A very simple thought for me this week has been: how do I want to feel on my wedding day? Too often I hear a lot of brides focusing more on how they want the day to look than how they want to feel. They tend to focus just on the surface details. When you focus on how the day will feel, decisions get so much easier!  I’m going to be using all of my five senses throughout the day (smells, sights, sounds, textures and sounds).  When all of those things are blended together beautifully, I feel a true celebration comes to life!  My goal for my wedding day is to feel 100% relaxed, calm and focused on loving my fiancée,  family and friends. All of my decisions will be rooted in that goal. I’m going to be giving myself gentle reminders throughout the entire day, I’ll be using my practice of yoga, through breath awareness to keep me in the present moment. When the party starts going, I want to feel like there’s no place in the world I’d rather be – surrounded by the people I love – having the time of my life!

It’s just 4 days to my wedding and I thought I’d share with you, my readers what I’m up to and how I’m going to stay relaxed, calm and collected on the day! No stress will be allowed here! I’m back at home on the Emerald Isle and it feels wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends in the lead up to one of the most important days of my life!

The hair dressers and make up artists are arriving early (9:00am), I’ve chosen some of the very best and finest in their field. I’ve decided on these amazing ladies because my sister-in-law Linda (I can officially call her that from Thursday) used them at her own wedding a few years ago and they produced amazing results! This was something I was not cutting costs on. You can take a peak at my hair dresser Cathy Mc’Nulty here and my make up artist Zoe Clark here. Very talented ladies!

I’m planning on getting my self tucked in to bed super early (Wednesday the day before we get married), I’ll be soaking myself in an Epsom salt and essential lavender oil bath while listening to some relaxing music and enjoying a cup of lavender and chamomile tea. I’ll be rubbing some essential lavender oil on my temples, followed by some restorative yoga. I plan on climbing into bed at 8:30pm with an amazing book in one hand, followed by some yoga nidra and I’m sure I’ll be fast asleep in no time.

Ohhh I’ve got butterflies swimming around in my tummy as I write this, writing always works a charm on distressing me so that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do today. Below are the series of events which will happen on my very special big day!

Image 1: Inside The Lovely, Image 2: The Doctor Closet, Image 3: Vi.sualize

A run down on the morning of my wedding:

  • I will arise at 6.30am.
  • I’ll be reaching over and grabbing my journal for my morning pages and gratitude practice (oil pulling at the same time). It will be so good to get all those emotions flying high in my head on to paper!
  • Healing Kundalini Mantras from a beautiful Sadhana CD.
  • Then on my mat for a 60mins Vinyasa Heart Opening Flow session to Edo + Jo.
  • Meditate for 45mins to the chirp of the morning birds.
  • Dry body brushing.
  • Next is my morning tea ritual of warm water, fresh lemon, ACV, pinch of cinnamon and 1 tsp of coconut oil while lazing on the couch engrossed in a book.
  • I’m so lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful country side here in Cavan, lush green fields surrounded by nature. It’s funny how much you can change,  while growing up I took it all for granted. It’s only after living away in Sydney and coming back home that I feel so much gratitude for my Irish roots. My family home is surrounded by a beautiful garden which my mum spends allot of her time perfecting. I will be getting outside and walking barefoot in our garden to ground myself all while breathing in the fresh air and being completely present.
  • Next will be nourishing my body with fresh healthy goodness – this will include some quinoa gluten free bread (I’ve taken with me all the way from Sydney) + lots of steamed greens + a  boiled egg + some yogi caffeine free Chai tea.
  • At 9am my hair dresser + makeup artists will start to arrive.
  • I thought about how I wanted to feel on the morning of my wedding and these words came to my mind straight away – grateful, happy + present. So I decided to create an upbeat happy music play list for the morning of my wedding (I created my wedding morning song list a few weeks earlier back in Sydney) and I’m so happy I did as I know this will serve me very well.
  • At 11am my amazing photographer Therese Aherne will be arriving. I’m really excited about the photos this very talented lady will be producing (I’ll be doing a special wedding post afterwards so keep your eyes peeled for this). She does not create your typical wedding portraits, but instead creates more candid and natural photos.
  • By 12.30pm the hair and makeup will be finalized and we’ll be beautified,  it will be time for me to step into my beautiful wedding gown (I’m sorry I can’t share this with you until after the wedding but lets just say it’s in line with my vintage wedding theme).
  • Then there will be some tears (there will be lots of these throughout the day – happy ones of course), laughs and perhaps even a glass of bubbles. Seriously how quick will this morning flow in – I plan to soak and absorb every single beautiful moment in!
  • Next it will be out to our gorgeous garden (all credit to my mum who spends hours at the weekend perfecting it, I have to say it is looking extra special for my wedding) for some family photos.
  • I will have 30 mins or so where I’ll just honestly enjoy the last couple of moments (as a single lady) with my family.
  • Next the wedding cars will start to arrive and I’ll know that the time has arrived, my uncle will be arriving in one of his amazing white vintage cars for me and my bridesmaids(my three beautiful sisters who you will meet in one of my next blog posts) will be following closely behind us. I sure will feel like a special lady!

So the next time I’m talking to you I will be officially married and will be taking the new name of Corona Brady Rogers.

Until then, so much Love, Light, Happiness and Blessings to you,

Corona Xx

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