Kundalini Yoga, why do we wear white?



I often get asked this question, so I decided to put a video together for you today.

So why do we wear white in Kundalini Yoga?


And, it’s not because we’re part of a cult (I’ve had some people ask me this too).


When I first started practicing Kundalini Yoga (a couple of years ago) I resisted wearing white for some time, as I believed you needed to be pure and I certainly wasn’t feeling very pure! Actually, I didn’t start wearing white until my teacher training last year.


There’s a whole science behind wearing white and let me share that with you today.


Here are some reasons behind wearing white:

// When we wear white we literally add one foot to our Aura/Magnetic field. Our Aura/Magnetic field is what surrounds us, which is 9 feet. Yogi Bhajan said either our shallowness or greatness of the soul shows up in our aura. By wearing white we strengthen our aura and when we have a strong aura we have a strong presence and projection. There’s radiance about us. We work a lot in Kundalini Yoga on our Aura.

// It’s an exercise of awareness and consciousness. I’m not sure about you but when I wear white I have to be extra careful to keep it clean.

// The color white presents the seven colors and white represents light. So by wearing white it supports and enhances the aura and all the chakras.

// Wearing white is good for your psyche, your energy, and for your
nervous system.

// Wearing white makes you visible to others, so it creates impact and projection. Yogi Bhajan said that the only way you can connect with someone so that they could remember you is if you impact them with your projection.



I now personally love wearing white (and actually much of my wardrobe is now white). I feel clearer in it, more at peace and ready to serve.


As with Kundalini Yoga, its based off experience and nobody can take your experience from you. I suggest experimenting and wearing white to a kundalini class and see if you feel any different.


Oh and if you’re Sydney based and would love to explore Kundalini Yoga. My next 9 week course commences Monday 18th May and we’ll be taking a journey through our chakras (and its suitable for beginners). I’d be honoured to hold space for you as a passionate and devoted teacher and student of these incredibly life-changing teachings.


Sat Nam,

Sat Parvan Kaur (Corona) x


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