The strategies that helped me heal my voice…


I’ve been working on healing my voice for a number of years. If you’ve been a follower on my blog for some time, this isn’t the first time I’ve shared on this topic.


I suffered with social anxiety for a number of years, actually right up to my mid 20’s when I moved to Sydney and decided it was time to explore inner healing. As a young child, teenager and even young adult I struggled to speak in front of others (my hands would sweat, my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest, my body would shake, I’d blush and I’d eventually freeze on the spot). Then I’d beat myself up for feeling and being this way. I actually thought for a long time that I was a bit of a freak!


I spent my school and college days like this! If you can relate, its not a nice place to be in. My self-worth and self-confidence were absolutely crushed to pieces, I felt so worthless and like a total nobody. I honestly didn’t feel like I even had a right to speak.


So what are some signs that your voice is lost?

When you are having trouble always speaking up for yourself or when you feel that you always need to control and dictate a conversation (because it can work both ends of the scale) are some signs that your voice is lost and adrift.


Talking for the sake of talking, is not a balanced communication channel either.


My voice was so wounded and had shut itself down! When somebody shouts at you consistently and doesn’t allow you to speak, the result can be a wounded and broken voice (especially if you’re a sensitive soul).


Our fifth chakra (the throat) also known as The Vishuddha chakra (in sanskrit) is located in our throat. Think ‘’Self-expression”, “Creativity”, “Communication” and “Truth”. Its element is sound and its colour association is sky blue. Vishuddha means “Purifier,” and it is the pathway to the chakras dedicated to spirituality. If this chakra is blocked, the energy can’t make its way to the higher centres. This is our communication channel.


An imbalance at this energy centre creates distorted communication and distorted communication is the root cause of all the struggles in life. Once we can understand this, we can then direct some effort towards opening and balancing the throat chakra. Living, breathing and speaking your truth is liberating. It’s Your Truth that sets you free.


Under-active Throat:

When you are under-active in the energy centre, you will be unable to express yourself and will often be misinterpreted or misunderstood by others. You may have a very hard time being honest with yourself. What I’ve learned on my own personal journey is that until you find balance within the throat chakra, your life will remain the same.



What Can You Do Today To Get Started?

For those working with wounded and damaged voices and have an inability in expressing yourselves, you’ll be required to go back to when you felt you still had a voice. This may be quite challenging because the voice can get trampled on and crushed from a very young age for many of us (this was the case for me). You might be even feeling right now, like you’ve never really even had a voice.


So even if you have to imagine and visualise yourself as an infant crying, sobbing, giggling, there was without a doubt a time when you had a very healthy voice (do just that). Then something happened in your life. There’s a possibility that you swallowed someone else’s voice problem. Perhaps someone misused their voice around you as a young child, and you may have closed yourself down to keep yourself safe. That’s what we do as young children to protect ourselves. The thing is, those who scream, yell and abuse their voice around others actually feel like they themselves have no voice and aren’t been heard.


Working with Kundalini Yoga + Mantra has been absolutely transformational in my healing journey to finding my voice again (and this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this here either). There’s a wonderful and powerful mantra we use a lot in kundalini yoga SAT NAM – it means my name is truth, truth is my name + truth is my identity. Chanting this mantra can help you connect to your true essence.


SAT NAM has the power to clear the subconscious mind so that old wounds and programs no longer get in the way of Self-realization. It does so by changing the projection of our minds. When you chant this mantra you’re calling upon your soul.


Long Sat Nam’s – The Call Of The Soul Meditation

  1. Find a comfortable seated position on the ground or chair (ensure the spine is tall to increase the flow of energy), let your sit bones carry the weight of your body.
  2. Bring the hands to the heart, palms facing the chest, left hand on top of the right. Place the left thumb in the center of the right palm. The fingers of both hands are together and are kept straight. The hands gently rest against the chest, arms are relaxed on the body and shoulders relaxed.
  3. Eyes are 9/10 closed to begin with. As the meditation progresses, they may close completely.
  4. Inhale with a long deep breath. On the exhale chant out loud SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. At the end of that same breath chant a short NAM. Notice that your breath gets longer and deeper.
  5. SAT is the cleanser and liberator. Let yourself relax and release with the AAAAAAA. NAM is like the anchor. Feel the sound anchor you in your body. Then inhale deeply again and continue.
  6. Begin with 3-5mins. You will feel incredibly elevated after this meditation and its wonderful for balancing the emotions.
** (this meditation has been taken from Relax and Renew, with the Kundalini Yoga and Meditations of Yogi Bhajan, by Guru Rattana Ph.D. and Ann Marie Maxwell) **


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So if you’re ready to let go of all the things that are holding you back and experience an authentic, love-fuelled life for yourself, step right this way.


I am so thrilled to be sharing this with you, dear sister, because you deserve to feel good in your own skin, you deserve to be fully awakened to your true potential, and you deserve to have a life you truly love.


Sending you loads of love,​

Corona xx

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