Are you ready for a journey unlike anything you’ve done before?


With bright eyes, an open mind, and a full heart, are you ready to go straight to the real stuff, the deep inner soulful work?


What about crafting the soul-stirring life of your dreams, from the inside out?




The truth is, lasting change can only happen when you start from the soul up. Every lofty dream and sky-high vision you have, has to start with the heart.



So that’s what we’ll be doing in my Creating A Soulful Life Program – my 12 week Soul Transformation Program for Diving Deep, Shining Bright + Living A Life You Love!:We’ll be peeling back all the layers, connecting with your core, and creating the soulful life that you’ve been craving.



When Life Isn’t Working For You….


When life wasn’t work for me as in when I was in a job and career that was making me miserable and sick to the point of adrenal exhaustion and burn out, I was exercising to the extreme and basically doing all the wrong things for my body. I decided to stop looking outside of myself. I decided it was finally time to journey within. I started to connect with my heart and my intuition. I looked at what was really going on within the workings of my mind – my beliefs, my fears, my worries, my anxieties, and my values and why I kept facing obstacle after obstacle.


What I noticed was, that the more I committed to working on my inner world and healing the relationship with myself, my external world started to reflect this beautiful inner space. I started to change in a very positive way. I started practicing and teaching yoga, I committed to a regular daily meditation and spiritual practice, I started to learn about visualisation and manifestations and I started really making my dreams come true. I started creating and living my very own soulful life. What I’ve come to realise on this journey is that going soul-deep is the key to creating lasting change. It’s the secret to living a life that actually feels good.


Here’s the straight-up truth I’ve learned from working with and coaching over 200 incredible women: To create change, you’ve gotta go deep. Soul-deep.



If you don’t get deep into the heart of why you’re stuck, why you’re feeling trapped, why everything is such a struggle, you can never create real, lasting change.



The Soul Transformation Video Series


So many of us want to change, but we have absolutely no idea where to start. Some of us are so petrified that once we start this inner work that we’ll lose what we have; attachments, friends, relationships etc.


We have to become the master of our minds. We have to stop running from those dark and ugly emotions such as anger, shame, resentment, fear, anxiety. We have to learn to face up to our emotions. We have to own our emotions. Only when can we do this can we truly bring about positive change!


As an Intuitive Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer I’ve spent so many years buried in discovering my essence, my true nature through various trainings, programs and courses as well as devouring so many personal development and spirituality books.  I’m a forever student!


I created Creating A Soulful Life because I wanted to share with others what had worked for me in my own soul transformation and life.


I decided to create something for you which is part of the relaunch of my Creating A Soulful Life Program. I wanted to give you glimpse of what’s in store in my 12 week program if you are so ready to commit to you and create a life you love.


I’ve poured so much love, heart and soul into these training videos. They are pretty powerful concepts that I share with you.

Access The Free Soul Transformation Series Here


These are a three part training video series. You’ll receive one today, the second one in 2 day’s time and the last video 2 days after that!


This is just scraping the surface of what we get involved in with my Creating A Soulful Life Program. If you really love what you see in these training videos please keep a close eye on your inbox from me. I’m opening doors again for Round 2 Thursday 21st Aug, but doors will only be OPEN for 10 short days so you’ll need to be quick if you are keen to join our CASL family of soul sisters!


This program was specifically designed to support and guide you week by week through so many beautiful areas of deep inner soulful work. You’ll receive a weekly pdf downloadable content, pdf downloadable worksheet, affirmation sheet to support you for that week of inner work, yoga video specifically crafted to support each week, meditation to support each week, fortnightly live calls, a wonderful supportive and loving Facebook group and lots of other bonuses added in here and there. All of these will assist you in creating a powerful inner soul transformation.


Everything I share with you, I have been through. I’ve travelled that road and I know what it takes to get you there. I have the roadmap for you and I’m here to support you every step of the way.


This program is for you if you are willing and ready to be who you really are. To live a deeply connected, fulfilling life. To shine so-damn-brightly, like you always knew you could.

It’s time to get real with yourself. It’s time to face up to your negative and fear-based way of thinking.


Remember in every moment, you have two choices – fear or love. Why not decide to choose love, to connect to your heart and soul and that loving inner guidance that’s always there for you to access (if you can only allow yourself to be still and quiet to hear her).


I’ve honestly poured so much LOVE, HEART + SOUL into these videos so my hope is that you’ll walk away with even one takeaway from this video today!


Today I discuss AUTHENTICITY. I share from the heart about this hot topic and I speak openly how it’s been one hard lesson I’ve had to learn this year.

I’d love if you could share and spread the love. If you feel anybody would get benefit from this honest topic today please do share this video with them. These videos will only be available for a limited time. Please leave me your comments on the video pages. I read every single comment and would love to hear from you.


So are you ready to get started with video 1?


Click Here To Access The Free 3 Part Training Series.


So much love, light and gratitude,

Corona x

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