I’m flying back to the Emerald Isle to get married today and I just wanted to share my travel tips with you ( in case you are planning to travel soon). I’m so excited I’m actually getting butterflies as I write this!

I will be following all of the below tips to ensure I arrive at my destination feeling jet-lag free. Here’s hoping anyway! They’ll most certainly make for a more comfortable and blissful experience regardless.

One of the most important things for me is comfort so I’m wearing a pair of leggings, a scarf and a loose top with some ballet flats.  This will also allow me to get up and move around and practice some yoga poses throughout the flight!




1. I’ve prepared a lovely fresh meal to take with me on board my flight. I got up super duper early this morning to prepare my roast veggies which were made with the usual love. I added a  boiled free range egg and a scoop of cooked quinoa and hey presto I have myself a full complete meal. When everyone is getting served their artificial cardboard meal, I’ll be enjoying my homemade quinoa dish!

2. I have some snacks in case I get peckish. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to prepare my own snacks so I purchased some wonderful travel snacks from Rachel at From My Kitchen. I’ve spoke about this wonderful home delivery service before over here which delivers homemade hampers & snack packs. Rest assured that all ingredients are 100% organic, using only the finest natural products & super foods available. All the recipes are sugar free, gluten free & vegan.

3. I’ve purchased some Australian bush flower essence “Travel Essence” to take on board. I will be taking a few drops under my tongue every couple of hours throughout the flight. This combination particularly addresses the problems encountered with jet travel. It enables a person to arrive at their destination feeling balanced and ready to go. This essence is beneficial for all forms of travel.

4. Pure essential lavender oil – great for calming and relaxing your whole system so you have a more peaceful flight. It also smells super nice. One of the first things I do when I got onto a flight is dab some lavender oil on my wrists and temples.

5. Coconut Oil – As we all know, flying really dries out the skin and this includes our hands and lips. I’ve popped some coconut oil in a small tub which I’ll be using as a hand cream and lip balm.  My hands seem to be the first place that dries up as well as my lips.

6. Herbal teas – I’ve taken a selection of yummy herbal teas with me. I’m staying clear of all caffeine as when it comes to flying caffeine doesn’t help matters; it actually lowers your stress threshold. Caffeine can trigger a classic fight-or-flight reaction. I want to give my body a chance to remain relaxed!

7. I’m taking my bamboo glass bottle with me. What I love about this is firstly that its environmentally friendly but also it can be used for pretty much all liquids; smoothies, juices, hot and cold! I’ll be filling this up with water throughout the flight to ensure I stay hydrated!

8. I’ve packed my toothbrush and natural toothpaste in my handbag.

9. Face-mask – I’ve a little mini Dr.Hauschka mask which will give me 4 masks in total (flight to Ireland + return to Australia). I plan to pop this on my face as soon as we are boarded and when we hit Dubai I’ll have a chance to wash my face and re-apply my mask for the second part of my flight to Dublin!

10. I’ve packed a couple of beautiful books to keep me busy (ok probably too much); may cause miracles, the power of now, sacred contracts, a return to love, anam cara + how to know god. I’ve also uploaded some meditations, kundalini chanting and some of my favourite musicians Edo and Jo as well as Snatam Kaur. Of course I can’t go anywhere without my beloved journal so that’s in my bag too!

So tell me, do you have any travel tips you religiously practice?

Please do share with me in the comments section below.

So much love, light, happiness and blessings to you,

Bon Voyage darling!

Corona Xx

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