Its time to meet your authentic self

“You owe it to yourself to be yourself” ~ Yogi Bhajan

This is a sad story and true one.

Nearly four years ago I worked in corporate banking. Everyday I got to dress up in fancy corporate wear; suits and fancy corporate dresses and not to mention the big heels. My main role was in operations, and it was a very stressful one. I had deadline after deadline to meet and I felt like I barely had a chance to breathe. There was always someone shouting at me to meet another deadline. It was exhausting! Back in those days, lunch was non-existent and was quickly eaten at my desk. No matter how much work I did and how much overtime I seemed to put in; there was never any thanks in return and it was never enough. It was expected and I had to like it and lump it (after all I had a nice salary to show for it, but was I really happy?)!

This was a job I didn’t like! A job (if I’m totally honest) I never liked. This work never felt right to me. From a really young age I longed to be a healer and often I found myself while working in the bank asking myself “how did I get here” and “how did this happen to me”.

When I look back on those years, in truth I was miserable. I was depressed. I was an anxious mess. There were many a night, I’d wake up worrying in the middle of the night about my work and it got to a point where I was dragging myself to work.

I didn’t want this. I didn’t want any of this. I didn’t want the fancy smancy suits. I didn’t want the big heels (that gave me blisters). I had no interest hobnobbing with corporate leaders. I had no interest in the corporate politics (in fact it bored the living daylights out of me). I didn’t want to wake up one morning on my deathbed regretting living a life so far from my own truth.

These are often the very feelings we experience when we’re living an inauthentic life – or acting in ways not aligned to our values. We sense that something doesn’t feel right in our life. We sense that something needs to change. We feel a disharmony, even if things on the surface appear to be perfect.

Three words.

I felt inauthentic.

So what does it mean to live an authentic life?

It means giving yourself permission (without any apology) to be yourself. It means living and breathing your truth. It’s about being raw, genuine, real and vulnerable. It’s about letting go of who we believe we need to be for others. This is an inner journey. It’s an inner journey home to your soul. It means showing up for yourself daily and ensuring that every decision, action and word is aligned with who you are.

When we start living authentically, we start living with purpose and meaning. Life brings us miracles, magic and synchronicities.

It takes real courage to walk this path of authenticity as many of us will just put up with our lives (I know I did for 10+ years). Many of us are petrified to connect with our true selves. So instead we plod along, seeking outside of ourselves for pleasure and happiness. We look to others to provide us with love. We look to others to make us happy. We get caught up in the game of life, endlessly seeking approval from others. We simply put up with what feels comfortable. Its sad to say but we forget who we were born to be (and I say this with so much love, because I too was there not so long ago).

To live an authentic life means we have to be willing to let all of this go. We have to be courageous enough and willing to let go of this old way of doing and being. We have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

To live an authentic life means an unlearning of everything you’ve been taught from your family, peers, friends, colleagues, and environment. This is about relearning your truth. It’s about discovering who you truly are beneath the flesh of your physical body.


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Love and Light,

Corona Xx


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