Let’s get real!



Life is difficult.


These are the very first lines I’ve read many a time from the legendary read ‘The Road Less Travelled’. A book I often return to through challenging times. The writer shares that this is one of the greatest truths of life. Many might think that this is a negative way to look at life.


I don’t think so. I agree with the writer. Life is difficult. Once we can understand it and accept it, we can then transform it. When we can accept that life can be difficult, it no longer matters to us that life is and can be difficult. It no longer has power over us.


I’m not sure where this post is leading me today. I woke this morning with a strong urge to write and share from my heart.


2015. The year of growing pains. This whole year to date has very much felt like this for me and I know I’m not alone.


Often it feels like one-step forward (even two) and then one-step back (two steps back).


Some days are a real struggle.


Often we’re stressed, frustrated and are ready to pack it all in, to give up and quit.


If I’m completely honest with you, I’ve often felt like this, this year. There have even been times when I’ve thought about going back to office work.


Having your own business is hard. Trying to get your message out into the world is challenging. Too often only the great things are shared. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world. But, let’s get real I’m not going to sugar coat it. Having your own business is damn hard work!


I’m a worrier by nature. I’ve an anxious mind that like’s to take control of me from time to time. There’s a reason we teach what we teach!


This is not a post today to inform you that I’m packing it all in. This is quite the opposite. I just want you to know that I too struggle with the same things you struggle with. Yes some things I’ve conquered and some are a work in progress. I continue to show up day in day out and commit to my inner work. Because this I know for sure is where true transformation occurs.


I know that every single successful person out there has felt like this at some point or another.


So if you’re unsure about whether you can make your passion and purpose work, or you have ceaseless fears around putting yourself out there and committing 100% to whatever it is your so deeply passionate about sharing with the world. By the way this applies to anything in life; health, creativity, anything that lights you up.


I invite you to ponder on these powerful questions today or any day self-doubt shows its face.


What is your big ‘WHY’? Ask yourself why you got into this in the first place? What drew you in? How does it make you feel?


Was it to help others with something you’ve struggled with and have conquered?


Was it to create a certain lifestyle for yourself and your family?


Was it to share your knowledge and expertise with the world?


Was it to provide you and your family with a higher level of income?


Here’s an affirmation I’m using daily. I return to this many times throughout the day. It’s the last words I mentally utter to myself before my head hits the pillow.


“I expand in love, abundance and success today and everyday and I inspire those around me to do the same.”



What are you struggling with right now? What’s your big why? Share with me below in the comments section.


Beaming love and light your way,

Sat Nam,

Corona x


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