We are no longer together and have separated and are divorced but this article was true at a time in my life when I shared it.

I’m back again for part 2, I hope you’ve enjoyed part 1. I have to say I’ve had an overwhelming response from part 1, it’s actually been one my most popular blog posts yet! Thanks so much for the very lovely words and kind wishes. I’ve loved putting these posts together as they’ve helped me to relive those special moments which made up the best day of my life yet!

A quick little recap on my previous post; the day before the day before, the day before, the morning of our wedding and the ceremony.

We had 150 guests at our wedding which made for a lot of faces to greet at the door as everyone left the ceremony! I loved this part –  there were so many dear friends and family I hadn’t seen in a very long time who I now could give a great big cuddle to! Once all the meet and greets were done I was able to sit into our wedding car with my now new husband (that still sounds so weird to say, I think we’ll be having a giggle about our new titles for the next wee while).

              Greeting some beautiful family and friends

Next stop was chez Brady (my family home) for a quick photo, tea and a scone (I was starving)!

My beautiful sisters who were my three bridesmaids (Mairead, Sinead + Grainne)

Enjoying a yummy scone

The rain and blustering wind started as we began our drive to Cabra Castle. The rain didn’t bother me whatsoever and if anything I think it really added to the day. I certainly can give it credit for our photos (our photographer had previously mentioned how they would turn out better come rain and she was so right). We had so much fun with our fantastic photographer in the dancing rain! Dave and I had one large umbrella to share as we hopped all over the grounds trying to capture the perfect photo (me freaking a little, trying to hold my dress up with fear that the rain would ruin it – which did not happen I’m happy to say!). It was fun; I’ve shared some of these pictures below so you can have an idea of what we got up to. She was so wonderful to work with, she was relaxed and made us laugh a lot at the same time (two qualities which I think are very important). We chose her for the simple reason that we did not want posy shots; we wanted natural and candid (as you can see that’s exactly what we got).

Next up, it was time to join all our guests for our reception drinks. We had live jazz playing in the background and there was a roaring fire along with some warm punch being served – it was a picture perfect! My husband and I were then ushered away into one of the beautiful castle rooms where finally we had some alone time to catch up. This I’ll remember forever as beneath us you could hear the hustle and bustle of our guests moving into the banquet hall for dinner while in our room there was just silence, just the two of us (this would be the last alone time we’d squeeze in until the wee hours). I truly cherished those moments, we enjoyed a few passionate tender kisses giggling and feeling like school kids. We couldn’t wipe the grin off our faces “did we just get married?” we both kept saying. Enjoying a glass of champagne together as husband and wife; taking each other in, taking the day in, taking everything in together! We were now no longer separate, but two become one!

The time had arrived; we were then called to the main entrance of the banquet hall where our bag piper greeted us to march us into the banquet hall. Wow, did I feel special! I truly felt like a princess with my prince charming in my hand all to the sound of wonderful bag pipes.

We took our seats (I’ve attached a funny photo) which did in fact look like prince and princess seats (or should I say King and Queen). The food was seriously scrumptious which was very important (as you know I’m such a foodie so this had to be top notch and it was). Then came the speeches, we decided to have them after the meal. We wanted everyone to enjoy their meal so they could be in a relaxed state by the time the speeches arrived (especially for the fathers of the bride & groom, the best men and my husband giving them some time to enjoy a drink to calm their nerves).  The speeches were perfect, a short and wonderfully sweet message from my Dad (I take my shy genes from him), another sweet message from Michael (Dave’s Dad) welcoming me and my family into their family. I also decided to get up and say a few words (something I should have practiced and planned for a little better, my nerves kind of got the better of me and I managed to forget everything I truly wanted to say), a beautiful fun message from Stephen one of our best men + a telegraph from Donal across the seas in NZ (one of our best men who was unable to attend) and last but not least my new husband Dave (they do save the best for last). I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much; he sure got his speech perfect in every sense (and a big thanks to my wonderful new sister in law Linda who captured it all on video for us). The speeches finished with special telegraphs from dear family and friends who couldn’t be there to share our beautiful day.

Entering the castle to a bagpiper (amazing)

My beautiful family

The Dress And Other Details:

  • My beautiful dress was “Lattice Pearls” from the gorgeous Australian designer Colette Dinnigan which I’ve since found a wonderful home for already. I’ve decided to let it go and allow someone else to have a magical day and feel like a beautiful princess. It was super hard and I didn’t think I would be saying goodbye so soon but I guess at the end of the day it’s just a material object that would otherwise gather dust in my wardrobe.
  • My beautiful veil and comb was handmade especially from the very talented Amanda May. It’s so beautiful and has so much pretty detail. *I’m selling my veil so if you are interested please drop me a quick line so we can chat. *
  • My beautiful wedding shoes were Silver Lancer from Jimmy Choo (yes my first and probably very last pair). I’m seriously going to get so much ware from these gorgeous shoes.
  • My cosy feather shrug was from Oasis.
  • My pretty earrings from Samantha Wills.
  • My beautiful bridesmaids dresses were from Coast.
  • I chose some beautiful earrings as a little gift from Samantha Wills for all three bridesmaids.

The Ceremony:

  • It’s a pretty huge task picking the music to walk up the isle to. We didn’t want the norm “here comes the bride music” so we opted for something different which we found together over Christmas while relaxing. It was the most perfect song with the most perfect lyrics ‘With You by Jai Jagdeesh’. 

The Venue And All The Details:

  • Our reception was held at the very stunning Cabra Castle (seriously the best venue I’ve been to yet for a wedding).
  • Our band was the incredible swing band “The Swing Cat’s”. Seriously these were so much fun, there was so much dancing and wow could they sing!
  • Our DJ was a very good Irish friend Bren and international DJ based in Berlin “Chymera”. He was always going to be our DJ and it was one of the first things we booked, we actually met at one of his house parties (almost 12 years ago).
  • Our table settings were done by my amazing and very talented sister Grainne who is an incredible artist (check out some of her unbelievable art work over here). We decided to go with a love theme as that’s exactly what this day was all about, so we chose the word love in 15 languages for all the tables.
  • We had some really cool photo-booth wedding props which I picked up from Etsy.
  • Our wedding guest book was from kiki-k.
  • Our super cute wedding guest book sign was purchased from etsy.
  • I purchased some deep red fresh roses and we sprinkled them on all the tables which I felt added a lovely touch.
  • The suits were on hire from Anthony Behan in Swords (how seriously gorgeous did my hubby look).


Entering our reception drinks

We had just taken our seats at the top table (how stunning are these chairs!)

There was lots of this (laughter), our best man Stephen (we thank him for introducing us many moons ago)  and dear friend giving his speech

Our pretty love table settings done by my sister Grainne

Photo-booth fun props

Our first dance

There were lots of moves on the dancefloor

The Makeover Magicians:

  • Photographer Therese Aherne (amazingly talented and so wonderful to work with, I highly recommend her services if you are getting married anytime soon in Ireland).
  • Make-Up Artist Zoe Clark (amazing lady and so lovely to chat with, I wanted a natural look and she most certainly gave me that perfect look that lasted from early morning 10am to 3am)
  • Hair Stylist Cathy McNulty (what can I say, she was so perfect. I was so unsure what to go with; an up style or down. I’m more a down style lady and wanted to feel natural on the day. So we went with that and it was beautiful)

Our First Dance:

My Dad’s so cute – a few days prior to our wedding he organized a dancing lesson for Dave and I. My parents are big dancers but he didn’t think they were good enough to teach us (yes they are by the way, they pretty much go dancing every weekend) so they went out of their way and organized someone to teach us some basic moves which was a really fun and different experience!

As for the song, this was another tough one to choose but I think we chose very well here too. We had initially chosen a song and then realized it was way too quick for our not so great dancing feet. So we opted for something a little slower (ok a whole lot slower) and opted for the fox trot dance to accompany it. We went with “The Wedding Song by Angus and Julia Stone” , one of our all-time favourite musicians. Wonderful words which were a big hit with our guests!

You can’t have an Irish wedding and have no sing song session! My cousins took their Bowran (a beautiful Irish drum) and guitar along with them. As soon as the DJ finished up, we moved into the residents bar for a good old Irish sing song. It was great craic as the Irish would say. Dave and I finally managed to sneak away to our bed before 3am.

The next morning, we were awake with the birds and stepped out on to our rooftop to enjoy the hot tub together(in the rain). It was so wonderful and refreshing, we laughed and giggled about the magical day we had just had.

So there you have it, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey I’ve taken you on of our magical wedding day. We’ re having our Sydney ceremony on Saturday which is much more casual (but I may indeed put a little blog post up on this one too).

So much Love, Light, Happiness + Blessings to you,


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