A Celebration Of the Divine Feminine Virtual Workshop

Are you feeling burned out, physically, mentally or emotionally?

Is it hard for you to switch off your busy overactive mind? Do you find yourself often caught in worry, fear and anxiety?

I invite you to join me on Sunday 31st May from 12pm to 3pm online from my home to yours, for a beautiful nourishing workshop where we will gather together in sacred circle and celebrate being a woman!

This divine feminine mother energy resides within you, it's your greatest gift. When you can rely on your intuition and sensitivity, your heart remains calm and open and you live in grace, radiance and nobility.

When you can use your sensitivity not to confront or compete but to bring yourself to zero - stillness - it's from that emptiness, through your compassion, your kindness, and through your intelligence that you create the things you want in your life. This is how you create prosperity in your life. 

Join me for 3 hours virtually for holistic self-care where I will teach you how to connect to your eternal power as a woman.

We will practice ancient powerful sacred kriya's, breathwork and meditations based off the women's teaching's as taught by Yogi Bhajan and I will share yogic beauty secrets for radiance, grace and vitality.

We will perform a sacred ceremony and ritual for celebrating the divine feminine within you.

You will upgrade your body's operating system and reset your life!

Can't attend live, not to worry - we will send you the replay which will be available to watch for 2 weeks after the event!

This is a 3 hour workshop with Corona as your Teacher, Guide, Mentor and Space Holder. This workshop will be a blend of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Ritual & Ceremony, Sound Healing (Gong), and Self-Inquiry.

Think ancient secrets based on the law of quantum physics meets modern spirituality!

Please know that you are more powerful than you know.

It's time to put YOU first lovely. To tune into your hearts longing and set yourself up for an incredible new month!

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


“Corona has this incredible essence that softens the space around her. The radiance that beams from her, the sound of her voice – it’s all laced with soulfulness and deep presence; 2 traits this world needs more of. She’s a beautiful teacher to the world, and a student of it. A true seeker.”

"Thank-you so much for such a blessing and so many gifts over the last 2 days in our retreat. I love the fact that I now understand by spending some time on me, it's also a gift to others - so that they get my best self showing up. I could go on and on about the weekend, but I loved everything about it - so thank-you! I feel happy and light today - a bit more like my old self.”

"Feeling the benefits from the weekend today Corona, awakened, radiant & ready!"

"I really enjoyed the two days and I can't remember the last time I spent 8 hours on me and that's made me feel quite emotional thinking about that. The breathwork was so powerful. I hold a lot in my gut and the breathwork over the weekend was really powerful for that. So thank you so much!"

"From someone who has never done yoga in their life to doing 8 hours over the weekend, I feel amazing and I loved all of it. So a big big thank you from the bottom of my heart to yours. It was really fantastic!"

"Thank you so much for creating an option for us over the weekend. It was really great and I really enjoyed the two days. I learned a lot from you Corona as I always do. I feel like I am also getting stronger in my body."

“Love, authenticity, passion and peace are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Corona. I take both one-on-one and group kundalini yoga classes with Corona and every session is crafted in a connected and engaging way. The energy shift I feel is transformational – leaving me open–hearted, grounded and ready to take on my day. I absolutely love working with Corona – her integrity, honesty and calming nature make her a one-of-a–kind yoga teacher and mentor… Corona is one special and inspiring lady who I feel truly blessed to work with!”

“Thanks so much Corona. The course starting was so timely - I've had an anxiety 'flare up' and for the last week had pretty much constant racing heart/palpitations and very tight chest. I feel fine today and also have more energy (brain fog cleared)!!”

“Happy Day! Thanks so much for a great (and at times hugely uncomfortable) class last night. I slept like a baby.”      

“That was a brilliant class this morning, I love that you’re bringing a bit of physicality and energy to your classes - your doing a fantastic job with the teachings - love the variety.”

“Thanks so much Corona. I really enjoyed the session it was fab and given me lots to think about with regard to ongoing practice of some kind.”

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