Karina Ladet


“I have watched Corona grow and step into more of her beautiful self over the past years. She shares so much of her own struggles and past and I love how vulnerable and real she has the courage to be. What I love the most about Corona is how down to earth and deeply connected she is to Source. She is a guiding light for so many and walks her own path with purpose and passion so she can inspire others to do this for themselves. Corona is such a wonderful inspiration and her loving presence is greatly needed in this world.”

~ Karina Ladet | Intuitive Reader, Coach, Teacher, Writer and Free Spirit


I’m so happy you’re here. I’m a life coach, mentor, mind detox therapist and kundalini yoga teacher.

I blend together various therapies to provide you with a unique and highly transformative experience. I guide you to removing the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living the truest version of yourself.

It’s your birthright to awaken to your truth, honour and value your worth and live a life of passion, purpose, joy and peace.

Learn more this way.

Kind Words

This space has been energetically cleared as well as infused with white light. Its my intention that all that arrive here feel a healing, slow down, align to their truth, drop inwards and reconnect to the deepest part of their soul. I hope that this becomes a regular space for you to connect, heal and share.

Meet Corona

I’m a Transformative Life Coach, Mentor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I work with busy over-achieving women like you, who are feeling tired and burned out, teaching and empowering you to a new of living.

I believe that it’s every womans birthright to awaken to her truth, honour and value her worth and live a life of passion, purpose, joy and peace.

And ultimately become that magnetic, radiant woman that lives her truth.



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