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Inspired, heart cracked wide open, enlightened, encouraged, supported, purpose, truth, authentic, light, love, courage, open, radiance; these are just some of the words I left with from last weekend’s Women Leading Change event host by the incredible Jono and Claire from the Wake Up project Sydney!


The Wake Up Sydney Project so very kindly provided me with 2 free tickets (as a small way of saying thanks for the amazing work I do with women) to this event.  I was blown away by their generosity!


I shared my takeaways with my subscribers on Monday and after such an overwhelming response, I felt guided to share these with you here today.


Can I just start by saying this was one of the move INCREDIBLE events I’ve been to yet.


There was a reason I was at this event!


I won’t deny that the past few months have been somewhat challenging as I underwent a huge transformation in my life. There’s been so much shedding away of the old, I honestly feel like I’ve been stripped back to a blank canvas. I’m not the first person that has said this. I know that there are many of you that are undergoing huge change and growth in various areas of your life!


Something shifted within me after this event!

It reawakened the spark of creativity within me again, as I’ve been feeling somewhat stuck and I’ve found myself playing the victim and saboteur many times (my shadow was coming out to play). In truth I was getting in my own way!



So I took my Kundalini sister and dear friend Mish along with me for the day and I swear this event has changed both of our lives. A lot of what was shared we had heard before (in regards to the topics), however it was how these women shared their stories so nakedly that brought about the greatest breakthrough for me!



We had some wonderful speakers such as Seane Corn, Petrea King, Tara Moss, Sarah Wilson, Clare Bowditch, Tami Simon and Lucy Perry on stage speaking from their hearts on topics such as love, fear, the spiritual path, authenticity, embracing our shadow, reclaiming our voices again and living with passion and purpose. All subjects that are so dear to my own heart and that I’m so deeply passionate about learning, sharing and teaching with others.


It was such an inspiring day, it nourished my soul on such a deep level and I left feeling excited about my future! You could say my heart was cracked wide open. I was brought to tears and much laughter (along with 700 other women) many times throughout the entire day in a really good way.


I wanted to share with you today some of the big highlights and nuggets of wisdom that stood out for me. I truly hope they inspire you to follow your own path in life.


  • There’s no arrival, there’s never a there. There is no end point to the spiritual journey.
  • There’s no escaping pain and loss.
  • If you want ecstasy, you have to be with your own hell. To be with it at a level of sensation. This allows us to hold and have a warm space for others.
  • You need to be with your own painful experiences when they arrive and you CANNOT short cut them.
  • Everything depends on how much you trust everything – every moment, experience, future, past, life that much. Can you believe in the goodness of what life has in store for you?
  • The role of friendship on the Spiritual Path is 100%, its 100% of the path. Companion each other, hold each others hands and walk with one another. Connection is why we’re all here.
  • Intuition is who we are as women. It’s a skill though. The only thing that blocks intuition is low self-esteem. We buy into it. We pass it onto our daughters and sons.
  • Ignore the story. See the soul. You’ll never regret it. I personally loved these words by Seane Corn.
  • God is that which exists within of Truth and Love. I know many people get uncomfortable when they hear the word ‘God’ but it doesn’t have to be religious. I personally can relate more to this meaning of truth and love within -)
  • We’re in our physical bodies to learn what love is and what love is not.
  • There is no seperation between the mind and the body. The body remembers EVERYTHING!
  • You’ll never be happy unless you learn to fill the void. You need to learn to feel, deal, adapt and breathe.
  • If we deny our shadow, we deny our femininity and our intuition.
  • The more you can empathise with dark and shadow, you’ll ignore the story and be able to see the soul.
  • Be FULLY completely who you are with no APOLOGY. You welcome all.
  • Bring your mind to quietness daily. Don’t hang out with gossip. Be in good company.
  • You have feelings. You are not your feelings. Watch what you attach “I am” to.
  • We need challenges in life. This requires us to dig deep.
  • It’s good to have a story but you don’t want to be in the story.
  • You’re here to be a living expression of YOURSELF. When you lead from the heart and not the head then you live a life that matters.
  • Assist yourself before assisting others. When you look after yourself, you can help so many.
  • Trust your own experience, nobody elses. Nobody else is here to do what you’re here to do.
  • The really intuitive ones are the ones that have the guts. There’s no such thing as certain people being more intuitive than others. We all have intuition as women, some just decide to to listen, follow and live by it.
  • Don’t wait to get picked. Pick YOURSELF. Put your self out there. The means and the ends are the same.
  • Showing up fully means speaking your truth, saying what you care about most, stripping all your skin off and showing who you truly are


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Sending you oceans of love,

Corona Xx


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