Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life!

Change Your mindset


How’s your 2015 been so far for you?


It’s hard to believe we’re more than half way through 2015 already!


2015 for me to date has been Full, Expansive, Low, High and there’s been a lot of just sitting, feeling and processing. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable and sometimes I’m just happy to sit in it and sit it out.


Because I know that’s where true transformation occurs. I not only witness this in my own life but I see it time and time again in my 1:1 clients lives.


Are you holding onto any old stories from the past?

You might relate to my story.


I recently realised that I was ‘replaying’ an old story, any time I’d step up and step out and shine my light even brighter. There I heard that same old story ‘replaying’ like a broken record in my head.


So I’ve been working on changing my mindset and comitting to my daily Sadhana (handing my worries over to someone higher than me). It’s working. I’m creating new stories. That’s the power of this work. It takes practice, devotion, committment and a willingness.


To be able to liberate ourselves from any false beliefs and patterns of our past, we need to firstly build a loving and strong relationship with our younger self (the child within). The first step is learning to connect with this part of you in a compassionate and really loving way.


Let me share one of my practices with you:

1. Begin by finding a comfortable seat where you know you won’t be disturbed. You could light a candle and set your intention before the practice.


2. Close your eyes and drop your awareness down into your physical body. Take 3 big deep delicious full breathes, inhaling through the nostrils and exhaling out via the mouth. Letting stress and tension go on each exhale.


3. Now come back to your natural breath, breathing in and out via your nostrils. Breathe all the way into your heart space and turn your eye gaze on this area. Start to connect with a very deep and wide center within yourself. Feel the lightness of your being.


4. Now from this deeper, wider part of you, expand a sense of deep presence, friendship and care to yourself in your body – letting go of self-judgements, control and criticisms and instead surrounding yourself with a sense of deep security and love.


5. Then from this space mentally ask yourself, “What’s going on? What are you feeling right now?” and then listen for the response, helping the self (the child within) to correctly name a very precise feeling she is experiencing such as upset, lonely, uncertain, frustrated, inspired, excited, or confused etc. Wait and listen.


6. Mirror back the response by lovingly saying, “I can see that you are feeling….”


7. Do this a couple of times.


You can do this many times throughout your day to begin building a loving, caring and connected relationship between the different parts of yourself. This will help you grow the connection and bond to the child within.


If you’re sick and tired of going it alone with no success. That’s where I can assist you lovely.


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Love and Light,

Corona x


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