So many people are afraid of life.

They are afraid of fully living.

They are afraid of change.

They are scared of the future.

Living scared.

They stand at the door of their self-created prison – FEAR.

Fearful of getting hurt and being unloved. So they close off to love and relationships. They make a decision that relationships are too hard or are simply not for them or they stay in a relationship that’s not nourishing or supportive in any way.

Fearful of being who they truly are. So they wear a mask every day pretending they are someone they are not. No wonder so many people are utterly exhausted and burned out as this takes a lot of your precious energy from you!

Fearful of getting fat. So they deprive themselves, always on a diet. Always restricting oneself.

Fearful of being unwanted.

Fearful of getting poor so they hold onto every penny not investing in themselves or their personal growth.

Fearful of being humiliated. So they keep their mouth closed. They don’t express and voice their needs and they become angry and frustrated internally.

Fearful of upsetting people or being discovered for the fraud they believe they are (this is a BIG one).

While all of this is happening they are dying a slow death on the inside from their spirit.

Becoming more and more lost.

Becoming more and more disconnected.

So they stay in relationships, jobs, careers, living situations way past the use-by date.

Because they are petrified of being alone.

What I see time and time again in my work and the last near 10 years of serving, supporting, coaching and mentoring women is women utterly scared of their own power!

They put a lid on it.

Just like a lid is often put on their sexual energy (more on this in another post).

So today, if you resonate with any of the above.


We have a little over 5 weeks left for 2019 and we are stepping into a brand new decade in 2020.

You are worthy of everything you desire.

But no one can do the work for you.

In fact, no one is coming to save you!

Coaches, teachers, mentors, can support you (and I highly recommend investing in one because it will be the best investment you will ever make on yourself and all areas of your life) but you have to be the one that says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”, I am sick and tired of existing and I’m ready to step into the drivers seat of my life and then you need to take ACTION and seek out the support you need to make that happen.

Stop telling yourself “someday” because that “someday” never arrives!

Time is passing by so quickly – just really feel into how quick this year has gone.

Want my personal help?

If you’d like my personal support, book in a time to chat with me here and let’s see if we are aligned to work together. I look forward to chatting with you and seeing how best I can support you right now

All my love,

Corona x