We’ve another big event happening in astrology today – a New Moon in Gemini. How lucky are we to have an opportunity each month to reflect, ponder and assess our journeys so far.  We can use the potent energy of the new moon to bring about positive change in our lives by getting clear on what it is we’d like to manifest by setting intentions.

A new moon is the best time for planning and seeding your goals and intentions. We can use this time is to develop our ideas and clear the way to make room for our dreams to surface into reality. I’ve spoken about this last month here where I also included a new moon ritual for you.


You’ve made it through the toughest month of the year ‘April’ and you may have noticed ‘May’ being a little lighter and easier (hopefully). The past few months have been challenging for many of us and we may have come to the realisation that many things in our life no matter how worthy, are simply no longer workable.


It’s very possible right now that you may be feeling a little lost or confused in options and choices to take in your life. Try to remember though that no matter how much over-analysing you do with your mind alone that it will get you nowhere and will leave you feeling even more confused. It’s best not to guess anything, ensure you collect your facts first and remain detached.


If you are finding yourself bombarded with too many choices or decisions to make right now, you’ll always find the answer you’re looking for in stillness. All you need to do is find a quiet space where you know you won’t be disturbed and be still. Connect with your soul and ask for the answer. You have your answer through your gut feeling. Which path is becoming more recommended for you through your gut feeling?


Gemini is all about communication and yes you’ve guessed it right, this new moon is all about getting clear with your communications with others.


It calls on us to be honest, truthful and genuine with our communications.


We are encouraged to work on increasing our communication skills. How can we go about doing this?


Reflecting on these questions may be helpful:


Do you have a habit of talking over others? Do you struggle listening to the other person? Can you talk less and listen more?


Listen to your intuition. Live your life from your authentic self, inside and out.


I know I’m not the only one whose been feeling this way when I mention the below, I’ve spoken to numerous others who are feeling similar at the moment.


One minute we are ambitious and determined to start and create something, maybe its embarking on a new path or maybe it’s creating a new project. The next minute we feel slowed down, confused, lost, adrift and even forced to re-look at areas of our life we actually thought we had healed and already figured out.


Remember there’s always a reason for it – if you feel you’ve been pushed to pull the breaks and stop. It means there is something you need to attend to first. What lose ends do you need to tie up? Perhaps you need to re-do whatever it was you were creating in the first place? Perhaps you need to complete something first? Yes it’s uncomfortable and challenging but remember it will serve you in the long run!



We have a lot of karmic stuff coming up right now to be cleared and healed. Here’s what I found in Mysticmamma about this:


“With the ruler of this New Moon in the 29th degree I get this sense of major karmic lessons being wrapped up- deep, entrenched ones we are truly done with and are ready to let go of. Yet this New Moon is not the typical raring to go New Moon- so we have to do a lot of reflection and introspection around just what it is we are wrapping up and letting go of.


“This karmic clearing work takes effort on our part- we have to work for it. Yet the possibilities right now of really letting some aspect of the past go- be it attitude, karmic contract, belief, etc…- is HUGE right now. it’s definitely something to work with consciously so you can make the most of it.


“… we have a lot of karmic stuff coming up to complete and release when it comes to significant relationships in our lives. The asteroid atlantis is parallel to both juno and the south node, and juno and the south node are also parallel. I am seeing HUGE karmic/past-live relationship stuff up for lots of people right now….this is heavy but also necessary- and major growth can Sourced once we have cleared the remnants of the past.


In the next few days and weeks ensure that you take time to be still and connect with your heart and soul’s desires. Let that guide you. Sit with whatever is true for you right now. Spend 5-20min daily to just simply BE.

Be courageous, truthful and honest.

Happy New Moon blessings to you.

So much Love and Light,

Corona Xx

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