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Often I get asked from our Energy For Life Members and Awakened Woman Members “How do I know when my intuition is speaking to me and how do I know when to trust it versus when it’s not my intuition and it’s fear?

Today I break this down for you and give you some practical practices to walk away with.

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Podcast Highlights:

1:00 – Your intuition is never ever wrong.

1.11 – Firstly, what does intuition mean.

1.31 – Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively.

2.24 – How do we know when it’s fear speaking or voice of our heart?

2.33 – Fear and intuition can so often be confused.

3.13 – We’re so consumed by never-ending thoughts of fear.

3.48 – Your intuition is always present based and the guidance is always neutral whereas fear is highly emotionally charged.

4.51 – Your neutral mind (intuition) balances and weighs the information being offered in that moment (positive against your negative mind).

5.18 – Any strong neutral mind (intuition) will determine the best course within 9 seconds.

5.59 – Fear is a dark energy. It’s a heavy energy. When you are in fear you don’t feel open.

6.59 – A journalling exercise for you today.

7.15 – Try this super powerful exercise.




[00:00:01] Welcome to the Energy For Life Podcast helping women reclaim their Energy,  Innate Power, and Self-Worth.himself. Here is your host Corona Brady.


[00:00:14] Welcome back and welcome to Episode 8. Today I’m going to be talking to you about the difference between the vice of your heart, your intuition and the voice of fear. Because often I get asked from Energy For Life members and our Awakened Woman Life Mastery members “How do I know when my intuition is speaking and how do I know when to trust my own intuition?”. “And how do I know when it’s not my intuition or how do I know when my gut feeling is fear and when its intuition or how do I separate a good feeling that based in fear from a gut feeling based in intuition?”. So firstly I just want to start off this conversation today by saying that your intuition is never ever wrong and never ever lies. Lets just even firstly look at what the word Intuition means first because it’s such a buzz word that almost pretty much everyone has their own personal meaning of what intuition is. But here is what I found to be the meaning after I did some research and it really sums it up well for me “intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively without any need for conscious reasoning”. You see your intuition is more than this instinctive need to run from danger or to have shelter. Your intuition often uses our past experiences our past knowledge to assess any given situation as well as a really quick check in of the present moment based on clues, feelings and any details that might not be obvious to the rational mind.


[00:02:08] Your intuition is a deep knowledge and it’s based on more rather than different elements than the rational mind can even deal with it at any moment. So how do we know if its fear speaking or if it’s the voice of our heart our intuition or neutral mind speaking? Fear and intuition can so often easily be confused. I see this happen a lot for women way too often because they think it’s their intuition that’s guiding them in their life when in fact it’s actually their fear because they’re so often confused because both of these experiences we experience a gut feeling for and I mean that literally. It’s a feeling in your gut area but you see so many of us are so so disconnected from ourselves and as a result, we’ve actually lost touch with our gut feelings and what that could look like and feel like. We’re so consumed and so busy with these never-ending thoughts which are often just full of fear or fear-based worry that it’s often really really really difficult for many to understand what their gut means when it has a feeling. But the great thing is that there are simple ways to separate gut feelings that are based in fear from a gut feeling that’s based on intuition and that’s what I want to share with you here today. The two most important things that you need to know between fear and your intuition is this your intuition is always present. It’s always present based.


[00:03:50] There’s no worry about the past or is there is no future involvement with your intuition.  Your guidance from your intuition is always neutral because it comes from the neutral mind. It’s from that space of neutrality. It’s loving. Whereas fear is highly emotionally charged. So this is a key difference here between fear and intuition. Intuitive guidance is always just going to feel really rice. It has this very caring quality, this very compassionate quality, this loving supporting encouraging quality to it and it’s neutral meaning that it’s not going to be overly positive or it’s not going to be overly negative. The neutral mind is like a scale. So what the neutral mind does is it balances the information being offered in that moment from your positive mind which is always going to be thinking about what could go right here. It always just looks for the positive in any given situation against your negative which is always focusing on the negative what could go wrong. And then based on the information that it receives any strong neutral mind (any strong intuitive mind) can evaluate and determine the best course in nine seconds and a weak intuitive mind or a neutral mind means that you’re just going to be at the mercy of your positive and negative minds. You’re going to be changeable. You’re going to have difficulty making up your mind and you’re going to get caught in this kind of inner mental war with yourself.


[00:05:36] And there may even come with that the roller coaster of emotions. The neutral mind actually slows that process down and it allows you to come from as I said earlier this very compassionate space and objective space and a totally devotional space. Whereas fear is often very anxious. It’s a dark energy. It’s a heavy energy when you are in fear. You don’t feel open. Then you kind of close yourself off.  It constricts you, it closes you. It can be painful. It can be patronizing to yourself or even to others. And often it’s really just reflecting unhealed wounds which is another podcast episode for another day. So how do we begin to really separate fear from our intuition? I’m going to show some practices with you here today.


[00:06:32] The first one is really really beneficial and very helpful and you might want to do a short meditation just to get very present before you take out your journal and do this exercise. But I recommend that you do maybe a breathing exercise first maybe, some alternate nostril breathing to just center yourself, to ground yourself or you could do a five minute meditation and then just kind of sitting in that sacred space grabbing your journal and making a list of everything that you are fearful of right now in your life. After that, it’s going to be easier to recognize when a feeling is referring to one of your fears. Then what I want you to do is just even do this with me right now. I want you to just close your eyes for a moment and I want you to think of somebody whom you adore and love and respect in your life – it could be your partner, it could be your child or children are or could be one of your pets. Try to get a crystal clear image in your mind. Now observe the feeling in your belly that goes along with this picture. It’s actually going to feel really open. I bet it feels really fuzzy and warm and expansive and positive and just even check in on your physiology right now and notice how you’re sitting or standing when you’re really tapping into this really positive clear image. Now I want you to do the opposite. Imagine something that you’re not so happy about in your life. Imagine a destructive image like maybe gaining weight. I dunno maybe you’ve put on a lot of weight of late.


[00:08:16] Gaining maybe five 10 kilos or maybe something that upset you and triggered you lately. You react, you overreacted in a situation or maybe failing to get the interview or failing to get that job. Now I want you to know the feeling. What does this feeling feel like? It’s going to be restrictive. It’s going to be shrinking. It’s going to be closed off. Just notice what change is in your physiology. The first image you were probably standing tall heart open shoulders down or sitting tall. But then for the second one, you were closed off, your breathing a little bit more shallow. Lastly what I want you to do is just to imagine a fearful feeling that’s based on your intuition your neutral mind. So maybe you’ve made a decision of late to see a counselor to deal with some issues from your past even though you might have always been afraid to go see a counselor. Just close your eyes for a moment and I want you to tap into both the fear of that and tap into the underlying positive feeling of your intuition. That’s really telling you-you know you’re doing the right thing even though there’s a fear there. Now practice the feeling the difference between the fear and the intuition. This is super powerful and it’s really handy to just know how to separate that gut feeling that you can and you should always trust immediately because it never ever lies. This is your neutral mind, it’s your intuition.


[00:10:06] So we’re not ignoring the fear – we’re not pushing it away. Were actually recognizing it. But we’re not letting it control us. Were looking at the fear through the eyes of compassion. So what you want to do is really get to know the difference between fear and the difference between intuition. This takes practice but it absolutely worth the efforts. I hope you enjoyed this episode today. If you think it might help someone please share this podcast. And if you feel compelled to perhaps head on over to iTunes and leave a little review and let other people who are browsing the Apple store know that this is a good podcast to listen to. You can now also download my FREE Corona Brady Online Life Coaching App from the App Store. There’s lots of free content there for you to start enjoying. I’m Corona Brady. I hope to see you inside our Energy For Life Academy where I will personally coach you for the next eight weeks. You can book in for a free initial Clarity session at I look forward to serving and supporting you real soon.



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