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Guidance, support, accountability and coaching at the highest level…

Corona has a small number of places available for 1:1 coaching. You can apply to work with Corona 1:1 by filling out the application form down below.

Unlike traditional coaching relationships, Corona clears her entire day to serve just one client, (despite your session requiring your presence for 90 mins). The reason for this is the energetic preparation required to do this healing work.



In facilitating this transformation, you will:
  • Liberate yourself from ego traps and illusions that inhibit your soul’s expansion.
  • Learn practical techniques to discover your soul’s secret language.
  • Dissolve habits that have numbed or completely suppressed your instinctual wisdom.
  • Become gentler with yourself, and much gentler in your pursuit of power.
  • Devote whole-heartedly to your path, by firstly understanding what your path is.
  • Strengthen your intuition and learn to make the right decisions from your inner wisdom.
  • Connect to your heart space and learn to decode your heart’s messages.
  • Detach from your family of origin story and beliefs to discover who you really are.
  • Establish strong energetic boundaries so you don’t compromise your energy, health or power.
  • Step into your Divine Feminine and learn how to be a full embodiment of that with ease and grace.

If these things resonate with you, then the One-On-One Coaching has been created to help transform all that.

At the end of your coaching, you can expect to:
  • Doubt your choices much less, because you’ll (finally) know how to tune into your inner wisdom.
  • Inhabit an ecstatic state (daily), because you’ll learn how to clear energy blocks so creativity, joy and abundance flow.
  • Experience feelings of gratitude and appreciation more intensely and consistently. Gratitude will become your default mindset and feeling. (When you feel deep appreciation for every detail of your life you’ll attract more to feel grateful about.)
  • Ultimately feel so good because you finally gave yourself permission to feel it all, with unconditional, unfiltered presence.
  • Barely keep from dancing in public, singing out loud and lighting up every room you walk into (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Oh, and the irony is, that once you claim your full power, just at the moment you cease to care what others think, you’ll be shining so bright that the people who still deserve to be in your life will be thinking ‘I want what she’s having.’

As a coach and mentor, Corona was really tentative, she is so passionate about what she teaches. We had a great rapport from the very beginning, every concern that I raised she spent time addressing to give me a better understanding and approach to resolve.
I can hand on heart say, that working with Corona via her One-On-One Coaching changed the lives of both my husband and I. Awakening to the realisation that a connection with nature was the home of my spirituality, I finally realised living in the middle of Sydney restricted my access to this connection. By the time I completed my One-On-One Coaching, my husband and I had relocated back to New Zealand, where we now live in the middle of a beautiful country harbour.
Corona took my initial needs, and delivered an amplified solution – well beyond what we ever expected. Rather excitedly, we are also 5 months pregnant. I am now looking forward to becoming a mum.

$1,500 PER MONTH

(Add GST for Australian Clients)

(Minimum 3 month commitment)

90 mins one-on-one coaching call with corona

(Per month)

Direct Access and Support from Corona via Voxer during this time.

Corona has taught me to see life in a whole new light. I am more confident in myself and easier on myself. I have learnt to be grateful for what I have and have adopted a more positive attitude to life. My relationships have improved and my finances also. I have become a lot more spiritual and open minded to try new things.

Corona has shown me it is never too late to make changes whatever they may be.

Corona is one of the most beautiful, caring and understanding people I have ever met and I am so happy that I was lucky enough to have become a client of hers. She has helped change my life and I am forever grateful.


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