drinking, the binge watching and snapping at your loved ones. And then, the regret sets in leaving you feeling defeated once again.


If this sounds familiar, you are suffering from burnout. Burnout is unaddressed, chronic stress over an extended period of time. It becomes dangerous if you ignore and leave it unaddressed. It can wreak havoc on your health, happiness, relationships and work performance.  


It’s time to make a change or risk detrimental consequences.


What if you could be held accountable to:

  • Make yourself a priority rather than always abandoning your needs to take care of everyone else?
  • Find the courage and support to stop avoiding the things that make you keep on failing yourself?
  • Get to the root cause of your burnout or disconnection to your own needs?
  • Drop the facades, shaking off the inauthenticity and revitalising your body, mind and spirit?
  • Genuinely finding your path to personal transformation?


Welcome to the beginning of your personal transformation. I can make all of this possible for you. Find out how: Watch the masterclass on how to Break The Cycle Of Burnout.



Meet Corona…


I am a certified, holistic life coach and multidisciplinary practitioner and teacher who offers professional services in personal transformation for career-driven people.

A dedicated expert who has helped thousands of people, I brings two decades of professional experience combining esoteric practices with ancient and contemporary philosophies and state-of-the-art health doctrines.


Come on the journey with me.

I bring together knowledges and practices in a cross-disciplinary way providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring. I also host my own Energy For Life Salon – an intimate but communal realm in which like-minded professionals learn together offering collaborative support and transformational community.


Energy For Life

Corona’s Energy For Life Salon is underpinned by a burgeoning field of practices and modalities that ensure her clients build their skill sets and are empowered to find their own pathway to revitalisation.


The Awakened Woman Life Mastery

Graduates of Energy For Life are personally invited to continue working with Corona on their pathway to self-realisation and ultimately full self-actualisation.


Let your journey begin: Explore some of the modalities that underpin Corona’s work.

  • Mind Detox Therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Shamanic Rituals
  • Energy Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Quantum Physics
  • Law Of Attraction
  • Health Coaching
  • Sound Healing
  • Taoism


I embody what I teach.

I embarked on my own personal healing journey after a wake-up call. It was 2000, and I was a high performing professional in the financial industry. I was valiantly managing my high stakes professional world with long days and a high energy fitness regime. Then the wake-up call came. It began with constant fatigue. My health was deteriorating. Before long, I was facing a lifetime of prescription drugs to manage an avoidable illness. That’s when she resolved something had to change.

Now, 20 years later and life is flourishing for me. Vitality has taken over where illness once loomed. And, while I left my financial industry career behind, I found a new career supporting other professional women and men to flourish and thrive.

With my mentoring, coaching, salons and retreats, I enable my clients to develop the habits, practices, rituals and skills to manage their one wild life in ways that are truly enriching for them and their loved ones.


My promise to you: Guiding you in your pathway to sovereignty.

My promise is to be your personal life coach and mentor, supporting you to overcome mind-body-spirit burnout or emotional or psychological malaise so that you can step into your sovereign power.


Working together, you will learn how to generate a gentle rigor in your approach to life and find comforts in daily ritual. I will support you to come to a presence of mind that enables you to live each day with joy and peace.


We will explore harnessing the power of breath to create an energetically sustainable lifestyle. And with this re-invigorated self, you will find deep rest and restoration of your libido for an awakening of your sensual and authentic self. This is when confidence builds, bridled with an enthusiasm that comes from your connection to yourself and your place in this world.


My promise to you is that with this deeply transformational work, you will start to feel visible once again so that you can achieve your sovereign power, becoming the mistress or master of your own destiny.


Let me assure you that if you show up and do the work with me, within our first week of together you will notice a profound shift in your being and in energy and vitality.


Begin your journey now. Find out more: Watch the masterclass on how to Break The Cycle Of Burnout or tune into my Energy For Life Podcast Show where I share the 5 Stages Of Burnout or Book in for a Complimentary Initial Chat With Me Here.


It’s a pleasure to have you here.


With love,