A deep yearning from my heart to travel, to travel alone to India to discover all that it had to offer me. I call this my very first Heart Trip. India had been calling me for a very long time but there was always other things to do and trips to make. I made a heart decision last year that India was going to happen in 2014.

So, when I spotted some discounted airfares to Delhi I jumped straight in and booked them. For the first time in my life I trust that the money would manifest for me. I let go of all worries and concerns around the money and guess what it somehow manifested itself for this trip.  The universe wanted me to take this trip, that I know for sure!

This had been the first time in 2 years (since the creation of my business) that I’d taken so much time off work at one time.


This was most certainly a trip of my heart. I’ve learned to communicate and listen to my heart. I feel like my heart is bigger, brighter and more open.


For the first couple of weeks while in Rishikesh, I could actually feel pain around my chest and heart. It felt that my heart was starting to burst open for the very first time in my life. Its easy to say that our hearts are opening (which I’ve done in the past) but it was different this time – I could actually feel it happening in my body. After a couple of weeks, I noticed the pain started to dissipate and what I could feel then was just so much love. It was just beautiful. I believe this was the start of my journey of opening my heart.


+ + +

As I edge towards the end of my trip here in Rishikesh, well what can I say but its been one incredible transforming adventure I’ve been on for the past four weeks.


I’m feeling so incredibly grateful and blessed for the workings of the universe for assisting me in making this dream come through. I shall be very sad to say goodbye on Friday but its not goodbye forever as I know deep in my soul I shall return very soon in the near future (and for longer next time).


I had some free time this afternoon between having a massage and meeting some lovely new friends for dinner. So, I took a trip to my favorite cafe ‘The Juice Bar’ here in Rishikesh for a vegan chai masala and reflected on five words to describe my experience in India.


Here’s what I’ve come up with; heart opening, life changing, adventurous, spiritual and diverse. I am at a loss to describe India itself, words just cannot describe it but I can describe my experience here. India has taught me patience, to question everything, tolerance, gentleness, love and the quiet content nature of my soul.


I believe there are some parts of the world (like South America for instance) that, once visited, get into your heart, and won’t go. For me, India is very much such a place.


I’ve been stunned by its lush beauty and exquisite architecture, by its way to overload the senses with the pure, concentrated intensity of its colors, smells, tastes, sounds and how could I forget the constant horn beeping.


What I’ve really appreciated in India has been the incredible yoga teachers I’ve been so blessed to spend time with, the music, the mantras, the food, architecture, the healing nature of Mother Ganges, the natural medicine, painting and artwork, the friendly and warm nature of the locals and so so so much more. I feel one needs to visit this incredible country once in their lifetime.


+ + +

I think without a doubt one of the highlights of my trip was the week I spent at Phool Chatti Ashram (just outside Rishikesh). This beautiful ashram is located along the banks of the Ganges river in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Set in stunning gardens and surrounded by mountains, the name “Phool Chatti” means “Land of Flowers”.  I attended a 7 day  Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation at this spiritual haven.  This really gave me a direct experience with ashram life and I have to admit I absolutely loved my time here. I would have happily stayed for longer if time allowed me to.


The program consisted of yoga asanas (postures), meditation (seated as well as divine meditative walks in nature), breathing exercises (pranayama), nasal cleansing (neti), chanting, yoga principles, mauna (silence), pooja (worship), kirtan (sacred singing), and other important aspects of the yogic path. I’ve learned so many practical tools to assist in my spiritual growth, mental health, and general well-being that I can take back out in to my everyday life.


An unforgettable part of this amazing retreat were all the incredible new friends from all over the world I’ve made. There was all nationalities; Argentinian, German, Swedish, Polish, English, Australian, India, Russian etc.


I’m a strong believer in things/events happening for a reason as well as people coming in to our lives for a reason. That’s exactly what’s happened for myself and Liz (a lovely new friend from London). We connected on a very deep soul to soul level. We just clicked, we hit it off straight away and I ended up spending most of my time with her in Rishikesh (we even ended up sharing a room together at Phool Chatti). A fellow yogini, yoga teacher and lover of all things nourishing and healthy, we seemed to have walked similar paths and had so much in common.


This inspiring and wonderful lady (I’m honored to call a dear soul friend) has taught me elegance and beauty with my yoga practice. I’ve never seen anyone in my whole entire life move so beautifully, gracefully and peacefully through their practice. I was seriously in awe! She made it in to a meditative beautiful dance. I felt I had allowed my practice to get a little sloppy and somewhat stale (in the past couple of months) and what I’ve learned from Liz will stay with me long after this trip. She’s given me the inspiration I needed again in my daily practice. So thank you beautiful Liz from the depths of my heart.


I know that she will always remain a dear friend and I feel very lucky that she’s arriving in Australia soon (where we’ll get to spend even more time together).


India was everything I imagined it to be and so much more. It has touched my heart on a very deep level and it will never leave me.

I’m feeling ridiculously nourished, lighter, freer, happier, content and more open than I’ve ever felt before.

Love and Light,




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