Why can we justify spending crazy money on a boozy night out or on purchasing that pretty dress or to die for shoes but our mental and emotional health always comes last? I know this was the case for me until I hit rock bottom and I had no choice but to journey within!

We think that a boozy night out is going to make us happy and bring us joy (it probably will in the moment) . However afterwards it’s a different story – our hormones play havoc and are seriously disrupted, our skin breaks out, we lose the light and glow in our face, we lose the sparkle in our eyes, we eat rubbish (we crave sugar and salt) and we laze around feeling sorry for ourselves.

We believe that by just purchasing that pretty dress we in return will feel pretty, we’ll accept ourselves and we’ll feel that happiness we were seeking all along. For me this sense of happiness has only ever lasted for a couple of minutes (after a splurge as such) and slump just like that I’m back to where I started!

Again the same applies for those to die for shoes! We think to ourselves “I will be happy once I purchase those shoes – they’ll make me feel whole and complete. They will make me feel so good about myself!”

I’ve learned that no matter how you to try to fill yourself up externally; it can never fill that emptiness and numbness you are feeling from within.

I’m speaking from experience here – I spent years splurging and shopping (I’ll admit I had many other toxic addictions back then too). I’d spend hundreds of my monthly wage on external things from shoes, make up, clothes, nights out etc. Did any of these things fill the void, deep unworthiness, sadness and anxiety I was feeling from within – ABSOLUTELY NOT! It took me a long time to figure this out though.

The truth of the matter is until you go within and uncover your soul – and get to work on what you’re battling and struggling from within you will NEVER BE HAPPY!

I spent years lost, anxious, depressed and constantly seeking outside of myself for the answers. I was searching for all the answers in the wrong places, so desperate for change, and numbing myself with everything from chocolate to expensive shoes, clothes and boozy nights out.  What I realised was, that all along I had not been addressing the one thing that underscores everything: my soul.

I’ve also learned that you can be eating very well (organic whole-foods) and consuming all the green smoothies in the world but none of this will honestly help you if you’re not changing what’s going on inside your head. All the gym sessions you can muster won’t make you feel better (and boy do I know all about this; there was one stage I was doing 2-3 gym sessions a day and that’s no word of a lie) if you’re not actually heeding the whispers of your heart. And no amount of shoes, shopping or Shiraz can numb the pain when you’ve forgotten how to listen to your soul…

Let me share some of my story with you…..


Some of you may be shocked to know that I was indeed a serious and big party girl (some photos from my past above, wasted, heavy and dark eyes and frail). I arrived in Sydney almost 9 years ago and for those first couple of years here (and those years before), that’s seriously what I spent most of my weekends doing. I was working in banking at the time and was absolutely miserable. I got up at the crack of dawn to do an exercise class before work; I’d spend my lunchtime exercising again and if I had the energy I’d take another exercise class in the evening. The environment I worked in was highly pressurised and stressful and this was the way that I dealt with it or you could say ignored the whispers of my heart.

Then by the time the weekend arrived; I was ready to party and let some steam off from a stressful week in the office. Most of my weekend was spent in dark and dingy sweaty night clubs drinking and partying until all hours! Come Monday; I was tired, hungover and how I’d punish myself was via the gym or I’d deprive myself of food! Yup it was pretty serious and I continued like this for a number of years!

I think I knew deep down for a long time something had to change but I was petrified to connect to my emotions. I only knew and understood how to escape them via external things!

My body eventually gave in and told me enough was enough and I was diagnosed with severe adrenal exhaustion. My endocrine system had completely shut down, resulting in liver damage, constant fatigue, as well as menstrual, hormonal, and blood sugar issues. By 2007 I could add polycystic ovarian syndrome and insulin resistance to the list. My endocrinologist prescribed me to a life of medication.

I Had Two Choices 


I could keep going how I had been for the past 10 years and eventually manifest a disease OR I could make some changes. I was on a mission to cure myself naturally.

I spent the next couple of years taking herbs, supplements, having acupuncture and completely changing my diet. I learned to truly nourish my body and feed my soul with organic whole foods.

I exposed my disconnection between self-love and food, and suddenly learnt:

  1. That the bond between the two is so important for true health, joy, love, confidence, and peace.
  2. When the body is not balanced, health conditions can swoop in and wreak havoc.

So many times my body gave me signals to slow down but I didn’t listen. Then in 2011 I finally saw the sign and quit my corporate job to dedicate all my time and energy to the study of natural self-healing.

There is now absolutely no trace of these conditions in my body and my hormone levels are back to normal (above are some recent photos of me, a completely different person as you can see and the light has finally returned to my face – it was there all along but somehow got lost along the way).


It deeply saddens me as I see so many women treating their body the same way I did. They keep looking outside of them selves for all the answers. 


But the truth of the matter is to create change, you’ve gotta go deep. Soul-deep.

If you don’t get deep into the heart of why you’re stuck, why you’re feeling trapped, why everything is such a struggle, you can never create real, lasting change.

Creating A Soulful Life – A 12 Week Online Program To Dive Deep, Shine Bright + Live A Life You Love


So that’s why I created my Creating A Soulful Life program because I wanted to share with others what had worked for me in my own soul transformation. You see I know this program works. It entails everything I’m deeply passionate about and I share from my heart and soul what’s worked in my soul transformation.


Everything I share with you, I have been through. I’ve travelled that road and I know what it takes to get you there. I have the roadmap for you and I’m here to support you every step of the way.


I honestly feel we ourselves get in our own way of living a soulful life. Especially if we are caught up in our head and ego too much. I know I personally was for a very long time! I’ve been there and I can relate. Maybe our ego is running the show and has been for some time. Maybe we’re struggling with limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging negative thoughts, fears, worries, anxieties – you name it. The list is pretty endless! Maybe we’ve been trying to change things ourselves for a very long time but nothing seems to have worked. Here’s the straight-up truth I’ve learned from working with and coaching over 200 incredible women: To create change, you’ve gotta go deep. Soul-deep. If you don’t get deep into the heart of why you’re stuck, why you’re feeling trapped, why everything is such a struggle, you can never create real, lasting change.


I overcame it all by deciding to stop looking and seeking outside of myself for the answers. I finally went within. I started to connect with my essence, my true nature, my true shining self. She was there all along, she just got a little lost along the way. Stop putting this work on hold, because the truth is if you know deep down in your heart something doesn’t feel right – you feel empty and lost within you”ll never feel happy until you get to the core of it.


The program kicks off this coming Monday 15th Sept, I’ve added so many extra bonuses in to make this program even more transformational for the women participating in it. Say YES to you and this program and I can wholeheartedly promise you this will be the best decision you’ve made for yourself this year. Please take a few minutes out of your day and pop over the website, watch the very short video and familiarise yourself with the content and if this feels right in your heart I would be absolutely honoured to share this journey with you!


Love and Light

Corona xx

PS – Many people have asked me when I’ll be running this program again. Its looking like it won’t be until the later part of 2015 as I’m being pulled to dive into a few other projects for the first half of the new year. So this is your chance now if you want to dive in and get creating that soulful life you are here to live!

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