Have you been so struck by your ego mind of late, that it’s literally debilitated you?


Our ego mind seeks out to obstruct our good. I know mine use to have a shocking habit of doing this!


For example:

Things can be going so well for you in your life. Everything seems to be flowing nicely. Abundance comes naturally and easily.


And then bang out of nowhere your self-destructive ego mind plunges in. It starts slamming you down and starts destructing anything good in your life.


I only know this too well, because this is a space I use to reside in too often. Fortunately I’ve got the tools now, to not allow it to take too much control over me. This wasn’t always the case though!


Does this resonate?


You feel stuck. Encumbered. Overloaded. Weighed down. Your thoughts become heavy, dark and negative ones and you’re challenged to find any positivity. In fact your mind will find all possible ‘no’s’ before any ‘yes’.



So here’s what’s worked for me:


Count your blessings

I love what Marianne Williamson shares on this concept of gratitude. She says that many of us are grateful for many things but in a shallow way. And shallow thoughts have only shallow power. How’s that for a truth?


Hone in on what you’re grateful for in your life. But really feel the feeling of gratitude vibrate in every cell. It’s a very different practice to just saying and writing. Really feel the gratitude. Stop and be present in it. I like to actually close my eyes when I practice gratitude and feel the sensations of gratitude in my entire being.


What I’ve learned is that the more we focus on lack we attract lack. Whereas, when we focus on abundance we attract just that!


Clearing out

I’ve been clearing out a lot lately. Selling furniture I don’t need. Clearing clothes and shoes I haven’t worn in the last 3 months. Clearing out books I haven’t read and just sit on my bookshelf. I sent 3 big bags recently to Gertrude and Alice as well as Vinnie’s. My husband and I feel a move is on the horizon for us (we’ve got our hearts set on the Northern Beaches) and I’ve been instructed to get ready for it. It may happen in a few short weeks or a number of months, we’re remaining open to whatever the universe has in store for us.


I also understand the more I can shed, release and let go of what’s no longer required in my life, the more space I create for new beginnings. So if you’re feeling stuck, try it. It’s liberating and you’ll feel incredibly lighter and freer.


Give yourself permission to want what you desire

This can be a tough one! On some level I think many of us are challenged with this because we feel we don’t deserve whatever it is we seek to desire.


Try this affirmation I use when I’m a little stuck here:


“I give myself permission to have what I desire. Abundance comes to me naturally as I give my gifts to the universe. I allow the flow of the universe energy to move through me and use me in a way that serves a greater good.”


Now it’s over to you lovely. Have you been paralysed and consumed by negative thoughts lately? Which suggestion are you going to try this week? Share with me below in the comments.


Sat Nam,


Corona Xx


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