I won’t lie to you; one of my greatest challenges has been my negative mind and learning to overcome it.


I always knew I had quite the negative mind growing up. Being riddled in a head full of anxiety, countless fears and constant worry was the norm for me.


However, it wasn’t until I did my Kundalini Teacher Training last year that I really learned and got to understand about the negative mind.


See in Kundalini Yoga, we are taught that we are more than just our physical body.


The truth is, that each of us is made up of ten bodies; we have our physical body, our three mental bodies (also known as the three functional minds), and our six energy bodies. The eleventh body is formed when all ten bodies are under your guidance and control.


Our negative mind is our second body. This is the part of our brain, which responds negatively to absolutely everything it meets.


The mantra of the negative mind is “I fear ________”. The purpose and ultimate role of the negative mind is to signal danger and to protect you from harm. It’s there to safeguard you! It weighs up all possible dangers and risks and will go out of its way to find possible and hidden traps to keep you from any potential loss or danger. The problem with the negative mind is that it’s hopeless in replying positively to anything; that’s the job of our positive mind.


When this mind is out of whack, you live in a fear based mind and some symptoms may include hiding inside your head instead of living from your heart and soul, seeing only the negative side of everything, and withdrawing and isolating yourself because of your fear of life. You might see yourself repeating patterns and may wonder why. As a result you miss out on the learning’s and lessons. When we’re numb by fear we remain imprisoned in the enclosure of our self-restrictions. When we’re in this space it becomes too easy to let fear take over, with the hope of staying safe.


The more you can start to know, accept and embrace your fears, the more they will no longer grip any energy over you. What you’ll start to then realise is that everything in life becomes a learning experience toward awareness.
While the second body is part of the three functional minds (positive, negative, and neutral), it has a very important relationship with the soul and the subtle body (our first body). As I’ve mentioned above when the negative body is out of balance, we become riddled with a head full of fear, worry, anxiety, and plagued in self-doubt. Yogi Bhajan said that fear and doubt were the enemy of every human. When we have a negative mind that is too strong, this can completely crush and destroy both the positive and neutral mind (the other two functional minds).


So as you can see, we need our negative mind. It plays an important role in signalling danger. However, when this mind is imbalanced we’ll be riddled in fear, constant worry, anxiety and so much self-doubt.


Reflect on this for a few moments:

Do you find yourself forever dwelling on the negative during your day? Maybe you already have a dedicated yoga and meditation practice and you are working towards becoming more self-aware, but is the word “I can’t” something that you often think or say? Perhaps at work or home, you find yourself forever complaining and moaning? Perhaps even when you’re in the company of friends or family, you find yourself gossiping or judging or criticising others, or maybe even yourself? Do you believe you have a “glass half-empty” (rather than glass half-full) viewpoint on life?


Well my lovely if you answered yes to the above questions, these are all attitudes of the negative mind. While the negative mind is not all bad and it does indeed provide us with essential boundaries and protection, it can also severely restrict and limit us. An over-active negative mind may cause us to view challenges as inaccessible and too overwhelming, which can stop us from tapping into our creative potential (our sacred kundalini energy which is our birth right).



How should you relate to your negative mind?

Step 1.

We can’t suppress or ignore our negative mind. We must listen to it, but in a balanced way with the input of our positive mind. We then make an understanding with our neutral mind (our neutral mind can be accessed in meditation). This is, without a doubt, the wisest way of making decisions. The negative mind longs to belong and be safe. When we can relate to our negative mind in a really loving, compassionate, and supporting way and view it as caring rather than cruel and mean (like perhaps you’ve done so in the past), this will assist in creating a strong, mindful, and conscious relationship with this part of yourself. So when you witness negativity, can you communicate to it in a caring and loving way?


Here are some journal prompts for you:

Was I being negative today, especially towards myself? What did this look like for me, how did it make me feel? (if you find you are really imbalanced in this mind, its a great idea to keep a notebook on you throughout the day and jot down when you find yourself slipping into this mind)


Was I able to talk kindly and lovingly to my negative mind? What did I say to myself at the time? How different did this make me feel? (remember that you are looking at creating a strong, mindful and conscious relationship with this part of yourself.)


Step 2.

So, the very first step is to pay attention to your words and thoughts. Often we are so unaware that we project negativity. Once you’ve started to become aware of your patterns of negativity (by the way, you can do this by keeping a journal), see if you can flip it into a positive. So your job here will be to observe every single “I can’t” or “I don’t like” as they pop into your head, then release them and let them go. Begin negating the negative. For every “I can’t”, flip it around and say, “I can”. For each “I don’t like”, flip it with “I like”, or replace whatever it is you don’t like with something that you love and enjoy.


Yes it’s actually that easy!


I had a recent client who had a fierce strong negative mind. I got her to try the above two exercises over the course of a few weeks and she saw huge improvements. She was 1. amazed at how often negative thoughts pop up…. and 2. but she really enjoyed such a caring and loving dialogue with herself when they did (rather than slamming herself down).


Do you have a fierce negtive mind? How does it play out for you in your life? Which of the above steps will help you the most? Share with me in the comments below.


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Love and Light,

Corona xx

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