I am deeply honoured and humbled to support women every day who arrive through the doors of the Energy For Life Academy in a very unhappy state.


I wanted to share a story of one woman’s recent transformation with you today.


This woman was in a terrible place before coming on board Energy For Life Academy, she was in a very unhappy place for a very long time and felt like there was no way out. She was dealing with empty nest syndrome, she had many setbacks in her career, her relationships were falling apart and she was becoming deeply disconnected from her environment.


By the way all of which is very normal when we are in a space of inner turmoil. The normal human behaviour to the above is to start “fixing” from the outside – change job, change relationship, move home, buy “stuff”, use alcohol etc.


This woman is a nurse and saw people every day getting diagnosed with cancer and serious disease so she was very aware of how your holistic wellbeing and health can be negatively impacted by living a very unhappy life.


After just one short week inside Energy For Life Academy, she was starting to feel more positive about herself and her surroundings and she felt her life was slowly getting back on track again!


If you can relate to the above and are suffering the same way this woman was please please know there is a way out, but the reality is you’re not going to be able to do it by yourself because if you could you would have by now. You might get there eventually one day, but it could be a very long and painful road on your own.


You also have to get very honest and real with yourself today and ask yourself ‘do I really have this time to waste?’.


Please read her words here today (and by the way you can read many many more words like these here), let these words show you what’s truly possible:


“My 8 weeks Energy for Life Academy journey with Corona was amazing and a transformation to a new better genuine ME! Before signing up for the program I was in a very unhappy state of mind for quite a while – not being in touch with my own self, juggling million of things at once and not looking after myself over a long period of time! I had recently and unexpectedly setbacks in my career, I was experiencing empty nest syndrome, the quality of my personal and professional relationships was more and more suffering and I was increasingly becoming disconnected from my environment. My whole little world was falling apart. I was in a very negative mindset, being constantly caught up in negative thoughts and emotions, dwelling on the past and living in an unpredictable future. My enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for life was diminishing more and more on a daily basis! Due to my profession, I am aware how your holistic wellbeing and health can be negatively impacted by living a very unhappy life- on a daily base I see people being diagnosed with serious chronic disease and cancer!….. AND then came the Energy For Life Academy into my life…….

Only after one week into the EFLA, I was starting to feel more positive about myself and my surroundings and I felt my life was slowly getting back on track again! The implementation of a daily morning ritual has become a very important part of my life…….breathing exercises, visualisation, gratitude, journaling, meditation, and Kundalini yoga have been essential in finding my true me again! Within a couple of weeks, my energy levels and vitality have increased, I am happier- excited and curious about my life. I have learned to love myself and to live in the presents.

I am very grateful for Corona’s wisdom, guidance, empathy and support which has helped me through this amazing positive transition. During the transition you are never alone – Corona is always reaching out to you and is reachable any time of the day. I have been able to use her advice and tools to transform the way I think and feel about things – liberating! I would definitely recommend Energy For Life Academy if you want to live the best life you possibly can. Corona has changed the way I think about my life! Thank you, Corona.”


If you are ready for real RESULTS like these in your life. I urge you to be brave today and book a complimentary chat with me and let’s see if you’re a good fit for Energy For Life Academy.

It’s never too late to change your life!


Corona x


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