Daring To Be Courageous

2-Day Event, San Diego April 2020

We are currently running a Bring A Friend For Free Offer, when you purchase a ticket you can bring your friend along for free or split the ticket cost with her.

After running such successful events throughout Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) we are taking Daring To Be Courageous on the road to San Diego, California in April 2020. 

Daring To Be Courageous is a way of living your life with an open-hearted attitude of infinite possibility and power.

To open to Courage is to know one self, to trust one self, and then to act accordingly. This is the most courageous thing a person can and will ever do.

Daring To Be Courageous can look different for each one of us:

  • Maybe it's speaking your truth?
  • Maybe it's showing up in the world as your fullest most authentic self?
  • Maybe it's saying 'no' more?
  • Maybe it's standing in your own power?
  • Maybe it's asking your boss for that pay-rise you're worthy of?
  • Maybe it's going on your first date after a relationship separation/divorce?
  • Maybe it's setting up your own business?

Whatever big dream is sitting in your heart right now, in order to be able to take action with that, you will require courage. 

All your success and recognition in the world will never mean anything if first and foremost you can't and don't love yourself and this journey continues for the rest of your life.

When you truly deeply love yourself to your absolute core, then you cannot deny who you are. You cannot steer away from what it is you must do, you must honor that agreement you've made with yourself.

If you allow fear to block the way forward, then you will live a life of regret. You must be brave to face your fears, you must find ways to move past the obstacles and challenges you meet along the way, step by baby step. Then when opportunity presents itself be prepared to take great leaps of faith.

Daring To Be Courageous requires that you love yourself.

Sit with me in circle where I will hold you very safely and lovingly and together we will journey deep. Each day will be a blend of sacred and very beautiful Ceremony and Ritual to support you in releasing and letting go. We will use the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation based off the women's teachings to support you in creating a strong nervous and glandular system. We will also use ancient Shamanic processes, Sound Therapy, Coaching, Deep 1:1 processes and group processes (plus so much more) to love yourself up.

We'll be diving deep into and exploring topics such as Trust, Vulnerability, Shame, Strategies Of Disconnection, Empathy, Core Emotion Triggers, Conscious Communication and Leaning into Hard/Difficult Conversations, Living into our Values.

You will walk away from this 2-day event feeling graceful, alive, light, re-energised, nourished, re-balanced, transformed and bursting with inspiration for 2020. This healing transformational 2-day event will provide you with a complete RESTORATION of your entire being - mind, body and spirit...

You will go deep into quiet stillness and you'll connect with your truest self and power. You will be astonished at how quickly you can heal your mind, body and spirit. 

I am so grateful to Corona for dreaming up the Daring to Be Courageous weekend. I feel it had a profound effect on me as I learned more about myself and the beliefs and fears that were keeping me playing small and avoiding being myself in certain situations. That insight alone had me walk out more confident but over the following weeks, I have noticed a much deeper transformation.

I feel more empowered and confident speaking up in the relationships that have challenged me. For me, this weekend provided the shift I needed to feel I could live more authentically.”

MC - Sydney Daring To Be Courageous Participant

A great weekend to be had at Daring To Be Courageous in Sydney!! Thank you, Corona for being such a great facilitator for providing such a supportive and nourishing space and experience for myself and other women.

I love the touches you bring to each event that make it special and unique. I always leave these events feeling and being more empowered after each and every one. I stepped into my courage on my journey home and look forward to seeing what time and patience will bring.

Amanda Pole - Sydney Daring To Be Courageous Participant

I wanted to express my gratitude to Corona, and the five other beautiful women, who made my experience at the November Energy For Life Retreat, so amazing! I had never attended a retreat of any kind before and had no prior knowledge of what Kundalini Yoga involved.
After listening to one of Corona's podcasts and speaking to her l just knew it was something l had to do. I went in with an open mind, no expectations and had a life changing experience.

It's very hard to put into words but it was like all the rubbish built up and stuck in my body from 44 years of living had been cleaned up.I felt like l had space to breath and a heart that was free to be re-filled. It was an overwhelming sense of peace.

I urge anyone even considering attending one of Corona's retreats, just do it, it will change your life. On returning home my husband and children even noticed a positive change-which was also amazing!!.”

Marnie Wallis Canberra

“Corona’s Retreat cleared space out in my head to allow new ideas and thoughts. It most definitely met my expectations. It was unreal. I gained a renewed sense that I am courageous, brave and strong. I really enjoyed spending time with new people. Thank you Corona.”

Lynette Gallagher Sydney

You Will Walk Away Feeling:

  • Clearer and more focused.
  • Deeply connected.
  • Energised and excited for 2020.
  • Rejuvenated and relaxed. 
  • Lighter and radiant - the twinkle will be back in your eyes and the radiance will be noticeable in your cheeks.
  • Feeling empowered and abundant.
  • Awakened.
  • Courageous and ready for what life will bring you!

I am committed to guiding and supporting fierce women like you through the awakening of their divine feminine. I will teach you how to feel innately powerful in your life, to be emboldened by your daily decisions and to create soulful habits that enrich your experiences.

You will leave our soul circle with a deeper understanding of who you are and the confidence to go after what you really want from your life. This process will crack you open and see you liberate yourself from self-limiting beliefs and doubts. Even more importantly, you will find the strength and courage that can come with embracing your softness.

As an Awakened Courageous Woman you will unlock the secrets of great relationships, a balanced approach to work and life, being present and experiencing more love and compassion for yourself.

Beck McLwain, Sydney

“Corona, you have been amazing and I will cherish this time spent learning from you for a long time…..Thanks so much and I hope we cross paths again one day.”

Adele Taylor, Sydney

“Corona’s retreat was so much more than I expected. From the moment you arrived you were greeted with an open heart & truly nurtured. The Kundalini practices left me feeling at peace & at one with myself. The food was amazing. It was like this retreat made with love. Today leaving I feel like a different person to the one that arrived and I leave with a smile, an open heart and a love for life.”

Poppy Wolanski Evolve Coaching

I truly felt some deep shifts occur and have felt stronger and more aligned throughout this past week. It was so wonderful to reconnect with the Kundalini practice and to do so in such an intensive way. The singing bowls were simply enchanting and it was so amazing to be able to have them incorporated! I could have lay there for hours breathing in their power and vibration. Thank you again for a truly special and well rounded, well planned and thoughtfully organised event!