Steps For Witnessing Your Fear!



When I look back on 2014, I realise now that I was absolutely crippled in fear. Sometimes it takes a break away from everything (our work, relationships, everyday commitments and stresses etc.) to press pause and reconnect. We go to nature to connect to our true nature. We can be appreciative in nature. The mind is quiet and we feel deeply connected, connected to our soul.


That’s exactly what my trip to Rishikesh in India was all about. I’m not going to lie, 2014 was a bloody hard year! In all honesty I was on the verge of burnout arriving in Rishikesh almost 2 weeks ago. In this short time while I’ve been in this magical land, I’ve had so many profound moments of pure stillness and deep inner peace. Attending Sadhana every morning has helped bring some good habits and disciplines back into my life, which I’m ever so thankful for. The satsangs with Prep Baba have deeply nourished and soothed my soul. I honestly feel like a different woman returning to Sydney!



So while I was here in Rishikesh, I had lots of free time to read and journal. I came to the conclusion that fear will always be there, there’s no way of ever escaping it. I’ve also realised that understanding the fear is the key. It can’t be destroyed or eliminated, and it can’t even be mastered. It simply needs to be understood.



When we can understand the fear, transformation comes. If you try to master your fear it will remain repressed, it will go deeper into you. It will make things worse, only complicating things for you. You can repress fear so deeply that it disappears from your consciousness completely. You may never be aware of it but it will manage and manipulate you. The danger is that when it becomes deeper, you have no hope of ever understanding it.


So fear can’t be destroyed, mastered or eliminated. It can’t be eliminated because fear is a kind of energy and no energy can be destroyed. Have you ever noticed that when you’re caught up in fear that you have infinite energy? Quite similar to when you’re caught up in anger, they both have quite similar aspects of energy. Fear creates energy; fear is energy, and energy can’t be eliminated or destroyed. You can’t destroy anything; you can only change its form. For example, you can’t destroy a drop of water. You can however turn it into ice, you can evaporate it, but it will remain. It will remain somewhere, it cannot be destroyed.



Today I wanted to share with you, some useful tips that I’ve been applying, whenever I witness fear bubbling to the surface.



Steps For Witnessing Your Fear


You need to start by understanding your fear.


What exactly is fear? How is it arising for you? Where is it coming from? What location in the body is it? What is its message for you?


  1. When it arises, stop and pause. Look into it. Close you eyes and breathe long and slow deep breaths into the fear. Look right into it with no judgement what so ever – only love and compassion. Only then can you understand it.
  2. If you find yourself saying, “I shouldn’t be feeling this fear”, “Its wrong for me to be fearful” then its not possible to look into it. Simply observe whatever is arising in the moment for you without judgement and instead say “Its ok for me to feel this fear”, “Its safe for me to feel this fear”.
  3. If you’ve already decided that fear is the enemy it’s going to be very difficult for you to be able to go deeper and look into the eyes of the fear. Nobody looks into the eyes of an enemy. If you think its something wrong, then you will try your best to bypass it, neglect it, avoid it and suppress it (and believe me I know all about this one). It will only remain and won’t be helpful for your growth.
  4. Drop all evaluation, judgement, blame and disapproval. Fear is real. Fear needs to be faced and it needs to be understood. Its only through understanding it that it can be transformed. You don’t need to do anything else; understanding it transforms it.
  5. Where is this fear coming from? Start by watching all your acts, your beliefs and your values and find out whether they are based in reality, in experience or based in fear. Anything that has been based in fear will need to be dropped immediately. This is your armor (that was taken by you in your childhood unconsciously) that you’ve been using as a protective shield.
  6. What part of your body are you feeling the fear in? Does it have a shape, colour, and texture? Can you remain present breathing long, slow and deep? Go right in and breathe into the fear. Stay present and witness as the fear changes form.
  7. Does your fear have a message for you today?


When we are living out of fear we’re always trembling inside. It’s not a nice space to be in. Remember that nothing is ever born out of fear. You were born love. Love gives birth and love is creative.


I love to use my journal and pen sitting somewhere I know I’m not going to be disturbed. You’ve got all the answers within you darling. You just need to get still and reconnect.


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