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Podcast Highlights:


0:36 – Kundalini.

2:26 – Optimizes your energy and reduce stress.

3:01 – Just for 3 minutes a day.

3:12 – Breath of fire.

4:57 – Your third eye.

5:41 – Pant like a dog.

7:38 – Witness the shift in your energy.

8:43 – Make a commitment to yourself.



00:00:02] Welcome to the Energy for Life podcast helping busy women reclaim their energy and power and self-worth. Here is your highest Corona Brady.


[00:00:14] Welcome back. Welcome to episode three. Today I want to talk to you about awakening Kundalini. How do you awaken this energy that resides within you? So lets first start off and explain what kundalini is first. Because for many of you listening today this might be new for you. So kundalini is basically the life energy that resides within each and every one of us, the creative life force that exists within all of our bodies. Men and women. Usually, though it’s in such a dormant space that most people they never even know it’s there. They never even feel it and this is such a tragedy. Why? Because when you start to awaken this energy you start living with more awareness and consciousness in the world and you really start tapping into your truest potential and then showing up as the fullest truest version of yourself in the world. Your kundalini is basically located right at the base of the spine and this is your birthright. It’s your gateway to unlimited energy creative energy. The practice of Kundalini yoga has literally transformed my entire life my entire being. It’s transformed my business. It’s transformed my relationships. It’s transformed everything for me. And I see it time and time again transforming the lives of our students here in our Energy for Life Academy. When you really start to tap into and awaken this previously dormant energy it’s going to give you so much energy and so much drive you won’t know what to do with it. It’s truly amazing. There is a really proven ancient Kundalini technique and it’s known as the breath of fire.


[00:02:20] I love this powerful breathing exercise. What it does, is it cleanses your body. It optimizes your energy and it reduces stress. You will actually strengthen and fortify your immune system just by doing this breathing exercise every single day. Your immune system will become wonderfully resilient and I want to take you through this exercise right now. If you’re ready and open and willing I want you to think of this breath as a really good tuneup for you. It’s a really good tune-up for your whole system so that all of these parts can start to work in harmony with one another. Do this for just 3 minutes a day. And I promise you it will change your life. And of course, it’s going to change your energy as well especially that creative energy. So how do you do this? Well, it is pretty fast. It’s a rapid breath and there is a rhythm to it and it’s continuous. It’s equal on the inhale and on the exhale and there’s absolutely no pause in this breath between the inhale and the exhale. You just let the breath stay consistent and you just keep it flowing and it’s always practiced via your nostrils. It’s powered from your navel point. Now as this might be your first time practicing this today I want you to start by just breathing through the mouth. What I want you to do is really feel your navel first and then you can close the mouth and start breathing in and out via the nostrils only.


[00:03:59] So let’s give it a shot together. Wherever you’re sitting. Close your eyes.


[00:04:05] If you’re somewhere safe to do this. Sit nice and straight and give your palms a little rub so you really stimulate all those Nadis, those nerve endings on the palms of the hands. And next what I want you to do is take your hands into prayer position and bring your prayer hands to your chest your thumbs placed right into your breastbone your sternum connecting your thumbs and your thumbs connecting to your sternum and begin by closing the eyes if the eyes aren’t already closed.


[00:04:39] Or you can leave them 1/10th open 9/10th closed.


[00:04:44] If that’s too challenging then close them completely and bring your gaze right up to your brow point. So your brow point is that area right between your eyebrows your third Eye Center this is your inner eye. It’s known as your third eye. And really this is your seat of inner knowing, your inner guidance, and inner knowledge sit right there. With your eyes closed rolling your eyeballs up into that space. If it’s hard for you to do this just keeping the eyes one tent open just keep them closed completely today. That’s perfectly fine if you can’t keep them that one tent open and we’re going to begin by panting the breath together. So the eyes are closed and now you’re going to open your mind. And you’re going to stick your tongue and start panting like a dog. Yes, that’s right. It sounds a little crazy but please trust me here. Stick your tongue eyes and start panting in the same fashion that a dog would. So keeping the tongue sticking out panting like a dog. Are you panting along with me? You’re going to notice that your belly is pumping in and out panting like a dog. The tongue is sticking out and your belly is pumping rapidly in and out. Now you can start off slow. So if you’re struggling here please start off slow and you can build up when you feel ready to. Now that you’ve got a sense of what I want you to close your eyes and start to breathe in and out to the nostrils and keeping that pumping action of the belly pumping rapidly in and out.


[00:06:27] Keep going really pouring from your navel.


[00:06:33] I know if this is new to you it’s going to feel really weird and strange. You’re going to perhaps struggle for the first little while and that’s okay. Don’t worry. This is all part of the practice.


[00:06:46] Just trust yourself. Keep breathing in and out through the nostrils let the belly pump in and out rapidly and now you’re going to inhale just holding that breath. Apply your route lock so you’re squeezing your rectum, sex organs and navel drawing that energy Kundalini from the base all the way up.


[00:07:07] If you could visualize like a snake spiraling through the spine and then exhale let it go.


[00:07:18] Relax your hands. Place them on your knees or your thighs keeping your eyes closed just for a couple of moments. Connecting to that shift in your energy. What do you notice? Check in on your body. How do you feel? You just did that there for maybe half a minute or 1 minute but I absolutely know that you can witness a shift already in your energy. This is how powerful these ancient breathing techniques are especially this one. And I also want to share with you here that it’s really normal. If you’re experiencing any little bit of tingling in your body right now don’t be worried by that. It’s just the energy moving. It’s normal to feel those traveling sensations it’s just energy moving through you. You might even feel sometimes a little bit lightheaded and that’s normal too because what’s happening is that your body’s adjusting to the new stimulation of your nerves as well. So start to bring yourself back now. You can begin to wiggle your fingers wiggle your toes open your eyes again bring yourself back to this moment. So that’s just one tool I want to share with you here today. And I highly recommend practicing this. Make a commitment to yourself. Set a little timer every morning and practice this breath of fire for three minutes. You can do it in the morning as you start your day. You can also do it in the afternoon. If you find at three-four o’clock you start to get a crash in energy and that’s when you normally go for coffee.


[00:09:02] How about replacing the coffee with this breath of fire just for the next seven days and just see what happens.


[00:09:10] I’m Corona Brady. And thank you so much for listening today. Please pop on over and subscribe to energy for life on iTunes.



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