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Today I share my own personal story with anxiety and I also provide some practical tips and tools you can start using straight away in your own life.


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Podcast Highlights:

1.20 – With a lot of inner work I have been able to heal my social anxiety.

1.55 – Out of nowhere, the anxiety would freeze me to a holt.

2.00 – Why am I sharing this with you today?

2.05 – I see so many women debilitated living with anxiety every single day.

2.15 – The anxiety is controlling their life.

2.29 – Where our attention goes that’s where the energy flows and it will stay there.

3.00 – It’s a sign/symbol that great change is ahead and it’s also a sign for me to look at what is not working in my life and what I need to change.

3.41 – Fear and anxiety is a universal emotion that every one of us has.

3.50 – Stress can manifest as anxiety in your body.

4.18 – What areas of your life are causing you stress right now?

4.58 – The symptoms of anxiety.

6.49 – What message does my body have for me here today?

6.54 – The power of mantra.

8.22 – Passion Flower Essence for anxiety.

8.40 – 3 Kundalini Meditations for anxiety management.

11.00 – How to sit and breathe through the feelings of anxiety.



[00:00:02] Welcome to the Energy for Life podcast helping busy women reclaim their energy, innate power and self-worth. Here is your host Corona Brady.


[00:00:14] Welcome to Episode 9. Firstly I want to apologize. It’s been a while since my last episode and I have to tell you a lot has happened since then. I was back at home in Ireland spending time with family and friends and meeting my very beautiful niece and then having to deal with jetlag and that hasn’t been a whole lot of fun. Butch the main thing is I’m back today. Today on the show I really want to chat to you about dealing with and managing anxiety. If some of you have been following my work for some time you will know that I’ve had a bit of a history with anxiety in my life and I’ve had anxiety in my life from a very very young age. I had extreme social anxiety from the age of a little girl and for many many years right up into my 20s which was really quite debilitating and exhausting at the same time. But I can say and I can happily say this today with a lot of inner work I’ve now been able to heal my social anxiety. However, last year I started to experience a lot of anxiety in my life that came after some Sound Healing Training that I did. We were doing a lot of deep healing walk. I did that in September and for many months after that into October, November, and December there were many days that I would wake up feeling so anxious or out of nowhere with no warning the anxiety would freeze me to a halt on many days. Now, why am I sharing this with you today?


[00:01:59] I’m sharing this with you today because I see so many women debilitated living with anxiety every single day. Some of these women are on medication and some are not. But the anxiety is controlling their life or they’re letting the anxiety control their life. They wake up feeling anxious. They go to sleep feeling anxious. They can’t stop thinking about their anxiety and you see where our attention goes, That’s where the energy is going to flow and it’ll stay there. What most of these women don’t really realize is this; by constantly focusing on your anxiety and worrying about your anxiety you will continue to stay in that space. You end up giving the anxiety a lot of power and it consumes you and any time anxiety has flared up for me in my life this is a sign it’s a symbol that firstly great change is ahead and it’s on the horizon for me. How do I know this? Because I really know and understand the messages of my body very well. It’s also a sign for me to look at what is not working in my life and what I need to change. And part of the human experience is that we are here on earth to actually feel it all, to feel every single emotion. That includes the positive and the negative. And there’s no real negative emotion you know. Every emotion is meant to be felt and that includes anxiety and fear and anxiety is a universal emotion that every one of us has. I also want to add here that stress can manifest as anxiety in your body. Anxiety is actually a symptom of a great deal of stress in your body.


[00:03:55] Now if I look at my life last year 2017, I will admit it was probably one of the most stressful and challenging years I’ve had on many many levels. So some questions you can ask yourself here are what areas of my life are causing me stress right now or have caused me stress. What practices do I need to put in place to help me manage my stress? You can also check in daily and rate your stress levels on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being really really high and 1 is quite low). And when you see your stress levels starting to get above the five. This is a little red flag, it’s a warning sign that you’ve got to take note and you’ve got to look at this. You can take a break from your work and do some deep breathing and ask yourself what you need. So some of the symptoms of anxiety are. And I know some of you will relate to this. For those of you especially that get anxious from time to time or are maybe dealing with a lot of anxiety right now in your life. Some of the symptoms are that feeling of just total panic. A fear, like just total fear and just this kind of feeling like you’re on the edge. It’s like an uneasiness. And also another symptom of the anxiety is problems sleeping, so you know getting in bed but then just kind of tossing and turning. Another symptom can be sweaty hands or sweaty feet or cold hands or cold feet.


[00:05:34] Another symptom is shortness of breath, a racing heart, heart palpitations and this inability to just be still to be still and calm. A dry mouth is another symptom.  Numbness. You might start to get tingling in your hands and your feet. You might even start to feel a little bit nauseous. You’ll feel muscle tension maybe up around the shoulders. You know the areas in your body that tense up when you’re anxious and then sometimes even dizziness and often anxiety occurs due to changes in the brain and changes in your environment which is actually causing the stress. So I want to share some things with you today that I have found so beneficial and so useful on my own personal journey with managing and dealing with anxiety. The first thing that is great is journaling. This is where you grab your journal. You take it out and you do a brain dump and you ask yourself what’s really going on here. What is my body trying to tell me here? What message does my body have for me here today? Mantra is extremely powerful. When we chant when we sing it makes heightened vibrational frequencies that actually change the chemistry in your brain and they create serotonin. This is actually what creates those extended states of happiness and joy. Movement. So our physiology creates our psychology. And if you want to change your status you need to check in and see where your physiology is us. How are you sitting? How are you standing? Get up even. Move. Go for a walk. Dance Shake It Off. Deep breaths. So pausing taking your hands on your heart. One hand on your heart.


[00:07:33] One on your belly and talking to yourself like the way a good friend would talk to you and sooth you. You are there for yourself in that moment. Talking to yourself as in soothing yourself in a very loving and gentle voice and just reminding yourself that “I’m okay I am safe and all is well”. A wonderful Bush Flower Essence cold PassiFlora. It’s particularly good for anxiety I have found this bush flower essence incredible actually. You add a couple of drops into a glass of water at the start of the day and it’s very soothing, it’s very calming. Meditation, you know meditation is the process of cleansing the mind. Taking all the garbage out of the subconscious mind. There are three Kundalini Yoga meditations that have been passed down by Yogi Bajan which will help you release the conscious and unconscious fears that actually cause the stress, cause the worry and cause the anxiety. I want to share those three meditations with you today. Meditation for Emotional Balance, meditation for a Stable Self and a meditation to Remove the Fear of the Future. If you google those you’ll be able to find those meditations and try them even for a 40-day practice. Commit, show up for yourself for the next 40 days and check in and notice the shifts and changes that are happening. Mudras are wonderful as well. What is a Mudra for those of you that are new to Mudras. Mudra is that ancient sanskrit word that means hand. Yoga Mudras are therefore hand or body positions or gestures. They are straightforward.


[00:09:26] They are practical forms of meditations that actually boost your overall well-being. They activate your organs and your glands in the body. I’ve personally find Uttarabodhi Mudra very very very effective for anxiety so when you know that anxiety comes up and sometimes it just comes up out of nowhere. I ground my feet on the earth. I take the Mudra. If you google it you’ll be able to find it Uttarabodhi Mudra. Taking just even three minutes three minutes, five minutes or even ten minutes holding that mudra and maybe even just focusing on the word ‘peace’ as you take long deep breaths nature grounding in nature. So every morning before starting your day get your feet in the earth and connect with mother earth and ask for her support. I’ve also found rescue remedy to be wonderful. They have a great range of products and I have found that it works quickly and it works really effectively as well. Journaling about your fears, your worries and your stresses. You know really come face to face with them and something else that you could add in here is if you have a morning ritual, bring visualization into that morning ritual and see yourself every morning living without the anxiety. If you keep focusing on the anxiety then this is what you’re going to create. So choose peace instead see and visualize yourself in a peaceful space. You can even pop posted notes of ‘peace’ all around your home. And I’m not telling you here that to deny or to suppress or to ignore. That’s absolutely not what we’re doing here.


[00:11:17] You know if anything when the anxiety comes up it’s just allowing and letting yourself sit with it. It’s going to pass eventually. Remember impermanence and nothing ever stays the same. We’re always changing. Everything’s changing. Nature is changing. So when the emotion comes up out of nowhere it’s just calming yourself down focusing on the breath and sitting with the feeling and breathing into it. Don’t deny it. Don’t judge it, for having it in the first place. Don’t analyze it. Just be with it. Breathe through it and let that energy just move through you and out of you. But then you can use this as an added little tool to actually just see yourself every morning, visualize yourself peaceful see yourself living a life of anxiety-free see yourself in that easeful space. Lastly get support. Don’t try to do this on your own. Please. Talk to somebody. Work with a coach. Join my beautiful community of women in our Energy for Life Academy program where I will show you how to get to the root of your anxiety and give you some powerful tools that you will have for your life so that you can manage the anxiety when it arises. That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this episode today and you gained so so much value from us. If you think this might help someone who you know is struggling with anxiety right now. Please please please do me a huge favor today and share it with them and if you feel compelled to please head over to iTunes. Leave a little review and let other people who are browsing the Apple Store know that this is a really good podcast to listen to.


[00:13:08] This really helps us to get the podcast show out there to more and more women that need it. You can also download my Corona Brady Online Life Coaching App which is free from both the Android and Apple stores and you can start listening to my podcasts there. There’s also lots of free content for you so you can start enjoying all of that straight away. I’m Corona Brady and I hope to see you inside our Energy for Life Academy where I will personally coach you for the next eight weeks and help you get to the root of your anxiety finally and also show you how to manage it.


[00:13:44] So it isn’t debilitating you in your day to day life. Life is way too short to be living in that space. You can book in for a free initial clarity session here.



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