Are You Cheating On Yourself?

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I cheated on myself for a long time.


I worked hard, I partied hard and at the same time I climbed the corpoate ladder.


I got the management position and in the end I realised that none of this external stuff made me happy.


Actually, it did quite the opposite! You can read more about my journey to date here.



From the oustide, I’m sure many people envied where I was. I had the high paying corporate job, I had the perfect partner and I had a pretty amazing lifestyle.


However, I was empty, miserable and deeply lost on the inside. I was relying on all this external stuff to make me happy.



I had reached the point where it was absolutely aching me to live on the surface.


If you’ve reached this point in your life I want you know that I see you. I feel you. I get you. Keep reading.


Growing up in Ireland – in your typical Irish-Catholic family – I (thought) I knew what strength was. To my child’s eyes it looked like bull-headed authority. Or hardening against it. It was born out of love but tinged with fear, sacrifice and hardship. As a young girl the only strength I knew required me to push down spontaneous feelings, choke down dreams and brace myself against the inevitable pain in life. For a highly empathic person, the gift of sensitivity and the ability to tune into feelings and thoughts of those around me was not a blessing, but a curse.


Today I embody a very different type of strength. My life’s work is to help you do the same.


To learn my soul’s language meant un-learning virtually everything I’d been taught or come to believe about power. It takes an under-modelled courage to unfurl in your raw, radiant femininity. And I’ve reached a place where I can lead you to discover your divine power. Which really means I know how to lead you home.


Signs you may be cheating on yourself:

// You’re hungry for something you can’t even explain. Something is feeling like its missing in your life.


// Maybe you’ve done everything ‘right’– like climb the corporate ladder or gotten married and had kids. Or maybe you haven’t. Whatever path you’re currently on, it looks clear enough, but lacks heart. You can tell your path lacks heart by the emptiness that can’t be filled by trick-laden treats. You can tell you’re starting to awaken when the false flavours and nice-enough distractions no longer satisfy you.


// You’re spending every waking moment searching for the missing link in your life. Maybe you’re attending endless personal development workshops and reading the latest self-help books. Basically you’re searching high and low for any inkling of what that missing link is. Can I share a secret though, the answer does not lie outside of you, it lies within you.


// You’re playing it safe. Maybe at one point in your life you had big dreams and goals and somehow you’ve decided its easier to play things safely. Its easier to dim your light than shine brightly. You long for something more but are scared to death of the uncertaintly that lies behind that.


// You’re not doing what you love. When you’re not doing what you love, you’re not living the life you soul intended. Every single person (including you) has gifts to offer the world.


// You have major fears and blocks that are sabotaging you and holding you back.


Life is way too short to be cheating on yourself and living a half-lived life. When you start living the life your soul intended, you will feel freedom, joy, peace and happiness like you’ve never felt before. In fact, you never even thought such feelings were possible!


I created my new immersion “Anam Cara” with you in mind.


Anam Cara is a Celtic term meaning ‘Soul Friend’, which is exactly the role I play as your spiritual and intuitive advisor over this 6 – 9 month transformation.


To become your own Anam Cara – is the core purpose of our work together.


Because when you understand the unique language of your soul, you accept and love yourself unconditionally. You attain a level of magnetic power quite that helps you manifest with ease. Reaching this level of spiritual intimacy and insight, you are no longer distracted by the shiny temptations that tease your ego. Standing in your feminine power is what it really means to make friends with your soul.


So I invite you to take a look at this incredibly transformational program. If it speaks directly to your soul, I invite you to complete the playbook by clicking “apply now” and email me through your completed form. I’ll be in touch shortly and if I feel we are right for each other, I’ll organise a free short chat via Skype.

If you feel called to work with me, please feel assured that I only work with those who I feel I can really support on their soul journey. I do not take a sacred partnership lightly. I’m only interested in helping you align your life to your deepest truth.

Sat Nam,



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