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I suffered with social anxiety for a long time and it literally ate away inside of me. It wasn’t until after my first year in Sydney that I really decided I had enough and was determined to do something about it. If at that time somebody was to tell me the life I have today and the person I am now, there was no way I would believe it!

Social anxiety prevented me from getting out there and being the best me, it stopped me from going alone to events, parties etc. I will admit I used alcohol as a crutch for a while to help but if anything it made me ten times worse. Of course I could hide this very well from people and a lot would not have even noticed my anxiety. This became apparent after opening up to my fiancée who I was living with and doing everything with or maybe he just didn’t want to hurt my feelings at the time.

What is social anxiety?

Also known as social phobia, it encompasses intense fear of certain social situations—especially situations that are unfamiliar or in which you feel you’ll be watched or evaluated by others. These social circumstances may be so frightening that you get anxious just thinking about them or go to great extents to avoid them altogether.
What are the symptoms of social anxiety?

There are many symptoms of social anxiety; I have broken them up into three groups below. Physical, emotional and behavioral.


– Blushing red face.
– Shortness of breath.
– Butterflies.
– Shaking (including shaky voice).
– Heart racing.
– Hot flushes.
– Feeling of faint.


– Strong worry for days, weeks, or even months before an upcoming social situation.
– Fear of being watched or judged by others, especially people you don’t even know.
– Fears of others noticing your nervousness.
– Fears of embarrassing yourself in front of others.


– A need to always have someone with you, fear of being alone.
– Drinking before social situations to relax your nerves.
– Staying quiet in the background.
– Avoiding social situations in varying degrees.

The Point of this Post

I’m seeing more and more anxiety today of many sorts due to our very fast paced world we now live in. Unfortunately we try to push it away, perhaps even push it down into our poor bodies which causes more harm than good. We ignore and brush it to the side or we use crutches to deal with it e.g. alcohol, drugs etc. instead of confronting the anxieties face on.

I researched for a long time wondering what it was I had until finally one day I stumbled upon a really informative website on social anxiety and a light bulb went off in my head. I could relate to absolutely everything on the list. I no longer felt weird and knew there were others out there dealing with what I had been going through every SINGLE day of my life and they were probably also hiding it very well! I was very lucky to also stumble upon an AMAZING 10 week group course for fellow social anxiety people which I took part in and this has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in terms of self-development in my life for myself. Let’s just say I have come a very long way since then!

I honestly have this course to thank for my life today, I would not be a yoga teacher now nor would I be a health coach if it wasn’t for this course. The thoughts of even getting up at the top of the room in front of people never mind teaching scared the living day lights out of me! It seemed absolutely impossible at that time.

The course was hard work and I admit it wasn’t easy to brave my biggest fear head on but I had to do it or I would be stuck being a fraction of the person that I am today.

I really just wanted to share this with you from my heart and tell you that it’s ok to be anxious but it’s not ok if you don’t do anything about it. I wanted to share this amazing course with you and don’t worry I am not getting any commission or anything for it. If you are feeling LOST at the moment and can relate to pretty much everything on the list above then click on the link below and learn more about this amazing course which helped me immensely. It’s also one of the cheapest courses I have ever done considering the highly qualified professionals that run it and the amount of amazing value they deliver. The skills I learned on this course I will have forever!

Do you get anxious? Can you relate to the above? Please feel free to drop me a line if you would like any further advice on the above.

Love & Light,

Corona Xx

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