Are You Blocking the Deepest Longings of Your Heart?


So many times we block and cover up our true deepest wants and desires of the heart and soul. When we do this, it can hurt so badly, and so very deeply right into the core of our heart, and soul.

So why do we do this to ourselves?

Maybe we believe its not ”spiritual” to want?

I bet we didn’t forget to fully allow ourselves to want something when we were children?

Is it our mind’s playing games and getting in the way so strongly that the want/the desire isn’t worth the hassle of dealing with our minds?

Sometimes we want something; but that desire and want may come from a space of emptiness rather than the truest desire of the heart.

I believe some of the most common reasons the truest desires of our heart goes unnoticed is:

I feel we are here in this school of life to connect to our heart and souls desires. They are the passageway to experience our own divinity, our truth and our essence and then to connect with others through this expression.

  1. It’s not spiritual to ‘want’ anything.  Have you heard this one before? To let go of all possessions, belongings and to be happy and satisfied with what you have. Do you find that this voice is taking up a lot of space in your head? We are here to experience life and to truly manifest the deepest desires of our heart and soul. I feel that the whole idea around desire has been somewhat tainted in our modern instant gratification materialistic cultures. We’ve been educated to believe that desire is ”fulfilled” by something external outside of ourselves. Which is normally something we can purchase. But, what about those desires the soul and the heart long for within.
  2. Have you been put down or shamed at some point on your path for your heart’s desires?  Perhaps somebody told you they were silly ideas and that you’d never make a living from it. Maybe at that point you learned to make your desires, dreams and wants really small so that you wouldn’t be disappointed again.
  3. Does your mind tend to get the better of you as soon as you pursuit your hearts desires ? Perhaps your mind jumps in and announces ‘That’s impossible!”  “How are you going to do that/be that/get that?”  When our minds immediately interrupt and displace the feeling from our heart , it causes our heart to feel choked and suffocated.  From my own experience when this happens, I’ll also very often find myself experiencing  irregular heartbeat.
  4. You want and desire many things but they come from a space of something being wrong in your current life. You wants may come from feeling that this thing will fix you, it make you feel whole and complete. Your wants may come from a deep feeling of emptiness within you.  They come from a sense of  scarcity and lack.  When they come from this space, they are not your heart’s desires and longings.

I INVITE you to be with your heart:

I invite you to right now in this moment to give yourself permission to become very still and feel into your heart. Hear your heartbeat. Listen to the soft whispers of your heart. The innate wisdom of your heart. She longs for you to listen to her.

Ask yourself: What does my heart long for right now?

When you can tune into the feelings of your heart, you will understand and learn about these longings and desires. The key here is, you MUST very deeply focus upon your heart and forget about the mental chatter of the mind. I know easier said then done. That’s why its very important to do this in a space where you know you won’t be disturbed.

Listen to your heart.  She speaks to you.  She has her very own sweet whisper.

Perhaps there’s something you know your heart wants but you’ve not yet given yourself permission to actually feel that desire and longing. You may feel deep sadness when you tune into your heart’s desires and longings and that’s ok. Its actually a very good thing.  The sadness is just a doorway toward your desire. Don’t analyse with the mental chatter and judgement of your mind. Don’t create a story. You don’t need a story. Just feel and express what needs to be expressed. I did this exercise today and I cried for sometime. I could feel so much grief in the center of my heart that needed to be expressed. What ever arises for you in this moment is perfectly ok lovely.

Staying true to your hearts longings is your number one responsibility. This is a deeper path, a deeper journey. If you have never lived from this space, however you know you are craving and longing a deeper, more fulfilling and enriched life. Start practicing tuning into your heart. Your heart knows what she wants. She knows who you are and why you are here.

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Are you blocking the deepest longings of your heart? Share with me in the comment section below.


Corona x

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