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If you're on this page then someone in my network thinks I can help you! :) Start by watching this free workshop (no charge) and put it into action today! Also if you can relate to what I have shared and you'd like my personal help, then please book in for a complimentary chat at the end of the workshop.

About Corona Brady...

After spending 12+ years working in corporate banking, I burned myself out and ended up with adrenal exhaustion.

I now work with women business owners and women in the corporate world that have lost their passion and energy.

My passion in life is being able to help women squeeze the juice out of life so they live an energetic, vital and passionate life…

…where they finally get the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual excellence they need to achieve their unique goals and dreams that are most precious to them.

I’m a life coach, mentor, mind detox therapist and senior kundalini yoga teacher.

I blend together various therapies to provide you with a unique and highly transformative experience. I guide you to removing the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living the truest version of yourself.

Every woman should live an energetic life of passion, purpose, joy and peace. I show you exactly how to make that your new reality.

What is the Energy For Life Academy Program and how can it support you?

The Energy For Life Academy is a renowned, world class, transformational PROVEN program that shows women in business how to finally reclaim their energy, innate power and self-worth in just 8 short weeks.

The community was founded by Corona Brady, who has already helped hundreds of women discover their TRUE authentic selves, living extraordinary lives. Now, you can be one of them!

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On this free session we will...


Uncover exactly what's holding you back for your unique situation.

Perfect Clarity

Help you arrive at a crystal clear vision for your future.

Create A Plan

Craft a perfect plan to hit your goals and realise your best reality...FAST!

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