The lost girl is within us – the girl who wasn’t given permission to shine, to blossom, to speak, the girl who was crushed in fear of the magnificent woman she would become.


Enough is enough! For too long we’ve lived cut off from out true expression and true self (I know I sure as heck did). As a result we’re numb to our own creative juices because we don’t even know who we are.


The reality is, that many of us can relate to being brought up in a dysfunctional family of some sort. What exactly does this mean? This is a family in which the relationships between the parents (mother and father) and children are unnatural and strained.


You may have experienced trauma and pain from your parents actions, words and attitudes. Perhaps, it caused you to attempt to escape and suppress the pain of your past by using alcohol or even drug use. Perhaps it has caused you to feel so much inner anxiety, anger or rage, and you can’t seem to understand why you feel the way you do. Or, perhaps it has caused you to stray so so far from yourself, that you don’t even know who you are anymore.


I learned from a very young age to disassociate myself from my feelings. I learned to leave my body, yes just literally like that and I’m not sure where I’d go but I was far away. I’ve learned that a woman who can’t honour her own feelings will have a very hard time in having them honoured by others. So I did what I could do to let them up and out. Lots of therapy, energy work, lots of inner work and lots of pain.


When we don’t know who we are

    • We’re caught up in endless comparison, which only keeps us small and stuck
    • We’re so disconnected that we can’t connect to our own inner sage and hear its divine insights and messages
    • We’re at a loss as to what will make us happy
    • We’ve a head full of fear, worry and anxiety which prevents us from moving forward in our life
    • We look outside and seek our happiness from others as well as external ”stuff”, we may expect our partners, friends, family of origin to make us happy instead of seeking that happiness from within. We might be using shopping, boozing, partying, eating, working to distract ourselves from what’s really going on inside
    • We overcommit constantly because we don’t know how to say no. We don’t feel we have a “right” to say no
    • Our relationships may be quite toxic, because we don’t think we deserve any better
    • We’re crying out for love and light but searching in all the wrong places for it


I found god in myself and and I loved her. I loved her fiercely.
~ Ntozake Shange


The truth of the matter is we were all born to shine!


You are a beautiful child of god. You are joyful, serene, love, light, positive and loving. If you need to, write it on many pieces of paper until you start to believe it. Post it on your bathroom mirror, in your car and on your fridge and bedroom ceiling (anywhere you can think of).


The mind is more powerful than you think. By repeating affirmations ten or so times a day, particularly with meditation, your life will change.


You know for a long time I didn’t believe I could shine (actually for most of my life). My health crisis was the catalyst that started my path to recovery. I spent years diving headfirst into as many different healing and learning opportunities as I could – yoga, nutrition, meditation, holistic health, ancient wisdom, energy healing, Ayurvedic medicine, all of it. Kundalini yoga in particular sparked the most massive shift in self-realisation I’d ever experienced and I’m on a mission to share these teachings with as many people as possible (that’s why much of my program is based off these teachings, because they are transformational on every level).


But it was only when I addressed my soul crisis that things really started to turn around.


Everything changed when I addressed this. I finally gave myself permission to live in the light.


I’ve lived through every inch of the journey—from depression and despair, through to beauty, peace and bliss.


My life now is beyond my wildest dreams. I spend my days living on purpose, working in my zone of genius, exploring my passions, listening to my body’s needs, setting sacred boundaries, honouring my inner desires, surrendering to the Universe, and acting in my own best interests.


It’s a mind-blowingly, heart-thumpingly amazing way to live.


And I want to help you experience it for yourself…


Is there a truth pulsing through your veins that cannot be ignored any longer?


It’s time to get real. To honour your essence. To set yourself free.


If you’ve been feeling the pull—to peel back the layers, to dive deeper, and to return home to your true self, my new online program Creating An Authentic You is for you, and the time to act is now.


It’s time to STOP postponing your happiness and start finally living a life that reflects your wholehearted, authentic truth.


Are you ready to step up?


Each and every one of us are unique beings. Worthy, whole, and full of wonder.


The more we can uncover our authenticity, the more we can bring our special gifts to the world, which in turn will make us feel really good about our selves and our lives.


I’ve created this program to serve as the powerful, soul-stirring start to an incredible, lifelong journey.


I’d be honoured to be guide, teacher, mentor and light.


Early Bird ends in 4 days when the price will increase to full price. I also won’t be running this program again until 2016, so now is your time to jump on board (and you’ll have lifetime access) if this is calling you.


If you’re ready to let go of all the things that are holding you back and experience an authentic, love-fuelled life for yourself, step right this way.


All you have to do is say YES to you! You deserve to feel good in your own skin, you deserve to be fully awakened to your true potential, and you deserve to have a life you truly love. You deserve to live the life of your wildest dreams. Stop playing small. Its your time now to rise. To step into the light and reclaim your voice and truth.


Sending you loads of love,

Corona xx


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