The Biggest Thing That Holds People Back!


I’ve been trying to think of different ways to communicate with you of late, so today I decided to get creative and create something different in the form of an audio. This is a pretty big and important topic I discuss on what holds people back in their life.



It’s coming up quite a bit at the moment while coaching my one-on-one clients so I felt called to share it here too.



Do you know the biggest thing that I see holding my clients back — whether it’s in their health, their relationships, their career, anything? 


Without exception, it’s themselves.


Or, more specifically, the limiting beliefs they hold about themselves.
We all have limiting beliefs, to some degree.


Usually, this is in the form of stories that we tell ourselves, it’s that tiny self-destructive voice that whispers on repeat in our head:


“I’ve always struggled with my weight; I’m just destined to be overweight.”

“I’m a shy person, of course I can’t do that big speaking opportunity at work, I’d be terrible.”

“My last relationship was awful. Relationships are doomed and people can’t be trusted.”

“People just don’t like me; I’m a really hard person to get to know.”


Any of those sound familiar?


Sometimes we are carrying around suitcases of stories from our past, which are weighing us down energetically.


You don’t need to keep carrying this baggage around with you. In fact, if you do, you’ll never be truly happy. Instead, you can let them all go. Relinquish their hold over you and release them back into the Universe.


Just hit the play button below and listen to what I have to say about this very important topic:


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What do you believe to be true about you? What have others said about you that you believe to be true?


If you want to find out more about releasing your limiting beliefs and peeling back the layers to your truth, we explore exactly that in Creating a Soulful Life.


This is a 12 week program to help you dive deep, shine bright and live a life you love. No matter how loud that voice in your head is shouting, no matter how off-kilter your life feels, you really can create the deep,

connected existence that you’re craving.


You really can move in the direction of your dreams.


Love and Light,


Corona x


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