Private Kundalini Yoga &  Meditation Practice..

Whatever your intention may be, I will design a private yoga experience to suit your own unique needs.

All sessions take place in your home. If you’re not in Sydney, I offer yoga and meditation classes through my ZOOM room that suits your time zone.

You tell me what you'd like and need, and I will curate.

Please note: Private practice packages are valid and must be used within six (6) months. There is a strict cancellation policy which requires a 24-hr notice to prevent a session being dropped from your package. No refunds.

Here Are Some Benefits You Will Receive from Private Practice:

* Cultivates optimal health on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
* Allows you to approach each day with a strong sense of self/individual truth resulting in new opportunities and an expanded reality.
* Mental clarity that breaks through old mental patterns and inspires new ideas.
* Awakens the full potential of human awareness in each individual; that is, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self.
* Cultivates a sense of well-being, inner stillness and peace.


1 Session $385 (GST inclusive)
3 Sessions $990 (GST inclusive) Save  $165

I'm So Looking Forward To Meeting You! :-)


Corona Brady is a Kundalini Level 2 Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Mind Detox Therapist and Women's Shamanic Mentor .  She's also the founder of the Energy For Life Academy and the Awakened Woman Life Mastery Program and  shows busy professional women how to reclaim their energy, innate power & self worth.