One of the biggest beliefs I’ve managed to clear

One of the biggest beliefs I've managed to clear


Over these past couple of months I’ve been incredibly blessed with so many opportunities of learning!


I believe that life is just one big learning playground and in any given day we’ll be shown these teachings whether we’re awake or unconscious.



In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been rushing to get my tax return done for the last financial year. I’m never normally this late. Actually the past couple of year’s I’ve always managed to have it all in and done in July/Aug!



My heart skipped a beat, when I saw clear as day light what I had managed to manifest into my business this year (this exact entry I had wrote in my journal 4 years ago). It had now come to fruition! I called my husband and I literally yelped on the phone!


Please do not ever underestimate the power of intention and a clear vision!


I do not share this to boast. I share only to inspire, that absolutely everything and anything is possible for you too.


This year I have stretched and expanded myself outside my comfort zone many many times! There was a whole lot of fear, but oh so much excitement was wrapped in that fear too.




Over the weekend, I managed to clear a huge fear ‘of success’ I’ve been holding on to for so long (as far back as childhood).



This fear was showing it’s face in many areas of my life, but especially in my business. Fear of putting myself out there. Fear of succeeding.


When I digged deep over the weekend, I found that this belief was formed when I was 6 years of age (from the ages of 0-6, this is where we take in the world around us as truth).


While growing up, my dad use to introduce me as ‘Corona is the shy one’ to anyone that would come into our home.


So what eventually started to happen was, I started to fear anyone new coming into our home. I’d retract, hide, blush, my heart would race and I’d feel so anxious. I didn’t understand this anxiety at the time. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me!


Of course my dad only ever said this out of love, it was his strange way of protecting me.


But, the belief I took on at the time was “there’s something wrong with me, it’s not ok for me to be seen”.


The thing is, I know now I’m not a shy person. Even if it took me years to finally discover this!


However, as a very young and innocent girl I took this to be true at the time and it really affected me in how I was showing up (or not showing up) in school and even into my teens, adulthood and my business.


I knew this fear was cleared over the weekend because I felt incredibly lighter after the session. It felt a little silly when I thought about it. Yes there was still a little fear there, but this was real fear relating to systems and processes (that I need to implement to be able to manage the success when it comes my way).


I also had a huge release on Monday (physically), which is always a sure sign that I’ve let something old go.


Every single negative belief we hold onto or are holding on to still, relate back to our childhood! So can you imagine the immense empowerment, when we go back and clear each and every one of them?


It’s pretty incredible, I kid you not!


I’ve witnessed in my own life and my 1:1 clients lives, that it’s our beliefs that drive our actions, behaviours and thoughts. If we never dig deep in and get to the root cause and clear them, they’re just going to continue to show up in different areas throughout our life. I see this time and time again!


If there’s one thing that I could suggest to you it’s, to please take the time to do the inner work and release these limiting beliefs for once and for all, so that you can live the abundant life you desire.


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Love and Light,

Corona x


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