Eleven Things You Didn’t Know About Me….

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Here are 11 things you probably didn’t know about me:


1. I use to believe that I was extremely shy. 

I believed this one for a long time. I recall my dad introducing me as ‘shy’ when any visitors came into our home while growing up. I took this on as a belief and for a long time I believed there was something wrong with me. However, what I’ve come to discover recently is that I’m not actually shy. I just have a big deep rooted fear to let people in as I’ve been so badly hurt in past relationships. I struggle a little to make new friends as I put a big shield up to protect myself. This has been a recent discovery and what a revelation! It’s one I’m working on with my healer currently.


2. I’ve had 3 near death experiences.

When I was 20 I was at a gig my friend was dj at. I slipped on water on a concrete floor and was knocked out cold for about a min. I finally came round with a black eye , swollen face, was a little out of it and woke up with a fractured skull. My second near death experience was in a club in Prague, I was there with my now husband and was spiked and an ambulance was called to our room. My third experience was one time back at home in Ireland for Christmas, I was rushed to hospital at the time as the doctor thought I was having a heart attack. I’m still here though!


3. I’m a total perfectionist.

I’m so much better than what I use to be. It really debilitated me for a long time! Now thankfully I’ve found tools to help me work through it when it shows its face (which can be very often).


4. I use to smoke. 

Yes I was a bit of a chain smoker in my earlier days, smoking 10-20 a day!


5. I use to sing (many years ago).

I remember winning a trophy for singing “The Fields Of Athenry”. That would explain my love of singing and chanting right now!


6. I left Ireland when I was 24 to travel the world. 

I travelled with Dave (my now husband) through South America for 10 months and we then came onto Sydney with a one way ticket. 9 years later and we’re still here and soon to be citizens.


7. I have extremely high standards on myself.

One of the traits of perfectionism (unfortunately). As a result it leads me to having high expectations on others (especially those who are close to me). I’m working on this one!


8. I’m a true Sagittarian.

My sun is in Sagittarius. Which means I’m a pretty positive and optimistic person (most of the time). I’m a truth seeker and speaker, a risk-taker, a born traveller (I get itchy feet to head away every so often) and a Physic recently told me my husband and I would live a nomadic life. I’m an avid learner and I’ve always got my head stuck in a new book, course or program. I love to learn! However on the not so plus side, my honesty sometimes can be a bit brutal and I’m learning better ways to communicate effectively.


9. My rising sign and my moon is in Virgo. 

On the other side though with my moon in Virgo, it means I can be are supercritical about myself and tend to be hard on myself. I’m a perfectionist with high standards. I’m neat and orderly and I can’t tolerate messes. I’m devoted and caring to those I love.


10. I use to have a really bad fear of flying. 

It was so bad that I’d have to take valium every time I went on a flight. One time it got so bad I had a panic attack mid flight and I had to breathe through a paper bag. So I decided to take a fear of flying course before setting off on our travels and seriously it was the BEST thing I could have ever done. I LOVE flying now (no word of a lie).


11. I got held at gun point in Rio.

Dave and I had just arrived in Rio De Janeiro and on our way home from dinner (the tourists that we were dressed in all our good wear) we got robbed. The guy that robbed us was only 15 or so and had a gun on him, we threw everything at him. I’ve never been so scared in my whole life and cried for nearly a day to go home. It was probably the best thing that could of happened for us though, as it completely woke us up for the rest of our travels.  


So there you have it, 11 things you probably didn’t know about me.


Now its your turn lovely. Tell me in the comments – Can you relate to any of the 11 things I mentioned? What do most people not know about you?


Love and Light,

Corona xx


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