Some extraordinary client results.

Our greatest joy is watching our clients succeed, here’s what they’re saying about us.


My 8 weeks Energy for Life Academy journey with Corona was amazing and a transformation to a new better genuine ME! Before signing up for the program I was in a very unhappy state of mind for quite a while – not being in touch with my own self, juggling million of things at once and not looking after myself over a long period of time! I had recently and unexpectedly setbacks in my career, I was experiencing empty nest syndrome, the quality of my personal and professional relationships was more and more suffering and I was increasingly becoming disconnected from my environment. My whole little world was falling apart. I was in a very negative mindset, being constantly caught up in negative thoughts and emotions, dwelling on the past and living in an unpredictable future. My enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for life was diminishing more and more on a daily basis! Due to my profession, I am aware how your holistic wellbeing and health can be negatively impacted by living a very unhappy life – on a daily base I see people being diagnosed with serious chronic disease and cancer!….. AND then came the Energy For Life Academy into my life…….

Only after one week into the EFLA, I was starting to feel more positive about myself and my surroundings and I felt my life was slowly getting back on track again! The implementation of a daily morning ritual has become a very important part of my life…….breathing exercises, visualization, gratitude, journaling, meditation, and Kundalini yoga have been essential in finding my true me again! Within a couple of weeks, my energy levels and vitality have increased, I am happier- excited and curious about my life. I have learned to love myself and to live in the presents.

I am very grateful for Corona’s wisdom, guidance, empathy and support which has helped me through this amazing positive transition. During the transition you are never alone – Corona is always reaching out to you and is reachable any time of the day. I have been able to use her advice and tools to transform the way I think and feel about things – liberating! I would definitely recommend Energy For Life Academy if you want to live the best life you possibly can. Corona has changed the way I think about my life! Thank you, Corona

~ MF, WA, Australia


Before joining Energy For Life Academy, I didn’t understand why my mental state wasn’t getting better and deep down I knew I needed guidance to understand what was happening to me.

I was living a life full of negativity; negative beliefs, stories, and patterns which I had been carrying around with me for a long time.

The impact it had was, that I made decisions that were not based on my true self, this led to adrenal fatigue, internal emotional stress and a mind full of negative thoughts. I had absolutely no control over my life or my mindset.

Energy For Life Academy provided a trusting support network for me to feel safe and secure. The modules provided me with what I needed to understand what had been happening to me on a daily basis. Each step unlocked valuable insights to help me grow and create more positivity to get through the days.

My results have been HUGE, I learned about giving compassion towards myself, clearing emotions that have been tucked away for years, trusting myself and what my heart is saying, making boundaries and having a weekly structure.

All of the above were missing from my life and I knew something had to change otherwise I would not live a meaningful, happy life. Learning about my deep desires was a huge result for me, as now I have a path to take in life that is truly aligned with me.

I found Roslyn’s Mind-Set 1:1 Sessions extremely powerful as they helped me with letting go of key wounds that were predominantly stopping me from moving forward.

Corona is so understanding and empathetic towards your transition, and believe me, you need someone like Corona on those days where you are having a moment. Corona was able to resonate with all my emails and phone calls and always had a solution for me. Thank you Corona, I am now able to stay true to me.

There is no better time than now to start your journey with Energy For Life Academy. Believe in yourself and have faith that you will get results to help you progress to the next area of your life. You have one life, don’t be caught up in the influences around you as they are their own wounds, not yours.

~ Crystal Lane, Melbourne



Before I joined the Energy For Life Academy I was feeling low in energy, vitality, will and determination. I felt very low and there seemed to be a depression of energy in my body. I felt my life was not going in the direction it should be. I was unhappy in and with my marriage and unhappy with relationships. I felt like I was resisting and separating from people and things and becoming less and less social. I was rigid and controlling and lacked the ability to have fun or enjoy life. I felt anxious and overwhelmed at times and would eat for emotional comfort. I lacked confidence in myself. My thoughts, patterns and my behaviours where limiting the way I lived my life and how I showed up for myself.

The Energy For Life Program has been an amazing journey. I saw improvements in the first week with the implementation of the first lot of breath work and Kundalini Yoga. The breath work totally took my breath away with the amount of energy and vitality I acquired through it and the yoga seemed to open up my body and mind. For years I felt like my breath was not efficient and easily fatigued. It has been a long time without feeling that stamina, vitality and energy. I am so very appreciative of all the new and varied tools I have been given and the outcomes I have experienced. My new favourite words from this program are “I wonder” and wow these are powerful words that allow for opportunity and expansion.

I really have seen my life bloom in so many subtle and profound ways. My marriage is taking a turn for the better, my vitality and stamina has increased, I am noticing in health improvements, my thoughts are more positive, proactive and creative, I feel happier, I feel that I am not separating from others or things, I am using my voice more, I am loving myself and being more gentle and kind towards myself and I am stepping into opportunities, I respect myself, I now value myself, love myself and have experienced the value of values and boundaries that I have never had before.

I would have to say some of the wisdom and big insights would be that I am totally responsible for my life my life is the outcome of my thoughts and actions. That I have the power and ability to create my own success and my life is a bi-product of my current relationship with myself and life. And that through breakdowns big or small comes opportunities for success. Growth and expansion is the only road for me know.

I am very grateful for all the support, the extensive knowledge and wisdom that both Corona and Roslyn provide. The weekly support groups are great it’s wonderful to share with and learn from other women. A great and wonderful opportunity to empower yourself and those around you. Thank you so much.”

~ Amanda Pole, Blue Mountains



Before joining EFLA, I was coasting, achieving in some aspects of life and coming up against massive roadblock in other aspects, on the outside my life looked good and I was constantly told by others how envious they were of me. But to me I was a total failure, my personal relationships were hard and controlling, my overall outlook on life was that I was not worthy and I will never achieve. My boundaries were non-existent and even at this age, I was constantly fighting with my mother, just like a teenager, and our relationship was very very bitter. How sad was this?

Through the support of a tribe of wonderful women, sharing and through the works of the program, I had learnt a lot. Self-respect, boundaries, how to love me.

From the first week, I had noticed subtle changes. I had learnt to recognise the little wins. I stopped arguing with my Mother.  I had learnt to focus on the good that the universe was providing me. I had learnt to set up my boundaries and I had learnt to forgive myself and others.

For the first time in ages, I enjoyed waking up and wondering what the day would bring. And I continue to do so.

All the lessons in this course are hard, they are designed to give you the most effective way to become the better you. There were some modules I flew past and they were others I had internal struggles before even attempting them. The support was always available. And my questions and struggles were always answered.

I feel like intuitively I knew all this, but I never had the resources to put it in place, no amounts of self help books and news articles will enlighten you unless you are ready to face some aspects of you. I have faced me, and I actually like me, I am a pretty awesome person and I am happy to have had this experience.

My biggest wins in this all was the fact that I had changed, this lead to so many wonderful things happening for me. And they continue to snowball.

I have such wonderful ideas that have started to form into reality and I am excited about it all, My work life took a great turn for the better, my creativity has been unleashed. I have ended all those cling on relationships with men that no longer serve me and I am open to new exciting possibilities.

All this in 8 weeks.

Would I recommend the Energy For Life Academy? Yes.

Its an investment in you, and investment in helping you reach that wonderful person and life that is there just waiting.

Thanks you Corona, and thank you Roslyn.

~ Sam, Sydney



Before joining the Energy For Life program, I was thinking about leaving my husband. I was frustrated that he couldn’t seem to step in to the man I wanted him to be – I felt I deserved more! I had put my families needs so far in front of my needs that I felt invisible. And because I felt invisible, I felt that I was not achieving what I wanted out of life. I felt negative and cranky – without a sense of humour. I LOST ME!

Corona supported me in setting aside time to prioritise my own needs, to love myself and be in state of gratitude and set intentions each and every day. By creating morning rituals that instilled envisioning my future, by taking time to resolve issues that are in my head with tried and tested tools, I was able to switch in to a happier, lighter, and larger version of myself. I felt like me again! Just by taking the time to look after myself, and work on understanding and breaking the negative patterns in my life, I learned to behave differently with my husband – and do you know what happened?

I was grateful for what I had, and he returned my love with support, understanding and even more love than I had known before. I can’t thank Corona and the team enough – I am in such a state of peace, and my life has become fun – filled with love. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or even just stuck in a loop – get onto this program, the tools I have learned have changed me forever. Thank you Corona.

~ Kellie, Melbourne


Before I found Corona I was struggling to get out of bad, lacked enthusiasm and my creativity was out the window. I was struggling with my place in the world and I had realised I’d been giving away my energy to others for many years. I was feeling completely drained and trapped in an endless and exhausting cycle.

I had tried many other therapies that still left me with no answer. I started Corona’s Energy for Life Academy last year and committed daily for 8 weeks to all of her teachings. The results within 2 weeks were just amazing – I felt an activation of energy within I had not experienced before, things became clearer and I became a lot more focussed.

New and exciting opportunities even started coming into my life. I also learned beautiful rituals to truly take care of myself which made me feel special, but also led me to honour myself more – very empowering. I am forever grateful for the time Corona spent with me both one-on-one and within the group. Her compassion and love in our communication throughout the course shone through immensely and her genuine care and concern always embraced me. She is a wonderful inspiration with a wonderful depth of insight and wisdom. I would recommend anyone wanting to develop new lifelong practices to increase their energy and live a fuller life to connect with Corona. Thank you Corona for being you. Love and Light.

~ Cherie, Adelaide


quoteAfter completing the Energy For Life Academy course, I have prospered, so much mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically. I was a shell of my former self and feeling so, flat consumed & exhausted. I couldn’t move forward and was in a never ending negative cycle, of circumstances, which I had no control over me…

Or so I thought….

After months and months of counselling to deal with the trauma, I did learn, some great tools. However it was a quick fix which never changed and made me shift those consuming thoughts, I was at rock bottom. I was desperate to escape from my emotions but never knew how…

Along comes a ray of sunshine, Corona…

Corona, invited me to join her energy for life academy, course she gave me belief, I could have my old self back. She showed me the tools & modules to practice everyday. She supported and checked in, with me when I felt the familiarity of old patterns seeping & returning. She gave me so much encouragement to keep persevering, I struggled at first, because I was challenged to change my mindset, change my routine.

Then the shift came…it came and overwhelmed me, I was crying and smiling at the same time… I felt joy return to me. I was starting to feel and see me, the woman I knew years ago.

So I ask you…is joining Corona’s Energy For Life Academy Course worth it ?…

I won my freedom, I could see the joy return tenfold! Life every morning became beautiful and joyful!

EFLA is, without a doubt the best decision I ever made. I guarantee enrolling in EFLA will be the best decision you ever make too. If you want freedom back in your life you have to ask yourself the question.
What is your freedom worth to you…

~ NJ, Sydney


quoteI have learnt so much with the 8 week program, and have rekindled my self worth, my identity, and the importance of investing time in myself, as a critical priority. Over time, I had lost sight of all of this, and neglected myself. The program has provided me with a framework and the tools to redress much of where I have been going wrong, and allowed me to establish new rituals and healthier habits for which I am accountable. I now approach issues with greater curiosity, and a keenness to understand other people’s perspectives.

I have found great value in the Q and A sessions, learning from the other women and exploring issues as they arose week to week – and for this I am very grateful. To be allowed to share each other’s personal experiences, and observe the ups and downs, the journey we have all had , and the emotions we have experienced along the way – has been incredibly humbling.

I am excited by what lay ahead as I continue to maximise my potential – and sincerely thank you and the ladies, for what has been an amazing experience.

Thank you for your gentle, but firmly challenging approach – you have proven yourself yo be a very good coach – and I have appreciated the manner in which you call things for what they are (no nonsense). You were also able to share your lived experience, to which many of us could relate, and share common vulnerabilities.

~ Karen, Sydney


Stumbling across Corona’s Energy for Life program couldn’t have come at a better time. Struggling with depleted energy levels, marital separation and the juggle of family/work life left me feeling completely alone.

Corona’s nurturing, wise and supportive guidance reignited the drive and motivation I desperately needed. Identifying early in the program old beliefs, past triggers and poor self-care practice I could start to move towards greater emotional freedom, abundant energy and be the woman I knew I wanted to be.

This program is truly a sacred and special journey, there is no looking back for me now I have permission to reach for the stars.

~ Sarah, Canberra



When I joined the program I was lost and stuck. My mind raced a million miles an hour and I started second guessing myself on everything. My health was suffering, I wasn’t sleeping well, I felt nauseous every morning and I really didn’t want to get out of bed anymore. Fear had set in around so many parts of my life and I needed an energy shift.

I needed to inject ‘life’ back into my life. I felt I was void of all feeling, motivation and desire. I held everything together on the outside, but I was a mess inside. I was sick of living a lie. So I made a decision – I wanted to FEEL, and I wanted to LIVE.

The program brought up a lot of old baggage, emotions and limiting beliefs, and there were definitely some breakdowns, but I kept going and moved through with Corona’s guidance.

The teachings throughout the program have re-centred me, I have quietened my mind, and I no longer feel nauseous in the morning. I now take better care of myself through a number of self-care practices, I have broken old habits and instilled new ones into my every day. My life now is about pause, gratitude and action. I feel like I am back on track now.

Corona was someone who understood and supported, and believed in me no matter what. She was nurturing and patient, but challenged me and held me accountable. The tools that I have taken away from the program are invaluable and will continue to help and guide me. No more excuses.

~ CS, Sydney

quoteWhen I started with Energy for life I was in chronic fatigue. AGAIN!! This pattern has been with me for 35 years and even though I am a health practitioner the pattern remained particularly if there was big stress in my life. The problem wasn’t the stress it was how I reacted to stress in my life . Having come from a childhood dogged with neglect and abuse – all I have ever known was just how to survive and push myself to the “nth degree” to feel(just) ok about who I was. And everybody else came way before me. I believed my personal value and self esteem lay in helping others. I didn’t have any clear personal boundaries and had no real idea how to nurture myself properly(even though I would tell everybody else how to) So I went from crisis to crisis…burning myself out in the process.

My life is SO So different now it took only 3 days when I joined Energy For Life Academy to shift the chronic fatigue ..Mostly it takes 3 months!. I am aware and fully able to fill my own needs. I have very clear personal boundaries and and am able to clearly see what is my stuff and what is Others’ stuff and I don’t rescue. I can hold space for other people without feeling responsible for their pain.. I LOVE to nurture myself and do so as a priority knowing that all else follows and flows for me when I do. I listen to and trust my heart and intuition implicitly. My energy Is great.

I still have things from my past arise but I deal with then as they come up an am able to move through them with compassion for myself instead of resistance and resentment. I have grown SO much! I trust myself and Love who I am and feel unstoppable!

~ Kiki, Ngunnawal, Australia



I have had a long road to this place. My family of origin was dysfunctional with alcoholism, abuse, disability and control, not a lot of love. Perfectionism and high expectations and criticism. It was difficult to be myself or express or grow. I developed bad habits and coping mechanisms. I was different at school and we moved around a lot. I married young and slowly my husband became a parent to me and I became a rebellious child. I drank too much to dull pain and to try to be myself and I took on many projects and diversions. I had anxiety and depression for many years. We have two amazing young adult children. Eventually we separated and I had a very difficult period where I was away from my family feeling guilt, shame, remorse, self loathe and wondering if I will ever find my place on the world. With the help of amazing friends and the Energy For Life Academy program I am on the right path now, a better path. A peaceful path.

My life before this program was a whirl wind of diversions, tears, dates, poor choices, drinking and over eating. Self sabotage. Lots and lots of tears and meltdowns. I was feeling anxious, depressed, miserable. I saw Corona’s ad on Facebook at the right time, with school holidays approaching and signed up. But I was stuck and wasted a lot of time in the holidays, practising old habits, staying up late, avoiding painful tasks and avoiding me. With Corona’s help and the support of the group I became unstuck and got into the program. My energy was low, I run on adrenaline normally, I have since learned to create more energy and slow down and breathe.

Inside the academy felt safe, the Facebook support group was great, the weekly phone calls were so important. The help button to ask questions was amazing. The one on ones with Corona, the first one to sign up and a later one to detox some thoughts were incredible. The weekly units of work were methodical and thematically and made sense, there were videos to watch and stuff to listen to and activities to complete questions to answer. Yoga to try , breathing, journalling, detox, heaps of thought changing processes and many other strategies to try. Hearing the other ladies on the calls would give you more ideas on what works for different people.

There were steps forward and sometimes steps back as something was digested and worked through. Facing ME was hard. But it worked. When people ask me what’s in the program, I say there are many things I have seen before ( after many years of self help, courses and counselling) and many things I haven’t, but it‘s the way it’s all packaged up that works. Someone close to me once yelled at me “ You are always looking for answers! ” to which I replied “ Yes and I always will be!” I think we all are . Peace, meaning of life, harmonious relationships, authenticity, good communication. win/ win scenarios. I found all of this and more in the program.

I have shifted so much.. fear.. guilt, remorse, some anxiety, depression, worry, self judging… clinging to the past and things I cannot change and moving into the present and not worrying about the future, at the same time making plans and goals. I have stopped fighting and learned to be calm and peaceful. I have more energy and am enjoying life so much more! I still have setbacks, relapses at times and meltdowns, but they are fewer and I handle them so much better and I know if I keep up my practice, there will be less and less and more happiness. I am making better choices and being more authentic and true to myself and my values. I feel so proud of what I have achieved. And so grateful to Corona and the ladies for support!

~ Sharon Chemello, Queensland



When I started working with Corona, I was stressed and emotionally battered. I was in a panic about my job and future career, my parents were on the other side of the world and needing to go into a care home and I was deeply stressed about money and losing my job. Even through I “knew” what to do, I wasn’t finding any time to look after myself so every day was a struggle to have enough energy to deal with my day and my future didn’t look very exciting at all.

Corona lovingly and firmly got me back on track with my self care practices. If and when the panic set in again, Corona helped me to trace it back to where the triggers started  which was usually caused by not doing my self care.  In the deep dive sessions I let go of a lot of old emotional pain which created such a sense of peace and freedom.

Where I am today is very different. I feel as though my real self has come back. I’m creating my own self care practices that includes daily yoga, eating well (with ease) and I have let go of a to of old emotional pain. I’m excited about the options I have for my future. The stress of my job ending has gone. My job did end and I’m OK with that and looking forward to what’s next.

It has been a pleasure to work with Corona – she is gently loving and also very firm when I needed it and I got some very real results.

~ Alison Whitwood, Sydney


quoteBefore I came on board Energy For Life Academy, I was having issues with emotional eating. I wanted to do something about it once and for all. I didn’t want to be in the same situation years down the track having not done anything about it. It would affect other areas of my life such as my confidence in myself and belief in my abilities. I wanted to do some study, but not having studied for about 30 years I was unsure if I would be able to do it. I always felt like there was something holding me back.

I now have practices in place now, that l wouldn’t be without, to help me deal with those tricky emotions that crop up as they happen, before they become firmly entrenched. I feel more in control of my thoughts and emotions instead of them controlling me. I don’t immediately turn to food when things get tough, I use my journalling to help work through problems.

I am able to look at myself and things differently and have the tools to continue to make changes. I feel empowered since completing the Energy For Life Academy, Thank you Corona for showing me how.

~ Penny Woodhouse, Adelaide


quoteI am now more of the person I use to be. In the last 6-7 years of my life (which had been quite challenging), I had gone in on myself, I had withdrawn from the world and I had become very conservative.

Now after Energy For Life Academy, I am a lot more outgoing and I’m back to my happy-go lucky and optimistic old self. My husband and daughter have even noticed the change and have made comments – and this change has benefited both of them. I’ve established a closer relationship with my daughter.

I feel lighter and I am no longer carrying troubles from the past. I am becoming more and more self-aware. My energy has drastically improved and my business is booming.

~ Liz Watts, Owner of The Grooming Salon, Brisbane


quoteWorking through the Energy For Life Academy program has been pivotal for me at a time where my life had been turned upside down. I am who I am today because of what I’ve learnt in the course.

I am stronger. I am indestructible (emotionally/spiritually) and I love myself, respect myself so much more than I ever have. I accept who I am, I no longer engage in negative mind-games, I have firm boundaries and i know exactly what I will and will not stand for. I no longer time-travel in my mind (thinking about the past and worrying about the future), my feet is firmly grounded to the present.

I have abundant energy thanks to a powerful morning ritual and kriyas that I have learnt and integrated into my life as needed. I know what my highest values are and I am more in-tune with my moon cycle which has helped me tremendously in understanding the waxing/waning energies and why I may feel a certain way during the month. I am now more prepared for times when it is best to do certain things and to know when it is best to move inwards and focus on filling up my self-care cup.

Guilt, Shame, feelings of lack of self-worth no longer trigger any emotions in me like they use to, I have “let that go and it is so”. I have definitely moved on and up in life!

~ Linda Lai, Sydney


quoteFour months ago I was very down I barely left the house, I was cancelling people and appointments because I couldn’t face them and could barely do even the simplest tasks at home.

My relationships were suffering and because of my demeanour I seemed to be attracting negatives situations and negative people constantly.

I got in touch with Corona who was straight away very supportive to me. I shared with her everything about myself and with NO judgement and only support she guided me patiently. She even talked me down from one of the lowest feelings in my life one night.

After starting the Energy For Life Academy my mood started to improve quickly. I had motivation at last and because of how Corona had guided me my mood was so improved. I decluttered the apartment, I am back meeting my friends and back in touch with positive people. I now have the skills and tools to deal with stressful situations and I am very happy.

My marriage is better than it’s been in a couple of years and I’m thoroughly enjoying my life and being a mother.
I am meeting my friends again. I check in with myself daily to see how I feel and I’m now living in the present moment. Thank you Corona for everything and thank you to the ladies in the group whose stories I found very inspiring.

~ Tara Nolan, Ireland


quoteInitially I joined the ‘Energy For Life Academy’ program as panic attacks were taking hold of my daily life resulting to avoidance behaviour. Realising that my life would eventually become small, I decided to fight back as I was losing confidence at a rapid pace. At the same time, menopause symptoms were presenting and I knew it was time to take better care of my health.

I joined the program with an open mind and began to improve my energy levels and control my breathing. By the second week of the program, my breathing became calmer and I was then able to concentrate on improving my mindset over the coming weeks. By doing the work required and committing to daily rituals of meditation, affirmations, visualisation and writing daily journals, I learnt to connect with my inner self. A self that I had neglected for years.

At the end of the 8-week program I had lost 6 kilos and people were noticing and commenting on the physical change of my appearance. I am continuing the practice of gratitude, celebrating daily wins and lessons learned while making plans for a successful 2017. I am asking better questions of myself and gaining clarity around who I am and the purpose of my life. I am so thankful to Corona for supporting and guiding me on this journey of self-discovery.

~ Michelle Cott, Sydney


quoteWhen I joined the Energy for Life Academy I had less than no energy. I was constantly tired no matter how early I went to bed and how clean I ate. I would get niggling little illnesses all the time and I just felt burnt out. I could see that the same patterns had been repeating over and over for years in my career and my relationships with men but I didn’t have the answers to unlock why it was happening or how to change any of it for the better and believe me I had tried.

I also felt a sense of ‘loneliness’ within my self and used alcohol to numb out these feelings and avoid being uncomfortable. I wasn’t happy or fulfilled but to the outside world I seemed to have it reasonably together. Joining Corona and her fantastic Energy for Life Academy very quickly gave me such amazing awareness of what was going on – my personal boundaries were poor, the ‘mask’ I was hiding behind really wasn’t serving me any more and I was stuck in the patterns I had learnt as a child.

Through Corona’s wonderful teaching and her absolute support I worked through all of this. My friends and family comment on how happy I am now, my energy has improved dramatically and continues to improve and my sense of self-worth has increased which has led to positive changes in every area of my life. I can’t thank Corona enough and I am forever grateful that I found her wonderful program and made the decision to put myself first and commit to changing my life.

~ Melinda Hawkins, Sydney


quoteWith a few weeks passing after completing my eight weeks of the program, I have the benefit of seeing how the program is settling into my life. My biggest win is ‘slowing my mental roll’ as I say. This comes through in every aspect of my life, thoughtful responses versus reactions to the outside world and relationships mostly. Also, going easy on myself and others with decisions, progress and trying to release the expectations. Breaking through (after recognizing) old habits and starting to challenge my limiting beliefs without judgement or blame was tough but helped truly defragment my operating system of sorts, slowly quieting or at times eliminating the noise to allow what I choose to remain. This program helped my truly prioritize how I live my most valued life, weighing new experiences as either distractions against or progress towards my bigger mission is so powerful yet simple.

Final shifts for me were the creation of personal rituals, no matter how basic, solo or with partner or friend, this has absolutely enriched my essence of living. Routines are crucial and rituals sacred, combining these elevates my life with a richness that is invaluable. I’m so grateful.

Corona is readily available to answer questions, provide resources (at times outside of the program content – i.e. product or resource recommendations) and through her actions quickly put my mind at ease being physically half a world away in the U.S. She’s a great inspiration, a strong ally in self exploration, a powerful entrepreneur, a kind spiritual warrior and a graceful yogini. I am so grateful to have met her on my own journey and honored to have been a part of hers as well. Thank you Corona!

~ Christa Large, United States

quoteBefore joining the Energy For Life Academy Programme, deep down I held a steadfast believe that I’m not good enough and that I can’t do it. I was sick of being my own worst enemy and tripping myself over time after time. I thought I worked through my disappointment about my failed marriage but three years on still carried some hope and sadness. After completing the Energy For Life Academy programme I know that I can and will pass every exam I choose to.

Corona helped me heal my past so I now know that I am good enough just the way I am. I no longer carry any sadness or even regret about a marriage that didn’t last. I received a huge setback in my career by the time I got near the end of the programme: the way I dealt with this (without completely ‘loosing it’ so to speak) showed me just how much I’ve achieved and grown since starting the programme. The tools I learnt helped me to literally breathe through the upset and disappointment and even inspire others through the way I accepted this new challenge. I was amazed that I still felt happy and grounded and positive about life and my career.

~ Annie, Victoria, Australia

quoteParticipating in the Energy For Life Academy has helped me in so many ways that I never thought possible in such a short space of time. It gave me a strong focus and uncovered new ways of thinking and practices that really supported me to become a more authentic and confident version of myself. I now feel more energised and determined and I can see how I can really shape my life to be exactly how I want it to be with trust, belief and action.
Coincidentally, I was offered my dream new role just as the course finished and I also feel that I am free from old thought patterns and beliefs that were limiting me from being my best self in my relationship. I’m so happy I made the investment in myself as I don’t think I would be where I am today without the course and the support from all of the lovely members and Corona. I can not recommend the Academy enough for those who are wanting to see significant shifts in a short space of time!

~ CB, Melbourne


quoteWithout Corona, I would still be in the vicious negative circle I had been in for years! In May this year, I found Corona and after years of trying to do it myself I decided I would work with Corona to achieve the life I had wanted. I was in a really bad place, trying to get a new job but all the time having constant negative thoughts which were blocking my success. Corona worked with me to clear the blocks, I had had for years. I actually didn’t even realise what had caused these blocks, and when they were clear it was amazing how good I felt.

The Energy For Life Academy allowed me to be on a weekly conference call with other women, who shared their stories and it made me realise that my struggles were so similar to that of so many other women out there. Each week, working on different areas of my life helped to clear the fog and bring me to the happy place I am at now. I can now successfully deal with negative thoughts and stop them before they take hold. I started a new job this week and I know my life is on the path it is meant to be on and I am excited about the future.

I would encourage any women who are struggling to reach out to Corona. Women often put themselves last and can justify spending money and time on everything else but themselves. Working with Corona is an investment in yourself and if you really what the life you have always dreamed off, she will help you achieve this.

~ Louise Wilson, Sydney

quote Before I started the Energy For Life Academy programme with Corona I was feeling quite lost, unsure of the directions was taking my business in. I was struggling with anxiety and was suffering from panic attacks. Generally throughout my day I would feel really tired, often having to take a nap in the afternoon. Because I felt a lack of direction in my life, I would struggle through my days feeling exhausted and emotional.

Since completing the Energy For Life Academy programme I have gained so much more energy. Thanks to creating a morning routine I have managed to create more of a routine throughout my day and am so much more focused and creative. If I do start to feel a bit tired, or blocked, then I have the tools to now work through this. I feel like I’m in control of my life again!

The biggest accomplishment for me is that I’ve overcome my panic attacks and am so much more confident in speaking to people, which has been such a benefit to my business. The mind detox’s that you did with me have made such a difference to my life, clearing limiting beliefs and allowing me to feel more confident and capable, in every aspect of my life.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I signed up for the Energy For Life Academy programme, but I feel for sure that I have immensely benefited from it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it has changed my life.

Thank you Corona for your wonderful work, and your exceptional support throughout the programme.

~ Jo Markham, United Kingdom


quoteI’ve had an amazing transformation working with Corona in her Energy For Life Academy over the past couple of months and want to share her beautiful teachings with other women in business. I was washed out and struggling to get through my days often after I’d shower I’d fall asleep with wet hair on my bed!

I’ve just turned 40 and physically have never felt better in my life. My daily morning ritual has me doing everything I’ve ever wanted to include in my day…

I now have the tools I need to cope with overwhelm in my life and how to instantly access the energy available to me.I highly recommend Corona’s Energy For Life Academy if you feel it’s what you need.

It’s a wonderful investment in yourself to really tune in and connect with yourself.

I found the 8 week course has set me up for daily routine for life. I’ll never stop doing what Corona has shown me. It’s wellness from within. Life changing on all levels.

~ Robyn, Victoria

quote Corona Brady’s 8-week Energy for Life Academy program has been truly life-enhancing. Over the course of these two months I have been given the tools to: feel strong enough to leave a relationship which I needed to let go of; create a new home for myself; de-clutter; decrease my anxiety; vastly improved my energy; vastly improve my time-management; reconnect with my spiritual centre; and improve my mindset and attitude about myself significantly.

I have loved the online classes, the group coaching sessions and in particular, the prescribed yoga sets, which I really enjoyed. Corona is a gifted and highly intelligent coach – her approach is multi-dimensional, deeply relational, always wise and perceptive.

I am immensely grateful that I came across Corona and her program at a time when I really needed it. Her radiant energy has guided me to a much better place than I thought possible.

~ DP, Sydney

quote Corona guided me in a gentle and nurturing manner for to achieve many goals and to find a deeper spiritual connection to my existence. She has shared invaluable techniques, resources and ideas that I have been able to apply to my daily life that have led to feeling more contented within my life, more accepting of myself and to create a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. Within this time, amongst many more surprising achievements, Corona has supported me to practice gratitude, move out of depression, grow in confidence to transition into a new career, deal with addiction and fear, release emotional attachments to past events that have created unhealthy patterns and behaviours throughout my life and improve personal relationships.

Corona is an incredibly beautiful human with the the greatest of integrity and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking to find their true path in life.

~ RH, Sydney


Thank you doesn’t seem fitting enough for how you have helped me over the past eight weeks; I thank the universe everyday for having come across such a gifted and generous soul like yourself.

Before I started Energy For Life Academy I felt drained, uninspired about life & totally depleted of energy. This was mainly due to early rises, daily commuting and industry burnout. No matter how much sleep/rest; yoga & meditation I tried, I was always running on empty by early afternoon.

Immediately after starting the exercises & practices in the Energy For Life Academy program I noticed my energy levels increase significantly, my mood lifted, I felt centred, calm and really alive.
The program content – has also had such a positive impact on my relationships in particular the relationship I have with myself.

The practices and exercises that Corona has thoughtfully & skilfully put together have been easy to incorporate, not only in the morning but also as required during the day or evening.

The program facilitated me in letting go of crutches that were holding me up temporarily in my day, and taught me some sound practices that have become second nature to me.

I feel very fortunate, grateful and blessed for having discovered such an amazingly gifted coach like Corona, and would highly recommend her Energy For Life Academy Program to others.

~ Katie Tsitses, Sydney

quoteThank you Corona for your light filled 8 week Energy For Life Academy program that you have shared with me. Not only such truth but filled with wisdom, awareness and love. Such strong teachings, practises and exercises to become closer to our own hearts, our own truth.. To say I’m grateful, appreciative and blessed I feel doesn’t express how much gratitude I feel to have had such guidance by you. Thank you for your love, thank you for your strength and thank you for your unwavering faith – your teachings have changed my life.

Elizabeth Zappia – Owner of Ivy Elizabeth Zappia Salon, Melbourne

Before I started the Energy For Life Academy Group Mentoring Program – I was in a transitional period in my life after a period of time abroad in Kuala Lumpur. At the beginning of the academy I returned back home to Scotland. As a lot of big changes were happening during this time – I was feeling overwhelmed, restless and anxious about the changes. My main challenges before joining the academy was a lack of direction, emotional overwhelm, lack of energy and I was stuck in negative self-talk.

The academy came along at such a valuable time for me as it provided a much needed foundation to guide me forward. Working through different tools and learnings every week inspired a renewed strength and energy in me. The programme was delivered in such a relatable and friendly way that I didn’t feel intimidated by applying the content.

The teachings were so powerful and a range of practical tools were provided each week – they always seemed to be what I needed to hear and reflect on.

I loved the private Facebook group which was also very inspiring to keep in contact with other members and share ideas – sisterhood community.

At any point being able to contact Corona by the use of the help button from members area was such a reassurance.

I have taken so much from the programme and I’m still continuing to do so – as you know as a lot changes were happening for me during the programme – you advised me to return first week and continue at my own pace. Therefore I love that I have life long access to the programme content, as each time I listen to weekly programmes I take something else from it. Also it keeps me motivated and guided to keep integrating structure and tools in to my week.

My energy levels have increased greatly – which is a huge deal for me because this underpins everything. I have been following the kundalini morning practices and I seriously can’t recommend them highly enough. Also I think because I’ve cleared many of my negative beliefs (all through the guidance and support of Corona) I feel energetically lighter.

I am applying mindful practices to my relationships – thank you for much for the needed advice in this area. I am more aware of my triggers and the need to tune in with myself during interactions. Boundaries are something I struggled with in the past because of my sensitivity – now by bringing awareness to the present moment like you advised and checking in with myself throughout I feel more centred and relaxed. We also spoke about communication during our last call – you reminded me about actively listening and not always feeling like I have to offer advice and fix things in every interaction. This has honestly been such a powerful teaching for me. I have been practicing this since we spoke last week and already I’m making such a difference to my relationships – I realise now that I am giving people space to talk and really express how they feel without me taking over or thinking of what next thing I am going to say.

The biggest positive result I’ve noticed since working with you is changing how I now relate to myself. At the beginning of the programme I didn’t have a lot of confidence or self worth – the voice in my head over the years had convinced me this was the way it had always been and would be. I have so much gratitude that you challenged me to start questioning and befriend that voice and origins. By being able to reflect and change limiting beliefs I had held for myself – I realised that I could take my power back and create new more supportive and positive ones. Again you guided us to do this in a gentle, non judgemental and loving way.

Thank you Corona for being such an inspiring coach, teacher and mentor – and the supportive and loving space you created for us to experience these teachings. I could understand very quickly from our first session that you genuinely care about supporting women to grow and I felt so comfortable and connected throughout the programme. Any time I had an overwhelming moment and contacted you via email – for example when I felt was falling behind – you reassured me immediately and guided me forward again. I must have asked you so many questions during our last call and you were able to offer such valuable advice from kundalini, relationships to not mothering our partners etc.

I honestly gained so much from your life changing programme – the layout was very accessible and I loved the connectivity of your video presentations.

I’m such a BIG supporter of the work you are doing and I would highly recommend your life changing programme to all the ladies out there – thank you so much for holding space for us.

~ Kirsty Maher, Scotland


Katie Lees

I had wanted to work with Corona for a long time and was upset to see she wasn’t running 1:1 coaching anymore. But when the chance came up to do join her Energy For Life Group Mentoring Program with her, after a tumultuous time in my life I jumped at the chance and I haven’t regretted it.

In the last 9 weeks I feel like I have seen through all my old, limiting beliefs as if they were an illusion and I’ve seen how they did the trick. I can never go back to believing them again. I have finally released and let them go and I feel like anything is possible!

I had a habit of always buying courses and signing up to programs because I now realise I felt broken and unworthy somehow, but Corona has given me the tools and the confidence to break that habit and trust in myself and my own ability. I know I have the answers within me and thanks to Corona I know how to connect to them.

Once you release your limiting beliefs and trust in yourself there is nothing to stop you and that is how I feel.

There was so much to the program. I have made the changes each week and they have slowly added up to big life changes, including my diet and sleep and energy levels. One of the most immediately beneficial things was creating a time management system and scheduling everything in. Suddenly you get back hours of time a week and completely erase all the worry about getting everything done! You’ll stop saying “I haven’t got time for that” because you will have!

You need Corona in your life! She is so, so lovely and is such a generous person. I am honoured to have worked with her. I am so glad she stepped into her power and is doing this work to help women feel empowered. She is an amazing inspiration.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me Corona!

~ Katie Lees, Owner of The Floral Alchemist, United Kingdom


Stephanie BarwickThank you so much Corona. In the time I worked with Corona she supported me in my journey back to myself through Self Love. I was confused and filled with self doubt when I reached out to Corona. Corona allowed me the space and trust to open to her fully!

She helped me uncover stories that were holding me back and we worked together to let those stories go so that I can now live my best life possible in true alignment with myself! I now feel so much lighter and happier with a sense of calm around me!

As a coach/mentor Corona helped me to go deep inside and uncover what was going on for me. She is kind, patient, easy to talk to, non judgemental and provides support each and every step of the way! This allowed me to feel comfortable to become vulnerable and open up in a way I needed to. Corona gave me advice and little pearls of wisdom that truly helped with my journey and continue to do so.

~ Stephanie Barwick, Brisbane


Cherie PanasMe – Shattered – April 2015…

Cocooned within its cage, deep down in the core of my soul, my Anahata (heart chakra) is experiencing an earthquake. My Sushumna nadi (central energy pathway through the spine), the body’s great river that meanders along the spine is cut of as it reaches the heart chakra, disconnecting the self-perpetuating hoop of life.

I notice my heart palpitating, pompously promoting the story, retelling of my despair, as I watch the outside world with puzzlement. “Do they not see my heart is in the pits of despair?” I think as feelings of disassociation arrive.

Tremors of sadness ripple through my heart, reminding me of my foolishness, where I spontaneously placed my happiness in another’s hands, who ensured ostentatious manipulation.

As I battle with acceptance, the seed of fear begins to surge, splintering my gelatinous heart, and tendering eeriness to me presence. My altruism stolen, I am now arrested in time; my heart frozen and pained endorsing my scarring. My love energy has tiptoed away, mysteriously hidden from its possessor, me. Prickling, and heavy, my chest tightens, breathing becomes slow and I grasps for air, seeking a way out of this labyrinth.

Corona – The Key – October 2015…

I am excited to share some moving news. Having just completed 6 months of Anam Cara Soul Immersion with Corona Brady, I feel lighter, happier and ready for more. This absorption has helped me to heal and grow on many levels. Corona tenderly escorted me through 6 months of bespoke self-care, mindfulness, tapping, journaling, meditation, Kundalini yoga, and many more techniques to rinse away my past patterns. I can highly recommend working 1:1 with Corona. Corona was my escape from the labyrinth I was locked in.

~ Cherie Panas, Adelaide, South Australia

Mary HalpinI have been working with Corona for almost 3 months and have enjoyed every minute of it.

I am 33 years old and recovering from a Breast cancer diagnosis and a number of surgeries. I saw Corona at the right time for me.

I now have a more open attitude to new ways of caring for my body and mind. I have a toolbox which is full of tips and tricks to help me cope with the changes that have occurred in my life and move forward on my journey.

Corona goes deep into your core you learn to be open to understanding who you are and helps you along a journey towards who you want to be.

Corona as a coach and mentor is extremely knowledgable, has wisdom beyond her years. She is very bright, open, warm and deeply cares about her clients.

Corona brings something different to every meeting and never judges you. I can now see the wood from the trees!

One of the greatest breakthrough’s I’ve had from working with Corona 1:1, has been around letting go, I no longer feel required to control people, things or situations. It’s wonderful to now just be and see how things around me resolve with no input.

~ Mary Halpin, Sydney

Bec CainesCorona is a very talented and captivating speaker, who offers so much to the events she takes part in. Her gifts as a Spiritual Life Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, allow her to really connect with an audience, creating a memorable experience that has attendees deeply reflecting and actioning desired change. I was so thrilled to have Corona as a speaker for TALKS by The Daily Guru. After her event we received an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees about her beautiful session. Corona is a truly a humble, authentic and talented lady, who has so much to offer.

~ Rebecca Caines, Editor & Founder of The Daily Guru, Sydney

Kylie CarterI can not thank you enough for the opportunity to have 1:1 coaching with you. If I could, I would connect with you every week for that one hour of soulful nourishment, positivity, self acceptance, feminine rediance, truth and peace! From the very first session, my whole being started to change and develop. Between our 1st and 2nd session, deep thinking came into play and almost instantly the deep seated challenges and self beliefs/doubts arose as the perfect opportunity to be addressed during our remaining sessions. You had a devine way in guiding me through to my truth, opening up the sacred part of me that was hidden and leading me to a journey of self discovery and self love.

Forever grateful and appreciative, thank you so much Corona, from the whole of my heart.

~ Kylie Carter, Brisbane

Michelle VescioThis year has seen an incredible amount of change and growth for me, like nothing I have experienced previously. It’s said “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”, and just like that – the universe allowed me to cross paths with the amazing Corona Brady, who has supported and guided me throughout this time.

I knew I felt stuck, with the same old patterns happening over and over again however, I didn’t have the tools to break the pattern and vicious cycle. Since meeting Corona, and having her as my coach and mentor, our 1:1 sessions have been a wealth of training in the tools that I have needed for so long for me to be able to finally break through these patterns, to be the person I truly am and live the life I truly desire.

It really has been a blessing to work with Corona. Life feels different and the way I approach situations that life throws at me is definitely different. I am now equipped with accessing the power that has always been inside me to get me through whatever arises. Friends have commented, noticing the changes in me too.

This journey has been difficult at times, however I am finally able to deal with, and heal things that have affected me from moving forward in my life.

Corona as a coach and mentor has been so incredibly inspiring and empowering. She has a true gift and intuition for knowing what I needed in each session.

Thank you Corona, for everything!

~ Michelle Vescio, Sydney


Finley Bonney“Love and Light, Corona”. This is how Corona Brady signs off every one of her e-mails. Love and light. She has it, she lives it, she is it. Love and light. I have just come to the end of my six month transformation journey, supported and guided all the way by Corona’s gentle and loving hand.

Six months ago, I didn’t know a mudra from a mantra. I didn’t know what I wanted, where I wanted it and I had lost sight of my inner spirit and truth.

Corona has nurtured and encouraged me to find my own path back to myself.

Here are just a couple of the many positive outcomes of working with Corona:
– Most importantly, I feel joyously happy!
– I feel connected to myself in a way I haven’t before
– I feel in control of my life, my future and my choices
– I can manage my stress
– I can meditate! (and if I of all people can do it, then you can too!)
– My relationship with my Husband was great before but is even better now
– I have a renewed appreciation for my life – the good, the bad and the gloriously imperfect

Tonight, before our last session together, she e-mailed me to ask what I wanted to discuss in our last appointment. Was I feeling blocked? Stuck in any way? Any issues that I needed to clear a path to, or talk through with her? The answer? No. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

If this isn’t testament to the work that we have done together, then I don’t know what is.

I will always be grateful for the love and light that she helped me to find within myself.

~ Finley Bonney, Director of Podium, Sydney


JoanneHamiltonI have been working one-on-one with Corona for seven months now and donʼt think I fully grasped at the time we began the immense, personal changes that would unfold.

At the commencement of this year, I wrote pages of intentions, I wanted so much for myself and yearnings poured out from deep within, beyond the ego and superficial. I desired fulfilment, con-nection, passion and purpose, to uncover my soul, to listen to my heart and to follow my innate in-tuition. Of course I, too, wanted great health and to feel abundance in my life. I was so dedicated to make life-lasting changes that I left my home on the Sunshine Coast and moved temporarily to Sydney for more than three months. With a heart filled with excitement, and yet nervous apprehen-sion, I made the move, travelled south and as weeks unfolded, we were both often so overwhelmed at the changes that eventuated. Through one-on-one mentoring, yoga, meditation and energy healing, and through her heightened, intuitive awareness, Corona guided me to opening my heart to choose love over fear, trust over anxiety, transforming me to live wholeheartedly with grace and gentleness, and connecting with my innate truth and my divine feminine. Her passion and insight paved the way for my rediscovery of self.

You might be considering, now as you read this, ʻHow can I get a bit of that?ʼ. I too was at that point. Reading through testimonials on Coronaʼs website, I craved a fulfilling, spirit-filled, energet-ic and exciting life. I longed for graceful peace within and desired to love and accept myself. I knew something hadn’t felt quite right for a very long time and the sense of lack and longing was driving me deeper into transforming my life too, craving what other women had begun to uncover in their lives. I was really questioning whether my stressed, struggling and ʻlooking like it was going no-whereʼ life was really all there was. I was fed up with feeling lost, full of fear and limiting beliefs that kept me small. I wanted more, I craved more, and yet my attempts to change were somewhat futile. And now, I am living and manifesting a life where happiness, joy, freedom and peace are be-ginning to abound, creativity is making a comeback and I am believing in myself. My eyes are bright and my heart is open.

Ultimately, Corona didn’t change my life, I did! But without her influence, I donʼt think I would have transformed to the extent that I am. Through Coronaʼs diverse experience, personal wisdom and authentic, nurturing, compassionate guidance, my revolution of self really began, which has seen the blossoming of my strong, courageous, feminine, spirit-filled being. Through her immense love and honest, generous heart, I was comforted to take courage and make the changes to uncover-ing and embracing my unique beauty and radiance. Corona empowered me to empower myself. In my diverse life experience I have not encountered a woman so dedicated, open, empathetic and full of unfailing love for the people that she works with, uniquely tapping into your core to rediscover the wonderfulness. Corona is genuine in her service to guide others to living their truth with a devo-tion that she, herself, embodies. A mentor, an inspiration, a teacher, a sage, Corona and her lumi-nous, connected soul has been a precious gift to my life. Iʼm not sure such radical shifts would have occurred without the care of such an aware and open-hearted being.

My journey is still unfolding. Life always is. But I have a renewed energy to live with so much more spirit, so much more love, as I know that I deserve it. I always have. One of my biggest per-sonal lessons was that whatever change you are yearning for, it all must start from within, on a soul level, well before anything manifests in the physical, emotional, social, familial etc.

You, too, deserve to begin rediscovering your beautiful, authentic self, to dive deep, shine bright and begin living a life you love! To start uniting with your inner strength and courage from that wise woman within you. Once we love and accept ourselves, exactly as we are, we are fuelled for incredible spiritual transformation. From that place, everything is possible.

I encourage you to connect with that beautiful light within you and consider taking the next step to being the bestest, brightest and fullest you, that is your divine radiance, your true self.
I believe wholeheartedly in Corona, and I believe that you and each woman in our lives has the in-nate light to live empowered with a deep affinity to soul and to the unique, bright spirit that is with-in each of us, to live with a fulfilling peace that opens your heart to a connection with your own, divine inner truth.

~ Joanne Hamilton, Sunshine Coast

quoteThank you Corona, for the beautiful 1:1 mentoring sessions. Your mentoring and support have been powerful instruments in the process of me learning to love myself and be the best version of myself and learning to leave behind old patterns and fears. I have new tools to help me come back to my truth, away from fear. I am learning with these tools, a new way to ‘be’ and it is really amazing. Thank you for organising and tailoring these sessions for me so that I could get the most out of these, for your support and for time given to me outside of the sessions when something came up. I’m very grateful to have had your mentoring, I sincerely thank you for your ‘love and light’!

~ Michelle, Sydney

claire-harrison-sydney-2Corona has been my spiritual and wellness advisor for the last 12 months. I hesitate to call Corona a Coach, because for me, she is much more than that.

Corona is a woman who cares deeply for people and for the wellbeing of women in particular. I have partnered with Corona to work on my yoga practice, my meditation practice, my habits, my deepest goals, my deepest fears and my heartfelt desires. It hasn’t been easy, in fact it has at times been very very difficult, but true growth only comes from being prepared to do the work. Corona’s support enables me to do the work, day in, day out.

Corona’s warmth, kindness and deep inner strength inspires me to take a step forward toward my desired life every day.

I cannot recommend Corona enough if you want to go soul deep and create true transformation in your life.

~ Claire Harrison, Sydney


Rachel_CambellLove, authenticity, passion and peace are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Corona. I take both one-on-one and group yoga classes with Corona and every session is crafted in a connected and engaging way. The energy shift I feel is transformational – leaving me open–hearted, grounded and ready to take on my day. I absolutely love working with Corona – her integrity, honesty and calming nature make her a one-of-a–kind yoga teacher and mentor… Corona is one special and inspiring lady who I feel truly blessed to work with!

~Rachel Campbell, Fertility Mentor at Sprout & Co


quoteBeing a virtual follower of Corona’s for some time, I knew she was a special lady, but it wasn’t until finally being able to meet at her Urban Day Retreat in Brisbane did I get to truly appreciate her gift. Corona is a nurturing yoga instructor, offering real insights into how Kundalini can benefit your body, mind, spirit. Her passion for wellness really shows across her teaching skills, the format of her retreat and in her topics of discussion. She was respectful of everyone’s level of fitness, comfort, mental and emotional standings and really created a safe and sacred space for us to just be. I left the day confident, strong, inspired and most of all, knowing I had undertaken huge energy shifts to take me forward. So much gratitude for you Corona.

~ Claire, Brisbane, The Little Sage


quoteI stumbled upon corona’s blog at a transitional stage in my life where I was feeling fairly vulnera-ble and overwhelmed. I was not unhappy but I knew that there was more I could be doing to nurture myself and live a fulfilling and happy life. directed by me. Corona’s nurturing and wise guidance allowed me to connect in with myself. I began to learn that all the guidance I really needed was within myself. The biggest lesson I learnt, which I was so unaware I was lacking was self love! The importance of which I cannot fathom a life lived well without!! I cannot thank Corona enough for her gentle patient dedication to each and every person she comes into contact with! It was an abso-lute delight working with her! Her teachings are game changing and will be carried with me as re-sources along my journey! Thank you so much corona for your Love, light, patience and beautiful energy! Anyone who has the pleasure of working with you is as lucky as I feel!!

~ Clare Condon, Melbourne

quoteAfter following Corona for a couple of years and finding strong transformation and guidance from the Creating a Soulful Life course I booked a one on one coaching session with her.

The guidance, reassurance and support I received is helping me to realise my goals and to take ac-tion. Corona helped me understand that I must take advantage of my gifts, to stop making excuses not to be the person I want to be.

By using the tools she has provided I am guiding myself through the changes needed to get where I want to go and I am so grateful she is next to me on my journey. Corona as your mentor offers powerful support and guidance.

~ Dominique Scarf, New Zealand

quoteWorking with Corona has been a transformative and rewarding experience. Corona is a loving, smart and highly attuned person who seems to have a gift for intuitively sensing the areas where her clients need to grow and/or heal.

She has opened my mind to many new ideas and practices. While I don’t always manage to follow her advice perfectly, I believe that my time spent with Corona has resulted in sustainable change that will translate to lifelong improvement in my health and wellbeing.

~ Louise Ryan, Sydney

quoteCorona has helped guide me to a place of true inner confidence that I never thought I would ever feel, and thanks to her amazing guidance I now know that this will continue to grow and strengthen, and I will be forever grateful to the beautiful Corona, for helping me to feel the beauty within me for the first time ever!

Without a doubt I would recommend Corona as your mentor, I feel Corona has an incredibly intui-tive way of supporting people. Corona guided the sessions in directions that I never would have an-ticipated before, but during the sessions and afterwards I felt like it was taking a path that felt so right and comfortable for me at the right time.

Thanks to her kind and supportive approach I felt comfortable addressing very difficult things, and I believe because of this I have been able to come so far on my journey with Corona, that I can now feel confident to continue this journey myself.

Working with Corona has left me feeling truly and genuinely happy with me for like the first time ever! True confidence within myself, again for like the first time ever! I am just so grateful for my life and journey now, what I used to see and perceive as negatives and things that I would allow to completely take away my personal power no longer control me. I now know that I can live the life that I was meant to and I truly so grateful to Corona for coming into my life and being so beautiful-ly supportive to me, I will be eternally grateful to you Corona, thank you so much.

~ Stephanie Malcolm, New Zealand

TaylahCorona’s healing qualities really come across from the moment you land onto her website. She is an intuitive heart and soul infused mentor, yoga & meditation teacher and energy healer and these spe-cific techniques drew me in as I was curious and open to learning more about these healing thera-pies.

Her website pictures truly represent her gentle and kind nature, I already felt safe just being on her website.

I would recommend Corona to any woman who feels like they have lost their way or is maybe feel-ing stuck in their current life situation. Corona will motivate you and give you both the tools and courage to get out of your comfort zone and create the life you only ever imagined.
I feel more knowledgeable and armed with life tools to keep me grounded, calm and collect. She has also inspired me on a professional level to launch my own coaching business, where I had been playing small and sitting on for too long.

Corona, keep doing what you’re doing and being your beautiful, authentic self. It shines through and makes so many people happy.

~ Taylah Halfhyde, Victoria

quoteThe best results from working with Corona were; feeling empowered, learning lots of new tools and feeling supported and nurtured. I would totally recommend mentoring with Corona. She is awe-some, she really cares and is able to tailor her programme to your specific needs.

Our programme moulded and was shaped and I found Corona great at including me and empower-ing me to find out what I needed.

Working with Corona has left me feeling “Empowered” (I know I’ve said this a few times but it’s a key word!), educated and motivated to continue on my healing health journey, and the next part of my development! Thank you Corona, may you continue to shine your light.

~ Sue McDonnell, Sydney

quoteCorona is a great listener and a great teacher. She was always open and ready to help me with any problems may it be relationships and even work.

The biggest change that came from seeing Corona was the change in my career. Next year, I will start studying to become a nurse because through our time together, I realised I was not getting enough nourishment out of my current job.

Coronas mentoring helped me open my eyes to so many possibilities and I am so very grateful for this.

~ Laura Murdoch, Sydney

TanyaBondI first heard about Corona from my flatmate, who was seeing Corona for mentoring. I watched my flatmate transform, making healthy changes to her lifestyle and adopting a whole new way of think-ing. She suggested that maybe it would be something that I would be interested in.

After some deliberation and hesitation I decided to contact Corona to see how I could work with her. I have suffered from depression on and off for a long time, and am in a corporate job that re-quires me to work long hours and can at times be quite stressful. I was just feeling like I had forgot-ten how to be happy and put myself first. I was worried that this would be another band-aid solu-tion, that would leave me feeling ok for a short time but as soon as I finished I would go back to where I started.

After my first meeting with Corona, I knew that I had made a good decision and that this was some-thing different. She was so easy to talk to and had come from a similar situation to the one I was in. She understood how I felt, the challenges I was facing and knew that with a few lifestyle changes things could improve. Corona really listened to what I had to say and gave the confidence that I could find a lasting happy lifestyle again.

It has reminded me that making me a priority means that I can perform all of my other roles to the best of my ability. Importantly, Corona gave me the tools and showed me ways to incorporate this in to my lifestyle, so much so it is like second nature now and is a part of my morning ritual.

Corona has shown me how to read the signs that my mind and body give me when I need to take a step back, when previously I would push myself to breaking point without seeing it coming. I feel that I am a different person thanks to Corona.
Corona, I can’t thank you enough for the positive influence that you have been on me. You have always been so accessible, honest and open, making it easy to open up to you and absorb your knowledge. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to make some positive changes in their life.

~ Tanya Bond, Sydney, Coogee

quoteAs a mentor, Corona was really tentative, she is so passionate about what she does that she is an incredible inspiration of what she teaches. We had a great rapport from the very beginning, every concern that I raised she spent time addressing to give me a better understanding and approach to resolve.
I can hand on heart say, that this program changed the lives of both my husband and I. Awakening to the realisation that a connection with nature was the home of my spirituality, I finally recognised living in the middle of Sydney restricted my access to this connection. By the time I completed the program, my husband and I had relocated back to New Zealand, where we now live in the middle of a beautiful country harbour. Corona took my initial needs, and delivered an amplified solution – well beyond what we ever expected.
Rather excitedly, we are also 5 months pregnant. I am now looking forward to becoming a mum!

~ Karyn McKnight, New Zealand

LauraRooneyCorona has taught me to see life in a whole new light. I am more confident in myself and easier on myself. I have learnt to be grateful for that I have and have adopted a much more positive attitude to life. My relationships have improved and my finances also. I have become a lot more spiritual and open minded to trying new things.

Corona has showed me it is never too late to make changes whatever they may be.

Corona is one of the most beautiful, caring and understanding people I have ever met and I am so happy that I was lucky enough to have become a client of hers. She has helped change my life and I am forever grateful.

~ Laura Rooney, Coogee, Sydney

MadeleineI was able to gain a greater understanding of my place in the world, spiritually, and was able to make positive changes in my life with Corona’s help.

Throughout my time with Corona she was extremely supportive, nourishing and encouraging.

Her knowledge is seemingly endless, as whatever ailment I came to her with she always had several solutions and would cater her knowledge to my situation and personality. Mentoring with Corona is definitely a highly personalised journey, and one which I have no regrets undertaking. The skills I have gained during my time with Corona will be used for life, and I can’t thank her enough for walking this path with me.

~ Madeleine Allen, Sydney, Australia

quoteCorona helped me transform my life gently. I am happier than I have ever been and wake up excited for the day ahead. It’s not that I am immune to stressful situations but that I am better able to re-spond to them. The meditation practices and lifestyle changes are something that I can easily in-corporate into my everyday life. Corona’s beautiful and caring nature made all the difference. I am so glad that I met Corona and would recommend her to anyone.

~ Nicola Giuliano, Sydney

quoteCorona has this incredible essence that softens the space around her. The radiance that beams from her, the sound of her voice – it’s all laced with soulfulness and deep presence; 2 traits this world needs more of. She’s a beautiful teacher to the world, and student of it. A true seeker.

~ Tara Bliss, Burleigh Queensland