I’m so excited to announce that……

Enrolments for the Round 2 of my Creating A Soulful Life Program have officially OPENED!





Can I ask you 2 questions?


1. Are you at a point in your life where you need to make change but you’re seriously struggling to do it alone?


2. Are you looking to transform one or many areas of your life? 


Coming from my own experience I feel there comes a point in our life when we long for someone to guide us, someone that’s already walked that path and who walks their talk. Someone who gets us and understands our pain, struggles, fears and darkness.

If you feel that you are so ready to take some action, to finally commit to you & are seriously and wholeheartedly ready to journey inwards and discover your soul then I would love to be your teacher, mentor, guide and cheerleader.

This program is life-changing without a doubt!



Click here to check it out now ->

A LITTLE HEADS UP: I’m giving away a FREE wonderful bonus to the first five people who sign up. If you happen to be one of those lucky five, you’ll receive a 45min one-on-one Virtual Soulful Coaching Session with me over Skype! 

Let me fill you in on the course quickly:



Here’s the thing I’ve learned: to create real change, you’ve gotta dive deep. Soul-deep.


You have to delve into the very essence of who you are. You’ve got to connect with all the different parts of your being. You’ve got to learn how to tune in to the wisdom that resides in every fibre of your body and every beat of your heart.

That’s the secret to real change. After working with more than 200 amazing women to help them reach their life goals and create fulfilling lives, nothing has proven so true, so effective and so transformational – diving deep is the answer.

That’s why I’m so excited about my program….

Creating a Soulful Life


A 12 week program to dive deep, shine bright & live a life you love

This online program breaks it down for you. It gives you the actual tools and love-laden strategies to dive deep within so that you can create the soulful life you crave. It shows you how to do the real, meaningful inner-work to get real, meaningful results.

You’ll learn…

+ The truth about creating change that sticks (without this groundwork, every diet, resolution and good intention is destined to fail).


+ The soul-deep strategy for releasing things that don’t serve you – excess weight, bad relationships, emotional baggage.


+ How to make peace with the voice in your head (and why nothing you’ve tried before has worked)


+ The seriously effective tools to unlock your fears, release your blocks and stop playing small.


And that’s just for starters!


Kicking off on Sept 15th 2014, we’re going to go on a journey inwards. Come join us.

So please jump on over to the website. Check out my short video. Read the incredible testimonials from my Round 1 ladies. Familiarise yourself with the content. If this feels RIGHT for you please jump on board because I would be so honoured to support you in creating a life you love, your very own soulful life.


Check out what some of my lovely ladies from Round 1 have to say about their transformational experiences:


“What makes this program different to anything I have ever read or other online course I have subscribed to is that you have this amazing connection with the participants that I have never felt with any other program before. It’s the feeling that you really do care and it comes across in the content, the audio’s, the videos, the Facebook page, and the Q&A sessions. It’s your energy and your belief in this program which makes it so empowering as it makes me keep on trying even when I feel like I am stuck and going nowhere.”

– Angela Osbourne



“Just a note to say that CASL has become a valuable compass in my life. Such a joyful experience as I watched subtle changes happen week by week. Now upon reflection many profound changes have happened!”

– Cathy McNulty


“I highly recommend this program to everyone because it is like a school for the soul. A classroom that illuminates on all those soulful topics that are so important to live a life with grace and ease. It brings you back to the heart center, to align with the soul and shine from that luminous place.”

– Valeria Casalderrey



“Can’t recommend enough. I would highly recommend – in fact if should be mandatory for everyone to do!”

– Gillian O’Connell


Enrolments opened Thursday 21st August and will be open until Monday 14th Sept, 11:59pm (AEST). 

Please head on over. Check over the enrolments page. Familiarise yourself with the program. Read the feedback from my amazing round 1 ladies. Check out the FAQ section.


Everything I share with you, I have been through. I’ve travelled that road and I know what it takes to get you there. I have the roadmap for you and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

We’ve got a wonderful family of soul sisters waiting to connect with you. I’d be so honoured and thrilled to have you as part of it too.Our tribe of soul-sisters is shaping up to be the most supportive, nurturing community around. Come join the journey!

vibrant, fulfilling, soulful life is truly possible, and absolutely within your reach.

All you have to do is leap.

Sending giant waves of love,

Corona x

PS – Please don’t forget that the first FIVE people to jump on board will receive the free Virtual Soulful Coaching Session with me!

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