Have you ever wondered where your intuition comes from?


I believe that our intuition is our “higher self” or are “soul” speaking to us internally. Others might like to believe that it stems from our “right” side of the brain (which is also true), this is the part of us that can easily access qualities such as creativity, inspiration, expressing emotions, colour, music, intuition and non-judgement.


I’ve been working a lot this year on strengthening my intuition. I’ve been immersing myself in all kinds of programs, reading lots of books, listening to audio books and working with some incredible mentors.


I think we’ve all felt those little nudges in the past; ”it’s time to get out of that relationship”, ”it’s time to quit that job”, “it’s time to move house”, “it’s time to stop drinking alcohol”, “it’s time to go on that cleanse”, “it’s time to quit coffee”. But, sometimes we’re not ready to hear and act on these nudges. I have to admit in the past I’d run, hide and do anything but listen to my inner guidance. I was totally and utterly ruled by head!


Let me tell you a little bit of my story…..


For over 10 years I worked in banking. I pushed and strived and climbed the corporate ladder; feeling that I had to prove myself to somebody, that I could do this, that I could make something of my life. I wasn’t happy, actually I was pretty damn miserable. I spent years like this but ignored to tune in; actually that was the scariest thing anyone could have asked me to do back then. So instead, I ignored and I pushed and squashed my soul down even further. I no longer knew who I was. I had become this corporate woman (which was the last career I ever imagined myself to be in leaving school) working in a very stressful and high demanding environment.



I couldn’t be me, my job didn’t enable me to express my true self. Years of this eventually led to anxiety, bouts of depression, binge drinking, compulsive shopping and exercise. Eventually I hit rock bottom; burned out, fatigued and an anxious mess. Then one day I heard this soft voice from within instructing me to leave my banking job or that I’d manifest a disease (which I believe I was very much on the verge of manifesting). So I finally listened and I followed that beautiful guidance and I made a promise to myself, that no matter what that I was going to listen to that treasured guidance of mine from now on.


A lot of the clients that I work with One-On-One come to me because they want to learn to tap into their intuition but feel that something is blocking them. Here are the blocks that I’ve come across:



I’m not intuitive


This is simply not true. You need to shed this limiting belief today. On a spiritual level, every single one of us, knows exactly what is best for us and our lives. I believe when it comes to making our decisions, no one knows better than us – not our family, colleagues, friends, parents or partner. See I understand this one so well because I too use to have this limiting belief. I would go outside of myself in seek of the answers, when all I really needed to do was go within. Remember this, no matter how intelligent, wise, well-informed, knowing, or intuitive someone else appears – they do not know better than you. Your intuition will guide you through your life, if you only practice listening to it. It will help you move through your wishes, desires and needs.


This can be difficult for some of us to grasp because it goes against everything we’re taught. We’ve been taught that your parents, teachers and education system know better. Some religions even teach us that god knows better. Just remember that god is within you, you can get the guidance any-time because it’s within you.


Ignoring your feelings


I believe that listening to our feelings is the foundation of good intuition. A lot of the time we feel out of sync when we’re not listening to our inner guidance. That’s what I’ve personally found in my own life. If you are someone who tends to tune out regularly and ignore your feelings to please others then your intuition is not going to advance fully until you can tune back into your feelings and truly honour them. This is without a doubt your starting point! Guess what happens when you ignore or suppress feelings, you’re really announcing to the universe that you’re not ready to hear other extra-sensory input and feedback.



Our intuition is such a sacred part of who we are and how we live our lives, and yet way too many of us are squashing it down and drowning it out.


I believe we all have intuition and that we can all be intuitive, but we’ve been taught not to listen.


The key is that we need to get rid of those negative ideas that keep us from listening, and learn how to tune in again. We must start by creating a fertile ground within ourselves to hear our Higher Self.


In fact, I believe that reconnecting with your intuition is so important, I’ve devoted an entire module to it in my 12 week ecourse – Creating a Soulful Life. Doors are opening for registration  21st Aug and will be open for 10 days. We will be kicking off Monday 01st of September!


Together, we’ll delve deep into every part of that innate wisdom that lives inside you. You’ll learn how to listen to your heart (and how to figure out what it’s saying), plus how to figure out the difference between your ego and your intuition (and it’s not what you might expect!).


Sending loads of love,

Corona x


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