How To Use A God Box To Let Go Of All Your Worries


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I wanted to share something with you today, in hope that it can help you as much as its being helping me. Something I’ve been using in my life of late, that’s bringing me a lot of inner peace is a “God Box”.



A couple of weeks ago I created a God Box for the very first time.



Many of us are going through much change right now (including myself) and with change brings worry and anxiety. When change occurs in life, it may feel unsettling for us and we may feel worried about the way things are moving for us. Maybe things aren’t happening quick enough or maybe it’s quite the opposite as in thing’s are happening and unfolding too quickly.



The universal energies at the moment are very cleansing and clearing (we just had a super weekend of New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Autumn/Spring Equinox). So as a result things that are no longer serving us may go away, but remember this is part of life and its ok. It’s pretty marvellous actually because we’re not holding onto stuff that’s no longer serving us. So what may happen is, people may leave our life or situations simply don’t work out.



I know change is so hard and it can be super challenging to let go. If I’m honest, I’ve procrastinated a lot of things for a long time because it can be pretty scary.



But just remember that you are safe, supported and protected and at all times you can hand it over to the divine to take care of it. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing these past few weeks!



What is a God Box?

Its basically a really helpful and useful way to help you let go and release your worries, fears and anxieties. If “god” isn’t resonating for you, you can also call this a higher self, angels or divine box. What ever works for you.


It doesn’t even have to be a box, it can be a jar, a container etc. You can make it special by decorating it.


This is a way for you to write all your worries, concerns and anxieties onto paper and give them to a higher power. It helps you to release them from the mind and let go, giving you the energy and space to be present. What I’ve personally found is; that when I get them onto paper and pop them into the box, solutions start happening for me. The solution may appear in a phone call, an email, a song, an article etc. Miracles appear!


You don’t have to be religious to use a God Box (as often the word ‘god’ comes with religion attached). It’s as simple as writing your worries and thoughts onto paper to your Higher Power whoever that might be for you: Your Higher Self, God, Spirit, The Universe, The Divine, Angels, whatever works for you.


How to Create and Use a God Box?

  1. Grab a glass jam jar or purchase a box made from wood or paper and make a little lid for it.
  2. You can get creative and decorate the container/box as you like.
  3. Place your god box on your alter in your sacred space or by your bed side table.
  4. Take a small piece of paper from your journal and simply start writing down your worries, concerns, prayers that you are looking for guidance on.
  5. Blow energy of gratitude onto the piece of paper and then fold it and place in your god box.
  6. Now all you’ve got to do is simply LET GO and wait for miracles to happen. Everything is being taken care of, all you have to do is LET GO and TRUST.
  7. When your god box is full. You don’t need to go back and look at what’s been said. Get rid of the contents (by the purification elements fire or water) and start again.


Tell me have you used a god box before? If you don’t have one, what action steps are you ready to now take this week to help you let go?


Love and Light,

Corona x


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