I’m talking beauty and all things health in preparation for my big day today on the blog! So what have I been up to lately?  Well I was feeling the need for a cleanse post Christmas, I didn’t over indulge too much over the festive season but I did have a little bit of alcohol which my body is not use to (of lately). I was starting to feel extra tight in my yoga practice and I knew that was a sure sign to get on a cleanse quick smart! I decided to go on my naturopath’s cleanse which I do with every new season (I’ve spoken about this before over here and I share a yummy cleanse friendly recipe I plan to cook up on Sunday). I started it in January for a few days, however midway through I ended up getting struck down with a severe kidney infection. I listened to my body (something I’m getting very good at doing) and put it on hold  until I’d fully recovered! I got straight back on it a few weeks ago! I really don’t find it extremely restrictive; fish, fresh veggies (bar the Brassica family as they tend to slow down metabolism), brown rice, natural organic yoghurt (no added sugar), grapefruits and lemons. I have to say I’m feeling great!

I can hardly believe it, my wedding is just a little over 4 weeks away (4 weeks and 5 days if we’re getting technical here), WOW! Where did that time go seriously!!  The countdown sure is on! Today I’m just sharing some little snippets on my blog on what I’ve been practicing health + beauty wise to get myself in peak shape for our big day! 4 weeks 5 days and counting!!




1. Mindful of taking my daily fish oil and multivitamin.

2. Taking nails, hair and skin vitamins (2 per day).

3. Using Original Mineral shampoo, conditioner and a natural detangling spray as well as a natural treatment  ( 3 per week).

4. I’ve booked myself in for a series of Dr.Hauschka Natural Facial Treatments to get my skin ready with a lovely fellow Irish lady Niamh at Sage Beauty. I had my first one on Friday and had amazing results, my skin was and still is literally glowing! I have another one booked a few days before I fly home. On top of this I’m giving myself my own mini home facial and exfoliation weekly with my favourite Mukti Products.

5. Ensuring I add Rosehip oil to my moisturizer each morning (this has been a ritual of mine for a couple of years). Once I’m done washing my skin at night, I gently compress it with a Muslim cloth in warm water and some essential lavender oil (I also do this as part of my morning ritual).  I leave my skin naked at night to let it breathe and to do its work!

6. I’ve been using some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as a whitening solution, to have my teeth sparkling white (every two weeks) and I’m seeing some marvelous results!

7. Dry Brushing daily before showering, I start with  my lower body first and brush in an upward motion towards the major lymph nodes in the groin, armpit and base of my neck. This gives the best benefits, promotes circulation and improves energy levels.

8. I’ve been literally smothering myself in Indah Body Butter made from extra virgin coconut oil. Ladies this stuff is seriously heaven in a tub! If you fancy spoiling yourself and your skin this is perfect!

9. Hydration – ensuring I’m getting at least 2litres of water in each day.

10. Brows – I’ve been getting my brows threaded for the past 3 years and cannot recommend it highly enough. After all the years of waxing they’ve literally taken this long to grow back – never again!




1. I’ve been doing my naturopath’s Cleanse for the past while and will continue on this right up to the week before I fly. Then I’m on Plan B for another two weeks which will take me right up to my wedding. I’ve decided to go completely alcohol free for the whole month of February, I don’t drink so much anymore so it’s not really bothering me (finding it super easy).

2. I’ve started to take some probiotics to assist my cleanse in cleaning out my gut and getting it in optimum health.

3. Weekly $25 Acupuncture sessions starting from this week (seriously the best value ever). If you’re in Sydney be sure to check this one out!

4. I’m taking Chlorophyll in my water daily.

5. Green juices daily.

6. A  relaxation and healing massage with one of my amazing healers Brady (which I’m booked in for a few days before I fly home). Seriously this guy is incredible, a dear friend gave me his details and I had my first massage with him a month ago. He understands every inch of the body and boy does he help clear some blockages!! Amazing, check him out!

7.  Along with my daily meditation, I’m doing a morning chakra clear and cleanse. I’m finding this super grounding, any stresses that appear to be niggling in the back of my mind regarding the wedding are  a distant memory once I’m done!

8. I’ve started taking some bush flower essence (Calm + Clear) to assist in keeping me stress free. I’m feeling a whole lot calmer I have to say!!!

9. Restorative yoga poses before bed each night to ensure a restful and restorative sleep. Check out a previous blog post where I talk about my three go to restorative poses! Try them out and see for yourself!

10. I’ve started swimming again, once/twice per week. I’ve seriously missed swimming! I was lucky enough to have a swimming pool literally next door when we lived in Coogee. Since moving to Bondi I’ve kind of let it slip, but I’m back on track now and loving ever minute of it – swimming makes me feel so alive and refreshed!

On top of my daily yoga practice, I’ve also signed up for Boot camp with Bottoms Up twice a week for the next 3 weeks (before I fly home). Yikes not sure what I’ve let myself in for, I’ve got to admit it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done any exercise like this! I start Monday morning, wish me good luck!!



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I’d love to hear about your favourite beauty and well-being tips in the comment section below!

So much Love, Blessings, Light + Happiness to you,

Corona Xx

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