The art of letting go has been a common theme that’s played up in my life on and off throughout the years. More recently it’s started to show its face again. Actually, recently before I completed the second part of my Kundalini Teacher Training, as I was saying goodbye to my teacher he whispered “Corona, just let go”.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve mastered the whole ‘’letting go’’ and other times I’ve learned that it actually plays up in my life as control and perfectionism.

Since getting back from teacher training I’ve been delving deeper into surrendering and letting go.



How do I let go when I’ve been taught to hold onto stuff… so much stuff my whole life… and now you say let go?


I don’t mean physically, I mean mentally (well, we’ll look at this later in another post!). If you think about it, everything comes to pass.


Everything comes and then eventually goes or comes to pass. I’m not preaching you to give everything away. But everything, which you own or have in life at the moment, has come to you for a purposeful ‘use’, but not for holding onto.


If you try to hold on, to have, to own, even in your mind, you will produce fear… and what does fear produce? Stress… fear is discomfort and pain.


Have you been told in the past “just simply let go”, or perhaps you tell yourself “I need to let go”, but you’re unsure how or where to start. Let me tell you, I too had these same problems. So please KNOW that you are not alone.


The problem is, we’ve been wrongly taught that fear is healthy, good, and an essential emotion for our survival. There is a healthy fear that stops you from doing something dangerous. Healthy fear can keep you alert and motivated. But, unhealthy fear will cause you to stagnate and it will become a disruptive part of your life. What’s happened is we’ve done little to understand fear, and even less to free ourselves from it.


Almost all disease in the body has a psychological influence… ‘Fear’. I believe all fear has its core roots in attachment, such as the fear and anxiety of not finding something or being separated from someone we feel we need, for our security or happiness, OR mentally holding onto something or someone.


Have you ever wondered what “Fear” stands for?


F – False

E – Evidence

A – Appearing

R – Real

Sometimes you want to let go of a worry, situation, or a relationship. You try so badly to detach yourself from it, but you can’t. Nothing seems to work! Other times, you may try to let go of a major loss or unwind from a stressful and hectic day. Both encounter challenges for you, but essentially, they all require a shift in attention from the mind into the body and from the past or future into the present moment.


Learning to “Let Go” go can be an invigorating and renewing practice that brings about a sense of balance within the mind and body, providing clarity and peace.


All you have to do is remember two things:

1. It’s impossible for the soul… that’s you… to own anything.

2. If you don’t surrender and let go, nothing new can show up.


Ways you can start to let go…


When we hold on, it’s like as if the past only exists? When we can truly let go we know in our heart and soul that there’s a bright future ahead. Today I share with you from my heart what’s really helped me in this art of letting go.


  1. Tune and focus inward

I know, how many times have you heard this one?! It’s true though, you’ve got to STOP looking outside of yourself to see where you can fit in. It’s time to look within at your own beautiful landscape. It’s time to embrace who you already are, recognise what makes you light up and feel alive and what kind of lifestyle you would like to create and live. If it means switching off from social media for a while, then maybe you just need to do this. In all honesty, I’ve significantly reduced the amount of time I now spend on social media by setting some boundaries around it and it’s helping me a lot. Find some time daily to spend in quiet contemplation (meditation), if all you can spare is ten minutes –  great its a start! This will instantly help you shift from everything external and bring you inwards to your inner sage. If you really struggle to meditate in silence, why not grab my free chakra cleanse meditation here



  1. Be grateful for all that you’ve experienced so far

When we can let go, we can be grateful for all the experiences that have created growth in our life – experiences that made us cry, angry, laugh, anxious, feel shame, sad. Without these experiences we could not grow or learn.  To let go is to come to an acceptance of everything you have, you’ve once had and all the opportunities that lie ahead. To let go is finding the strength to accept life’s challenges and changes, to trust your inner sage (intuition), to realise that every single experience in life has significance, and to continue taking positive steps forward. Starting a daily gratitude practice will be very helpful here. 



  1. Take full control of your own life

Nobody can do this darling, only you! If you don’t like something in your life, you are the only one that can change it. Remember that you are only responsible for yourself, nobody else. No one else is responsible for you. You can be in full control of your life as long as you claim it and own it. You CANNOT blame your parents, your teachers, your family, your friends, your mentors, your education system etc. If you want to change, if you want to truly surrender and move on with your life, you’re the only person who can make it happen. This has been a hard lesson I’ve had to learn, as in the past I will admit that I tried to blame others. I now take full responsibility and control of my own life. If I don’t like something, I take it upon myself to create change and or get the support I need to do so. It’s truly a very empowering process! I honestly believe that we are all capable of creating the life and career we desire, if we are willing to learn about ourselves, commit to our dreams, step into our fears, and do the work to make it happen. This isn’t easy work on our own, and sometimes we need a guide/mentor/teacher to step us in the right direction! 


If you are feeling really stuck right now whether it be physically,emotionally, mentally or spiritually, if you have that persistent feeling that something in your life is missing then PLEASE get in touch with me because I’d really LOVE to support and guide you in your life. 



  1. Take a risk or a gamble

I use to try always play it safe, but lately I’ve been taking plenty of risks and chances and it feels pretty great. Sometimes we’re afraid to take a chance as we get caught up with negative experiences from our past. You’ve got to decide right now that these past experiences cannot determine your future.  No matter how small or difficult, figure out what your next positive step will be, and take it. At the end of the day, the only thing you can ever really do is to keep stepping and moving forward. I encourage you to forget about the past – it’s over and will NEVER return. Maybe it requires you to take that leap, without looking back.


Tell me what is one practise you will draw on from this post to support you through letting go right now? Please share with me in the comments below.


Love and Light,

Corona x


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