Are You Feeling It All?



The more you open yourself up to feel more and more.


The more darkness, despair and sadness you’ll feel.


You’ve got to feel it all. If you want the light, you’ve got to go in and feel every inch of the darkness.


To live in the light doesn’t mean there’ll be no darkness, loneliness and despair.


It means you’re present to what’s there in every passing moment. The present moment is all we have and it’s crucial that we make the present moment the primary focus of our life.


When your present in the moment and feeling what is there, it means you’re not avoiding, suppressing, pushing away but simply allowing yourself to sit in the discomfort.


Sitting with and feeling your emotions simply means allowing them, resisting the need to get rid of the pain and not judging yourself for having these emotions. Remembering impermanence and understanding that eventually this too shall pass.


Sitting with your emotions can be challenging and difficult (I’m not going to lie). But it’s a skill that you can learn and practice. It takes time, commitment and dedication.


Give yourself permission and the space to try.


What I’ve been learning to do more and more of late is to sit in and watch the discomfort. And when I do, what I’ve noticed is that my world doesn’t end! I’m just uncomfortable for a bit, and then life moves on.


When you can learn to become good at the discomfort, your life will have almost no limits.


So my challenge for you is, the next time you feel sad, frustrated, angry or stressed. I encourage you to dive into the uncomfortable emotion, to accept it and to sit in it fully. Sit with what you’re running from and don’t switch to do something else. Just be with whatever is there!


Love and Light,

Corona Xx


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