All of us have fallen victim to limited automatic living at some point.

You wake up to the alarm clock after maybe hitting the snooze button numerous times.

You rush out of bed feeling stressed and your day begins in fight or flight.

You brush your teeth the same way you always do.

You shower the same usual way and you look in the mirror to remember who you are.

You get dressed the way you feel you’re expected to dress.

You put on the coat that you normally wear.

You drink your coffee and eat your breakfast as you like it.

You drive to work the same way. You arrive at work and you do the things that you’ve familiarised so well.

You get triggered by the same people. You react and respond in the same way.

You rush home. You cook and eat your dinner in the same way. You sit down and numb out by watching your favourite shows on Netflix.

Perhaps using a glass or two or three or even a bottle of wine to wind down and relax?

You go to bed and you do it all over again the next day and the next day and the next day until the weekend arrives. Perhaps you’re even counting down and living for the weekend?

Have you changed at all during this time?

Then why are you secretly expecting your life to change and new opportunities and experiences to show up when you’re thinking the same thoughts, believing the same beliefs, performing the same actions and experiencing the same feelings?

Would you agree that this is the definition of insanity?

Yet this is where many of us are living and operating from week in week out, month in month out, year in year out and decade in decade out.

The power to change your life always lies in your hands but change will not and does not happen by itself.

You need support and accountability.

Chose to break the cycle of living your life in this way and join us in the Blue Mountains in Spring for our 4 days Reclaim Your Radiance Detox Retreat where we’ll be diving deep into your inner world. There will be a lot of clearing, healing and letting go of your past (because we’re often stuck in the present due to the baggage we’re carrying from our past).

Take a look and feel into it and see if it is speaking to you right now.

Corona x

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