I’m so happy to bring ‘Heart and Soul Inspiring Women’ series. I will be featuring inspiring amazing women that are changing lives but that also radiate a beautiful lightness about them. These women that I will be sharing with you are shining their lights so brightly, following their dreams, living in their truth and in my eyes are living and breathing their yoga.



I’m so happy to bring you the gorgeous Patty today. What can I say about this delightful and beautiful soul! After moving to Bronte in April, I soon realised there was a very cute yoga studio literally only doors away. One evening I decided to go along and attend Patty’s Kundalini class I’d heard so many others rave about. I instantly fell in love with her style, her lovely personality and I looked forward to my Monday evening classes with her. I’d been enjoying her classes so much that I decided to sign up for her 8 week chakra course (which was absolutely incredible by the way), I very much think this is Patty’s expertise area (let’s just say this lady knows her stuff)! I was absolutely blown away by all her knowledge and I’m so thrilled to hear that she is now making these courses accessible worldwide in the form of an e-course at a very affordable price of $44. If you’d like to learn more about your chakras, how to balance them as well as learning to strengthen your aura I suggest you jump on board now, it launches 20th November (that’s this coming Wednesday). Personally, I cannot recommend it highly enough and it has most certainly supported and assisted me in many areas of my life this year, thanks to Patty!


Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I live near the beach in Sydney and draw inspiration from most things around me, as well from the incredible people I hold the space for when beautiful transformations take place. I do this as a yoga teacher, energy healer and civil celebrant.

Q. What does a day in your life look like?

That really depends on the day, as I don’t have a ‘normal’ working week with weekends off. On some days I meet with healing or wedding clients, or I teach yoga workshops or lecture on teacher trainings, or I travel to beautiful locations to marry people. A few times, I’ve taught, healed and married people all on the same day.

My day always starts with my morning meditation ritual and a walk with my dog and ends with a chakra healing and another walk. In between, I practice yoga, cook, answer emails, plan courses, see clients and as of this year, always make it a point to leave a few hours free for something or someone magical to visit.

Q. What are some of the obstacles you have encountered on your path, and how did you push past them?

Working hard had been revered in my family and I had inherited my parents’ strong work ethic. Unfortunately, I had never really learned to rest properly. I would feel guilty if I had a day off, or I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. On paper it seemed like I was living the dream, yet privately, I wasn’t thriving. I discovered that I was good at manifesting my visions into reality, but I was not very good at managing my energy, time, boundaries, or stress levels.

I decided to stop ‘doing’ yoga and chose instead to live like a yogi. So I qualified as a yoga instructor in both the hatha vinyasa and kundalini yoga traditions. My love for holding the space was also born and so was my 2nd business as a marriage celebrant. I learned that understanding life concepts on a cerebral level was not the same as knowing them on a practical level. So I simplified my life. I stopped looking for answers outside of myself and chose instead to honor the person I did want to be.

Q. Who and what inspires you?

Aside from my closest family and friends, that would have to be my students and my clients. I’m actually a loner and quite shy so as a result of what I do for a living; I get to meet extraordinary people that I wouldn’t normally cross paths with. I’m very grateful for these interactions, as they teach and inspire me in equal increments.

I’m also very motivated by the sacred teachings of yoga and healing texts that remind me to live my life simply and passionately. It’s what helps me handle my stress, maintain my energy levels and manage my time really well.

Q. How do you get balance in your life?

My ego used to pride itself in only needing 5 minutes to get dressed before scrambling out the door. Except, I was never really ‘ready’. My morning ritual now ensures I fill myself up with what I need for the day. It also gives me an opportunity to empty and release the clutter from my mind so that I’m not carrying it with me for the rest of the day. This way, it’s easier to start my day with honesty and integrity instead of chasing my tail, feeling stressed and subsequently making bad decisions. Now I’m clearer with my personal and professional boundaries.

Q. For a woman (or anyone starting their own business), what three things are most critical for them to be mindful of?

Plan well so you feel confident and then surrender the outcome to something even greater than what you had envisioned. It will help with non-attachment.

There is no such thing as a mistake if you take the experience as an opportunity to learn, grow and transform. Then it will be your gift.

Work with people you have a soulful affinity with and be as open to the dynamics between you shifting. Your growth is dependent on your flexibility.

Q. What is your secret indulgence?

My not-so-secret indulgence was chocolate for a very long time. My dad was the forklift driver for Lifesaver’s and Nestle, so I had access to a lot of confectionery. I’ve recently quit sugar as I was a chronic migraine sufferer and my skin was starting to form acne.

My secret indulgence is retro and vintage shopping. I’m one of those people that is constantly declaring things like “They just don’t make them like they used to anymore.”


Q. What was the happiest moment in your life or career to date?

There have been quite a few. Travelling around the world non-stop for 2 years led me to places like Africa, India and Europe. I’m appreciative of the wonderful experiences I had and for the people I met along the way that helped me heal and transform my life and my perspective.


Q. What’s your favourite quote or personal mantra to live by?

“How you do one thing is how you do most things”.

It’s a great reminder about integrity. It reminds me to check in when I’m starting to feel like I’m out of balance or harmony with myself. It’s also a great reminder that all we need are a few simple tweaks to re align with our divine and transform.



Q. How do you practice self-compassion?

This year, it has been by remembering to rest, not taking things personally and being OK about asking for help.

Q. ‘Love’ means… 

Everything, in every moment. Being happy. Liberated.

Feeling free, alive, strong, inspired, energised, connected, nourished, and passionate.



Q. What’s your biggest dream?

I have many that I keep close to my heart. Some of the more public ones is to speak Spanish fluently and the other would be to finish my online chakra balance courses so that transformation can be available to people all over the world.

Q. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you?

That would really depend on how long it would take to get rescued, as I can’t really imagine a world where I have no access to wifi.. Assuming the island had all the coconuts and nutrients I need..

I’d want warm shelter, my lover and my dog with me. Oh wait.. maybe a knife as well. For the coconuts.

Q. If you could give advice to my readers who are either trying to find the courage to pursue their dreams or are at the beginning of their own journey, what would it be?

Love yourself. Accept your needs and fill yourself up with what nurtures you 1st. That way what you give to others is a natural extension of you & won’t drain you.

Know yourself. Know your boundaries. Be comfortable saying ‘no’. Sometimes we are more defined by the clients we don’t take on, than by the ones we do.

Be clear in what you say and be just as consistent with your actions. If you say you’ll be there at 9, make sure you are.

Don’t do it ‘because-you-really-need-the-money’. It will cost you more if you lose your self-respect and integrity.

Align yourself with people you respect, but don’t look up at them – look across to them. They are your equal.

Get familiar with resting. It will help you with your other assets like your boundaries, energy levels, your time management and your flexibility.

Connect with Patty:

Website: http://pattykikos.com/

Website: http://www.aperfectceremony.com.au/

Blog: http://pattykikos.com/blog/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/pattykikos

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patty.kikos.page

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pattykikos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PattyKikos

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Patty Kikos has been teaching for the past 10 years and runs popular chakra balance courses that will soon be online e-courses. She’s well known for her lighthearted approach to life and in her teachings.

Patty is a reiki master and healer that also lectures on yoga teacher training’s around Australia. Her past lives include working as a social worker and a dancer and her current life includes her business as a civil celebrant.

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Yours, in love and light.

Be kind, be courageous, be yourself.


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